Toyota Echo Security no start. A weird tip on car starting.

Toyota Echo Security no start. A weird tip on car starting.

Toyta Echo 2000. No start due to security
enabled. Original key is in the key cylinder. All lights are there on instumentation clustor.
Cranking and no start. Security is still blinking which should not be in switch on
with original key in. Big $ security reprogramming.
There is a fault in my experience with this particular car. In a while I am going to explain
that. I am going to the engine compartment relay and fuse box. The relay is marked as
EFI relay. The middle one. Removing the
relay and swap with nearby relay. DENSO standard
relay. Now I
am going to start the car with swapped relay. While cranking with swapped relay the car
started without any trouble. This could be applied to other Toyota cars also. This will
save your bid $$$.

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  1. Hi, this is a great video, i have the same car as you, a 2004 toyota echo, but is the basic version, with no power windows, no power locks, no tachometer, no A/C etc. And i have a problem with the fuel pump.
    When i put the ignition switch on the ON possition, the fuel pump does not start working as it should, instead it start working when the ignition witch is in the START possition. I took a look at the ignition and starter wiring diagrams, and the fuel pump is wired to the C/Open relay, and is the ECU who triggers the C/open relay for the pump to start working, so i asume this is happening due to a malfunctioning of the ECU? i check the fuel pump wiring and is ok according to the wiring diagrams i have. i check the ignition switch wiring and is ok too. would you please help me?

    Many thanks!

  2. Sounds like the original relay has a fault, perhaps slightly dirty contacts inside and creating a resistance so the ecu does not get full supply, or something like that 🙂

    What were those wires jammed into the relay socket for ?

  3. Hi, great video, I have kind of the same problem with my 2002 toyota echo except that mine doesn't crank. Also, this situation only happens during the summer or after a drive, the car has no starting problem in winter. Could the relay still be the problem? Thanks for your helpfull informations.

  4. Be carefull of what you do with electric components! I don't know if it works as you wrote for the explained reason, BUT you must check that both relay have the same electric resistance value! If not, the engine can heat up or maybe burn and possibly set fire to the car! So, the things you have to do now (if really you can bypass the problem like that) is: 1) ensure you find the same relay (making the same function you found), but with the previous electric value the original relay provided (at this point, if it was the same value and functions of the one you replaced, you just discover that your relay was broken only, and this is nothing to do with the car immobilizer, if not you found a bypass of the immobilizer and that's great) 2) if your ignition relay was dead (only), ensure that the other relay from the other slot you removed for, don't makes to disconnecting another function of your car (maybe when you replace by the broken one, if so, you can found that). Anyway, thanks for this amazing video! Another possible things I saw if it was the relays, and if both relays worked properly (that you flip from one slot to another — and if really it was this  reversion what makes that everything gonna be alright) that tell to me also it was possibly just a wrong contact due to the lof of dust inside the engine compartment? Are you tried to replace releays to the original position thereafter, and if it works properly again or not?

    See yeah!

  5. hi I have 2000 echo wit the same problem I tried this and it didn't work  I also lost my original key could this also present a problem pls help

  6. Although checking the relay's is usually your first step in diagnosing a no start problem, switching them is not such a good idea. You still need to replace the one that is not working, because if you take it from somewhere else, you just cause another, possibly dangerous problem, especially if you don't really know what you are doing. Learn your car well. I always inspect my car on a weekly basis, I look at every part. Some people just put gas in it, and go, then they are surprised when something goes wrong, and they're stuck somewhere, and a simple inspection could have avoided it. Also keeping your engine clean is a good way to detect any leaks, or broken parts. 

  7. When you say "from my experience I swap those two relays" that means you invented this trick? Or did you read it on a Toyota forum?

  8. Greetings dear friend
    this video is great and came with new information for me in intermittent no start issue .
    Thank you jahan .

  9. Hi mate

    Can this work with toyota camry 2000? I saw this video and changed the EFI relay with other relays but could not start the car and the security light is stil blinking. 

  10. Good day, I have 2005 toyota passo and lost the master physical key. I only have wireless remote I am able to start the car no problem. but I cannot lock and unlock using the wireless remote box anymore. It was working recently no problem. Also recently my car battery went flat and now replace a new one. Now my problem is I cannot lock and unlock using the wireless remote box. I also dont have physical master key. please advice. thanks

  11. I have toyota hilux Car not ste b 2796 code no communation in immobilasor  and i dont find out the right key so any one can help me how to solve this problem any one can best idea pls let me know my email id [email protected]
    skype id patelc196

  12. amigo, tengo un camry 2007 SE, la alarma funciona bien aparentemente, hace un tiempo descubri que al accionar la alarma de mi camry solo cierra los seguros cuando la activo y los abre cuando los desactivo, solo que no esta protegido, se supone cuando activo la alarma se debe quedar prendido la luz de security por 30 segundos para despues parpadear y estar en sistema de armado. si hago los pasos que le acabo de mencionar y abro la puerta desde adentro con la alarma activada, esta no se acciona. a que se debera.?

  13. I have the same problem with my toyota corolla . after watching your video i tried replacing the EFI relay with the neighbor one. but i couldn't find any . As there is only 1 four pin EFI relay which i have got in my car. others are of different specifications. can you please help me out.

  14. Hi, I have a similar problem. My 2002 Yaris starts fine but shut off inmediately. The scanner shows the code: "B2796: no communication with the immobilizer system". I tried to swap the relays but nothings changed. I now notice that the security light is also dead. Can you please give me some advice? Thank you in advance,

  15. Hi mate, I have same problem with starting engine and SEC indicator on my radio. On my radio SEC appears permanently so I can't enter even code so I found your video and thought that will solve my problem too! But after changing relays as you mentioned in your video i tried to start the engine but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Could you please suggest me any ideas as I stuck with that problem and can't find any solution.Thanks in advance. Regards, Kirill P.S I used my original key and spare one but nothing.

  16. My 05 Echo does a similar thing, but slightly different. Randomly, the starter will not even engage and when this happens that security light flashes, coupled with a loud clicking sound. I have to remove the key and try again , and eventually the car will start. Two years its been like this.

  17. lost the key to my 99 avalon. new master key cut but not programmed. tried this hoping it would work but it didnt. any suggestions without paying a lot of money to have flashed and reprogrammed to new key

  18. I have the same problem in my corolla 2009 from last 3 months no one can fix it..
    Sometimes it starts most of the time security light start blinking tried ur trick sometime works but nt all the time. Tried changin ecu ignition immobilizer with new key still same issue.
    I am living in Bahrain i really really need ur help.
    Dealers qoute me $7000 to change almost everything related to start the car.

  19. Thank you learning zone, I replaced the battery then spark plugs which didn't fix my starting issue. I ended up following your video and swapped the Horn relay with the EFI relay and it fixed my starting problems! So grateful of your video. Thanks!

  20. I've found that if you haven't replaced the spark plugs in a while, like around 100,000 miles, and its cold out, you could have a week spark and flood the car. Check to see if the plugs are wet and if you smell gas. Just an idea.

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  22. You have wires with a plastic covering come out of two of the pin locations ?  what is that modification ?Also your ECU Engine light does not illuminate when you turn your key on ?  have you any other modifications on this car to bypass immobilizer ?  I cannot get power to come to this relay when I insert key, im hoping you have an idea?

  23. It worked like a charm! I was pondering this no fuel, no start condition. There was plenty of crank after swapping the battery, but this solved the security override! Thank you thank you thank you! Saved me a bunch of time. Anyone calling this BS is a moron for blaming the video for their incompetence. So what it didn't work in your case at least he offered a solution to my problem!!!

  24. Please can you help me solve the problem that's happening to my Toyota Estima 2003. I just bought it last year and my cousin got into an accident and its all fixed now but just the key we've lost that little control on the key and now we cant turn it on. If you can help me find a way please to start the van.

  25. I have an 08 toyota camry LE. Sometimes when I start it the car dies immediately. I would wait 20 or so minutes and then it would start up and stay running. it only does this when I'm starting it. it never died while driving. once I get it running it runs great. any ideas? no check engine light also. I have no idea where to start.

  26. EFI relay stands for Electronic fuel injector relay. That's why it wouldn't start. also the relay fails typically because the fuel pump is pulling too many amps. although in the video the engine compartment was very dirty/dusty. that dirt could be causing a bad connection at the relay box, which in turn will cause electronics to over heat and fail. I hope this helps you.

  27. Thank you so much it fix my mom's car we we're stuck at my grandmas house, missed 3 day of school all the other vid's don't work thank you

  28. My mother in law drained her battery on her Yaris absolutely flat. I jumped the battery but it would not start and noticed the security light flashing. I switched the relays as suggested and the car is now running….had to reset the clock and radio presets however the radio will only turn off if the engine is switched off (the on off button won’t do it!). Is this anything to do with the switched relay or some other peculiar fault?

  29. is that working if I change ecu and the car won't start?

  30. Órale pinche árabe , muchas gracias me ayudó de mucho y me ahorraste dinero del mecánico y a la vez aprendí.

  31. personnel should pay attention to the fuses as well, it should have a Fuse EFI burned replace end enjoy your enginer

  32. Had the same issue, I tried this method but it didn't work. Then I used my spare key and it started right up. The key was the culprit!

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