1. 📈 Learn more from some of the world’s greatest trading wizards 📈

    – Top 5 Takeaways from How I Made 2 Million in the Stock Market (by Nicolas Darvas):

    – Top 5 Takeaways from How to Day Trade For a Living (by Andrew Aziz):

  2. Your niche is gonna get big and I will profit of all the newbies that gonna fly in the market, while I have been educated from your Videos long before 😎

  3. Thank you so much Swedish Investor, Your videos and your voice is really clear. Now I understand why position sizing is really important. God Bless from Philippines

  4. I think the recaps are good, but having actually read some of the books you review, you miss so much out.

  5. I learned the exact same things from Singaporean trader Adam Khoo! Highly recommend his videos for new traders

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  7. What are you talking man?? Traders are women as well. Be a little respectful in giving your effing analogies. Life is not all about sex, is it? You are treating women as objects – that’s SICKENING!!

    If you are treating women like objects remember some men might be looking at your mother or your daughter as an object as well.
    YOU need to break this cycle for this to stop.

  8. You made a great work with this channel. That's good to see that the world is going more into financial education just as we do.

    Greetings from a Brazilian day trader.

  9. Would having a mindset of accepting a smaller loss and the same as buying a worthless item/ uneeded food be healthy in terms of investing small amounts around 10-50 USD?

  10. While all these concepts are fairly easy to grasp and understand, trading involves way too much more (to be profitable). It's an endeavor that takes several years to master. Every new trader must be reminded of this fact.

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