Topaz CCTV from Freedom Scientific

>>Wade: Hi, I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA
Project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana and here’s your tech tip.
>>Tom: Hi, I’m Tom Blackman with EYE Can See Incorporated here in Indiana. Today, we’re
going to talk about the Freedom Scientific Topaz high definition, low-vision, reading/writing
machine. The Topaz is here with me in front of us here. The Topaz comes with four different
screen sizes, it has a 24-inch wide screen, 22, 20, 17 and then it also comes with just
the camera unit only and you provide your own monitor. The controls are very easy to
use, with a high-definition unit, which is what we have here, at the lower levels of
magnification and at the very highest levels of magnification you’ve got a very nice clear
image. You can also get the entire page on there. So for those of you who require very
small amounts of magnification the images are very sharp. It will go up to a very large
size, we’ll go up here to size 16, which is about 75x or 80x magnification. We have different
modes, there is a bright mode, a reverse mode, then you have a choice of many different foregrounds
and background color combinations, you can press the button here and that will give you
a, that’ll freeze the image, it’ll save the image on the screen and then you touch it
again and it’s back to normal mode. You’ve got the brightness/contrast setting here on
the left, so the knobs are very big and color-coded. The blue button on the right changes the modes.
You’ve got the X/Y table that moves left and right, forward and back, with a manual lock
and the lane markers are controlled underneath here, where you can have double lines or single
line. You can also have windowing or shawdowing, so you have those features. And then you can
also connect this to a computer and by touching the center button here on the mode selector,
touch that and the image that’s on the computer behind us, gets displayed in either split
screen mode or the entire screen can be displayed from the computer. Here we have the CCTV image
at the bottom and the computer image at the top. If you’re using low vision magnification
software like Magic we can enlarge that as well. A software product called “Gem,” comes
with this from Freedom Scientific and Gem allows you to have a very powerful feature.
You can save your images that you’re looking at on your CCTV camera, into the computer
and obviously retrieve those and do anything you want with those images. You can control
the CCTV buttons here with keystrokes on the computer and then finally the split screen
mode which you are seeing here is available to you. So with Gem software, which is an
optional product, you can save images and control it from the keyboard. So the Topaz
comes with Topaz high-definition, Topaz XL and then Topaz LCD, the three all have different
pricing and so that’s the information on the Topaz.
>>Wade: So that’s your tech tip for this week. I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA Project at
Easter Seals Crossroads, in Indiana.

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