Travel Tips: What TSA Officers Expect From Airline Passengers

Travel Tips: What TSA Officers Expect From Airline Passengers

hey there when you travel I want to help
you know what TSA agents expect of you as an airline passenger whether this is
your first time traveling or whether you commute for work this video is going to
help you with these travel tips. travel through airport security can be scary
for some of you and difficult for some of you as well as the Transportation
Security Administration agents who have to welcome you through their security
line so hopefully this video will give you travel tips on what they expect of
you as a passenger. TSA airport security agents want you to do the research and
be prepared to go through their security line. they want you to have that liquids
bag that quart-sized clear bag ready to take out when you go through security
you won’t don’t need to fumble through your bag to find that liquids bag take
it out and then at the end of the security line put it back somewhere
quick until you get to your gate and or the a bench in security and then you can
get organized later do not hold up the line of people behind you who have done
their research and packed accordingly I put my liquids bag at the end of
security in the outside pocket of my suitcase and then when I get to the gate
is when I get organized and I transfer it to my carry-on personal item that’s
going to go under the airplane seat in front of me be sure to stick around at
the end to find one thing that customs agents want you to know when you go
through international security when you go through airport security be sure to
have your ID out or your passport and your ticket barcode for them to scan in
paper form or in your phone on the pictures app or on your airlines app
that you have downloaded before you got to the airport I always keep my ticket
barcode thing that I get from my airline on my pictures or my photos out because
I’ve taken a screenshot of it so that I don’t have to go through to the app and
find the picture through an email or anything like that I keep it in my photo
section that might help some of you TSA also wants you to have your shoes
untied before you get up to the conveyor belt where you take things out
of your backpack or travel bag to go through security I usually on Thomas
shoes about three to four people back in line now sometimes airports are
different securities at different airport cities do not make you take off
shoes but sometimes they do even if it looks like a totally leather shoe you
will still need to take it off in some airports now in the Atlanta Airport we
did not have to take off shoes going through regular security around
Christmastime and I will talk about why in a few minutes know when you travel
know that the TSA is receiving threats or notices about threats for our
national security that they cannot tell us about so be gracious to the agents if
they all of a sudden say that your sock has to come off for some weird reasons
be gracious and smile and obey them if you commute for work or if you’re an
avid traveler you know that airport security is a little different in other
cities it doesn’t it’s not consistent every day and that’s just that’s just a
consequence of a large institution but just know that what you did in one city
might not be exactly the same thing that you’re gonna have to do in another city
for instance the Superbowl was in Atlanta this year my hometown area and
they are now having sniffing dogs to go through and smell people while they’re
in line to sniff for dangerous liquids okay so we did not have to take off our
shoes and we do not have to take out our liquids back through regular security I
have pre checked but my 14 year old does not and so I traveled with him over
Thanksgiving and had to go through regular security so that’s how I know
that but when we started off in Houston we
did have to take off our shoes and take out our liquids bag when you travel do
not talk to the TSA agent and make friendly conversation do not joke with
them this March we were going through the Newark Airport security and because
some airports security line is a little sometimes and I was in regular security
I wasn’t listening to the TSA agent I said are we taking off shoes today and
she said did I say anything about taking off shoes
and I did not even respond I just put my stuff in the grain bin and kept walking
I should have remembered okay just do this and listen to what they’re saying
and then also if you joke about anything bad or harmful that you can do to an
airplane or on an airplane or what if I did this are you saying I’m gonna do
this you may not fly that day or ever okay just don’t don’t do it I know
you’re trying to be nice but when you do make friendly conversation with them it
holds up the line and the people behind you are getting in more of a hurry so
that’s why they just do not want to talk and learn from me pack your listening
ears before you go through security and listen to what the TSA agents have to
say I still see half empty water bottles full brand-new 16-ounce bottles of water
in the trash can before airport security you cannot take any liquid through
airport security that is in a container that’s larger than 3.4 ounces even if
you only have a couple of sips in that water bottle it cannot go through
airport security through the carry-on if you are checking a bag and that means
you give it to the ticketing person before you can get the security you can
pack however many liquids you want to and they don’t have to go in baggies or
anything like that but the TSA liquids rule says that if you are carrying on
liquids any of them have to go in a container that’s 3.4 ounces or less and
the bag needs to be a clear ish quart sized bag and all those liquid
containers need to go in here now I have a sister-in-law who was very very put
out that TSA took away her super expensive shampoo bottle because it only
had a little bit in there but they took it away and she didn’t follow the rules
so she had to pay the consequences you as a smart traveler having that
knowledge knowledge is power if you know that their rule states this then you
will be prepared and won’t have to take up time or be disappointed or angry
before your vacation even starts I always travel with Gold Bond a diabetic
lotion it is super super thick and I found this in the regular lotion aisle
not the travel size lotion aisle in Walmart and I squirt a lot of it in
these little disc containers these are awesome for traveling with liquids
anything that you can squish smush or something like that with liquid it needs
to go in that liquids bag but these take up a whole lot less space than the tubes
that you may have that are 3.4 ounces and because this is less it can go a lot
of people ask me if mascara or if lip gloss is a liquid and I always put it in
my liquids bag because I’m just not sure and another thing people ask me about
are antibacterial wipes can they take wet wipes a lot of people wipe off their
tray table or clean their kids hands or clean off the handles for the next
passenger from the damage that their kids have done to it
but those are not liquid if they are in the little packets that you buy the
travel packets you know or in a clear baggie but if they are in a humongous
tub like this there is a lot of liquid in the there is liquid in the bottom so
this would not be allowed because it’s too big and it’s got liquid in it but
those little containers that you put white in do not contain liquid so it can
go anywhere in your carry-on bags also when you travel know that TSA is not
responsible if you got to the airport and now you might miss your flight
because of the line through airport security
knowledge is power know that you should gets the airport like two hours before
your flight leaves and be prepared so that you know you are not stressed out
before your vacation even starts and I have been there there have been a
million people in the TSA line and only one line open it makes you so mad it’s
the busiest time of and they only have one person working
but they are a government institution they might be understaffed we don’t know
what’s going on so you be prepared knowledge is power it is not TSA s
responsibility to rush so that you can make your flight when you travel you
know you have to show in America an ID or a passport some kind of qualified ID
but if you do not have an ID you can still travel on an airplane you will be
whisked away in airport security and into an office and they will most likely
call a company named secure flight I will listen article below for you that
you can read with all kinds of information it’s really cool
that will tell you what this author went through when she forgot her ID or lost
her ID we recommend that you take a picture of your driver’s license right
now keep it it helps get the ball rolling and then while you’re there
maybe for many hours you will have to answer like security questions of your
history and places you live and things like that but it is possible but it’s a
headache when you travel as a gamer you can take your ps4 or your Xbox all those
things but know that if the airline does not have room for your carry-on suitcase
in the overhead bins above the seats then they aren’t going to have to check
it into the belly at the airplane that means they’re gonna stow it underneath
all the seats in the luggage compartments that means all kinds of
luggage suitcases are gonna be weighing down on your suitcase it might get
thrown banged all that kind of thing so protect it or put it into your personal
or put it into your personal item that’s gonna go under the airplane seat in
front of you CPAP machines distilled water liquid medicines do not count as
part of your liquids that are going through airport security through with
carry-on luggage and personal item luggage TSA does ask that you pull those
liquid medicines or that CPAP machine or the distilled
water out and put them on the conveyor belt just so they don’t have to take
take up time for the employees to Swiss cue away this so that they can
investigate this liquid that they found and so that they don’t hold it the line
of the people behind you just pull all those things out in addition to your
regular liquids bag just to save time and be more proactive so that they don’t
aren’t having to investigate you and give yourself a little bit more time
just in case they do need to go through those liquid medicines or your CPAP
machine just be gracious and know it might happen but it most likely would
not I have a video about traveling with medicines that I’ll put in the iCard and
in the description box below when I travel I do not even put on my
belt at my house before I leave for the airport I do not put on jewelry until I
get through airport security because airport security sometimes my
belt makes the ding thing go off sometimes my watch makes it go off and
then other times it doesn’t go off at all I just don’t even want to fool with
it and wait until I get to the bathroom or the bench after security or my gate
in the airport TSA wants you to know that you can check the TSA org website
and find an alphabetical list of what you can and cannot bring in check items
and in your carry-on items you can also ask them a question on that site it’s
easier if you go to Facebook and type in ask TSA then it says in a bright blue
box send the message or ask question I think it’s send message they get back to
you within 24 hours most of the time n TSA also has a YouTube channel like I do
and with very short videos that might help a lot of you especially if you’re
nervous and this is your first time I also have a video for first time
passengers that I will put in the iCard and then the description box below
now TSA has to deal with over 1 million passengers every day and a lot of them
are ignorant they haven’t done their research they haven’t even looked on the
website or their Airlines website or they haven’t even watched a brilliant
helpful YouTube video to help them have knowledge and a lot of
them are acting very dumb and rude when they go through security it is the truth
and they are their patience level is nearly past what they can handle any
normal person can handle so we have to be gracious with them I know some of
them are very rude some of them are the nicest people just like flight
attendants if you have a nice one you have such a great flight if you have a
rude flight attendant it can ruin your flight but all that to say is know that
they have very little patience but if you come through knowing what to expect
and knowing what you’re supposed to do for your responsibilities it might make
the situation a little better use common sense and then know and use the research
that you found I just try not be super offended by any rude comment by any of
the airport employees for those of you stuck around at the end thank you for
visiting my travel tips pile our YouTube channel please click on that Bell to let
me know that you liked this video or that you want more videos like this the
last if I wanted to share is a customs agent tip when we were coming back
through to America I was out trying to help the lines speed along so we stood
in the long line and showed our passport and our blue little slip of paper when
we went to the next section in customs where we show some little documentation
I was trying to help hurry the line I was trying to be a great citizen of
America and the person before me was done they were walking off and I went
right up with my son and the agent was like do not come up here until I call
you next time I mean no like I know you probably didn’t mean to I know you were
probably trying to help but don’t do that next time
very sternly and I said oh yes sir I didn’t even explain it I didn’t even
explain how I did not make conversation with the agent I just said oh yes yes I
agree I will and show you my documents anyway I hope these tips will help you
go through airport security having the knowledge of what to expect so that you
are a responsible traveller and B can be also
Oh gracious thanks for visiting

100 Replies to “Travel Tips: What TSA Officers Expect From Airline Passengers”

  1. I haven’t flown in over 10 years so this video is very helpful. As a government employee, I can empathize with TSA agents and understand how important it is to just do your job and not engage in unnecessary chitchat.

  2. Laurie. I’ve noticed you have a lump on your throat – possibly thyroid. Please have it checked by doctor

  3. Great tips as always. I feel dumb for asking but how do you take a screen shot of your boarding pass on your phone? Thanks for all the info.

  4. FYI: those big Clorox wipes are fine. 311 rules is all liquids, gels, creme and pastes must be 3oz or smaller. Taking a picture of your ID or driver license does not work at TSA. Bring a birth certificate, SSN card and a picture I’d ( school, work I’d, sams club card with a picture). Great vide thought

  5. One time I took a bath the night before with Eucalyptus Menthol Epsom salts (which has Magnesium in it). The next morning at the airport, the hand reader machine kept going off around my legs. Did the Magnesium set it off? (There was nothing else on my legs).

  6. I will soon be flying for the first time in 12 years – from the UK to another part of Europe and our security is apparently really strict. I have been doing tons of research to prepare myself and your videos are amongst the most helpful out there. Thanks so much for helping so many of us!

  7. People comment that they hate TSA. You need to understand there is a real threat out there so when you travel listen to what there telling you it's for your safety.

  8. Thanks, Laurie! You took the time to share some very helpful information.
    I have such a hard time understanding the mindset of someone who would not do their research before traveling 🙂

  9. A truly terrifying account of US airport security! I have to say I'm usually grumpy when going through security not chatty! LAX was a scary airport. I felt really sorry for a Muslim family I saw and how they were being treated.

  10. I did my research and even went as far as calling for the TSA cares program. The TSA was a nightmare going threw DA airport since I'm in a wheelchair and I have to children with cognitive difficulties. Having them ask the same question 10 times to have to answer the same way. The TSA needs to get their crap together.

  11. really liked the tip on keeping the digital boarding pass in my photos by screen -shotting the bar code….Much easier than hunting through an app and or email.

  12. So is it ok to put our 3.4 oz travel size shampoo/conditioner/lotion in our checked bag if it’s packed in the middle of the luggage surrounded by clothes?

  13. They always joke with me when I go through security and customs. One time on a lay over my friend and I got lost and ended up on the outside of the security area and had to go through the whole process again. The security person was killing himself laughing and just waved us through calling us ding bats and asked us if he could escort us to our gate.

  14. That happened in Orlando on September 5th, 2018, while One of agents took care of me with a dog ahead of the line, he sneaked into zipped pocket on the side of doggy carrier, stole cash and BOA cash rewards credit card from there, later I didn’t even have money for a bottle of water, I brought it up with police and TSA supervisors. Hope he was fired

  15. A small added reminder from years past – if your souvenirs include a snow globe of any kind, check that puppy or just have it shipped. Do not under any circumstances try to get it through security. And another stink eye from the TSA avoided.

  16. I fly out of MCO(Orlando,Fl)the TSA agents here are always joking and being funny sometimes,maybe because of tourist visiting the Theme Parks and all the kids.

  17. The best way to avoid all these problems is just get hard shell luggage,pay for check luggage and carry your meds and anything of value in a small bag,walk with a pair of flip fops and use at security,buy a plastic buckle belt(no need to take it off) and dont wear jewellery.I just fly First Class and avoid all the problems..

  18. I'm leaving next week to go visit my son and really appreciate your video. Last year (my first time flying down to see him) I got lucky and was helped by a couple young ladies who evidently fly frequently and actually seem to enjoy helping others. 🙂
    However, I was busy being nervous (about TSA rules, not the flight) and forgot many of the things they instructed me through. So, thanks!

  19. The Irish ones are good for a chat to ease nerves, I am aware it's a serious job but treat people nicely and it's smoother. Any attitude towards me when I have been polite will result in a complaint against the officer.

  20. Hi Laurie my name is Amanda i will be flying for the first time in September going to Nebraska and I am nervous about it, I don't want to make any mistakes. I do have couple of questions when I go to the check in,I need my ID and what else? Then at the security i need ID and ticket right? I'll keep watching your videos for more information now thru when it's time for me to go.

  21. Fortunately I was saved from a liquid disaster by the cashier in an airport shop. I almost bought a soda on the wrong side of security, but he asked so I didn’t buy it.

  22. Yes please!! I work for an airline and travel A LOT and I hate when people wait til the last minute to have things ready to go through. Also just know if you sweat like I do you will probably light up the body scanner machine if your shirt sticks to you and you will get a pat down. Happened to me in Vegas and Hawaii 😂

  23. I disagree with you on talking to a tsa agent their is nothing wrong with saying hello or ask a question it’s their job to be professional and their is nothing wrong with be Courteous to them the and Vice versa.

  24. Funny story, woke early got dressed went airport, going through my security got pull to the side asked what that bulge was in my cafe of my pant leg i said i didn't know, now were looking at each other, all i could 🤔think this doesn't look good, they let me reach in and pull out a clean sock, so check your pants too!😃

  25. Hi Laurie thanks for your video very helpful , I am on amateur photographer can I take my tripod as a carry-on when it’s folded just slightly over 3 feet long, I do have a plastic case, if you know the rules about that I would greatly appreciate it thank you.

  26. You are a wonderful person. Your videos are really great and helpful, thank you so much. Wish you all the best.

  27. I know this is slightly dumb but thank you for this video as I am afraid of going through security lines as I have had bad experiences with security lines in the past so thank you for the tips!!

  28. I'm going on my first flight July 6th and I am terrified. if anyone could message me and could give me extra tips or helpful information I would appreciate it.

  29. I remember when I travel last year in June I was going to Atlanta and when I was going through the TSA security body screener I had to do a recheck on me and they had to pat me down and they found out that I had jewelry on me and I didn't realized it had to be removed and I forgot about but everything turned out all right and I went on my flight and had a good time.

  30. Love your hairstyle! Is it layered in the back also? Thank you for your great travel tips, very helpful & appreciated.

  31. Hello Laurie, your videos are so helpful! I am about to fly for the first time and I have watched all your videos. LOL I have a question about cellphones do you separate them In a ben like other electronic devices at security ? Excited and neveous!

  32. I did some last-minute gardening the day before leaving for a trip once, and the fertilizer from my plants/soil was a chemical found in bomb making. Don’t do any gardening for a couple days before you go on a trip! It caused me delays and some severe anxiety…

  33. I once believed I was a savvy traveler and wore no metal at check in; my
    belt, glasses, rings etc were removed before lining up. Four times I
    did this, did not set off the detector and four times I was pulled aside
    and put into the scanner. I now intentionally wear a ring, set off the
    detector, get told to remove my ring and then continue through
    promptly. So much for trying to help security do their jobs! Haha!

  34. On occasion I've been moved to the express lane in security because officers have seen that I have everything prepared (this has not happened in the US though). Also, non-US residents will have to show their passports as ID on US domestic flights, as our driver's licences or other forms of ID will most likely not be in English and just cause confusion.

  35. I have a question, if the metal zipper or button of my pants makes it difficult for me to go through the airport security will they make me take off my pants? In that case should I wear something like trousers to avoid such inconveniences?

  36. Here is a new one I just learned. If you are travelling with equipment that uses Lithium batteries, YOU CAN NOT PUT THEM IN CHECKED LUGGAGE, they must be in your carry on. The other part of the requirement is that it is suggested that if the batteries are removable, that they be put in individual plastic bags in such a way that their power connections can not be shorted out by coins or other metals pieces.
    I always have an empty plastic bag that I use for my wallet, coins and keys that I use and it goes in my backpack(bag) along with my cell phone just before we get to the start of the TSA line. Also, coil up all your device chargers and cables and put them in another clear plastic bag. If the TSA x-ray operator can easily see what is in you bag, it will take less time to go thru.

  37. I have travelled to Asia and Europe as well as the middle East. Your TSA agents sound a little depressing. I have been in lines all around the rest of the world.

  38. beginning was good but then it drew out too long, still thumbs up n thx for the first part of it

  39. I appreciate this video alot. Very accurate. As far as a cover all. Every airport is different and every terminal is different. Listening is ESSENTIAL.

  40. So I'm traveling with a few cryptex. (If you need to Google that as they look just like the one that shows up in a Google search.
    It's a metal tube that only opens with a special combination. I have set all mine to open with aaaaaa. I think I'll keep them in my carry on as I feel it's to hard to explain in a note with them in the bag if checked. I assume these will look odd in the scan and they will want to check them. Should I step aside and talk to an agent befor the bag goes through or just wait for them to pull me aside once they see it.

  41. Rookie flyer here,… ill be taking my first flight from NYC to Wisconsin that has a layover, i was, wondering if i have to go through security again before i board the connecting flight to Wisconsin?

  42. Where did you get your back pack in the moorish tile pattern? I love that pattern and have decorated my house with it. I'd use it for a formal gown. Where can I get one? Thanks
    Judith heineman.

  43. Thank you so much for your great advice. Very helpful. 🙂 I would just love, if you could add numbers to your videos for every advice. I watch videos on youtube, when I wait for customers at the cinema, where I volunteer. And I like going back to the videos and pick my favorite bits, which is why the numbers would help so much.

    You're so right about a longer layover. Last year was my first time going to the US, and we (my elder brother, his children and I) went together with an hour layover in Frankfurt from Denmark. The flight from Denmark was an hour delayed, and to make a long story short, I missed the plane, they didn't and I had to spend a night in Frankfurt.
    In a month I am going to the West Coast, and I have a 2.5 hr. layover, so great tip. 🙂

  44. Wow where else in America can you be rude to the customers and get paid. I just thought I was having a bad day but I did notice the TSA agents are very short tempered

  45. Love your tips and advice but it scares me. We're traveling soon with our adult daughter with autism and she is slow to process. This will be her first flight and I'm worried some angry TSA agent is going to make demands of her and she won't be able to comply because she doesn't understand. What's the best way to help her through security?

  46. Hello, TSA Officer, Thanks very much, very helpful, I am going to travel by Emirates from Toronto to Dubai end of this year. Regards. Zz

  47. I set off the metal detector once. The agent wanded me and couldn't find anything. Then she noticed my scarf had metallic thread. That was it! So keep that in mind to put in the bin with your shoes. Male agents may not figure it out as quickly, so be prepared and put it in bin.

  48. sorry hun w all due respect until they start lightening up on some of these outrageous restrictions, well
    I just do not see the point of booking a ticket. in the first place. I would rather bike or walk where I need to go. where I am currently at my office. truly. I am now as a result of viewing your experiences -turned off to the whole experience. as a result. I know you intend well. but it sounds like a sheer nightmare . not to mention utterly pointless to bother with these security lines. it will have been 20 years since 2001. this TSA needs to seriously lighten up with things like mascaras and wet wipes or jewelry or whatever an 'agent' deems a hassle. no game, concert, reunion, visit, or resort 'vacay' any longer sounds appealing. Utterly put off. however it was good to see this this to help me make that decision. Statistically (from what I read some time ago)in fact air travel has fluctuated over the years – but mostly declined. I now see why.

  49. One thing I learned after over a 2 hr TSA line weight. If you get to the first officer, you have precheck on your ticket, that officer should look at your pass/ticket and give you a pink card. We were in Denver and no precheck line open. Over 500+ people in line. It took us almost an hour to get to the first officer. I asked officer as I put stuff thru xray machine why no pre check. He said you do not have pink card so you do not have precheck. I showed him my document. He was not happy. He then said how many of you have precheck. Over 100 people put their hands up. He marched to first officer and had a heated short talk and picked up pink cards. He gave him half then he took half and passed out cards. I was thru by time he got back. He stepped over and apologized for their mistake. He actually thanked me for speaking up. We had flown back from Cancun. Custom and immigration had taken maybe a minute a piece. I flew Houston the next time way back and they took seconds to get thru. Same time of day same airline. Friends said Denver has always had this issue the last few years. I was told at one point I could go to other terminal to go thru precheck, which made no sense. I recommend Houston over Denver.

  50. i flew for the first time ever (also by myself) from washington dc to california and i was so terrified and i had been binge watching your videos all night when i had my flight in the morning. i was so nervous going through tsa but i remembered exactly what you told me i had my shoes off my electronics out and i was THROUGH the security line in 30 minutes. the funny thing is at the san francisco airport on the flight back i got through tsa in five minutes. it’s crazy how different the security check times are. to be fair i got there extremely early for my flight and got burger king in the airport but thank you so much for this video is all im trying to say you helped me and my mom have some peace of mind when i went through tsa.

  51. We expect passengers not to curse at us, spit on us or be rude to us. We would never come to your work and do this to you.

  52. Just ordered that handy liquids bag from sephora yesterday. Can't wait to take it on my next trip in a couple weeks.

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