What protection do mountaineering
and climbing helmets provide? Currently, all climbing and
mountaineering helmets essentially provide top protection focused on
protection against falling rocks. This level of protection
is guaranteed by the requirements of the EN 12492
and UIAA 106 standards. All of our feedback from the field
shows that rear, side and front shocks occur
just as frequently. So we created a product label called
TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION. What are the requirements for a helmet
with the TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label? When a helmet bears
the TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label, it meets both the testing requirements
of the EN 12492 standard and the new test
protocol we have established. EN 12492 and UIAA 106 tests mainly deal with
the top part of the helmet. Our testing protocol extends to
all areas of the helmet. The additional tests
carried out are as follows: A 5 kg mass is dropped
on the frontal, rear and side parts of the helmet
from a height of 50 cm. Do all helmets meet the TOP AND SIDE
PROTECTION label requirements? Petzl helmets that meet
the requirements are identifiable by
the TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION logo. Why choose a helmet with the
TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label? It is the only label that offers
protection against impacts from above, as well as from
the front, rear, and sides.

4 Replies to “TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION – Petzl Helmets”

  1. Are older types off helmets also get tested to see if they by coincidence meet the "top and side protection" norm? And if so where can can jou find out if your helmet does?

  2. Helmets are only work if you wear them, so it would be great if Petzl would encourage their sponsored athletes to wear helmets. Granted, these athletes are risking their lives, knowing the costs… but what I am most concerned about is the children that look up to pro athletes. When they don't see them wearing helmets, wearing helmets seems un-cool. How are we so far behind other top sports like skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking, where their pro athletes wear helmets. Interestingly after this video was published, Petzl published another inspirational video with a sponsored athlete not wearing a helmet during the entire episode. If you're a pro, sponsored, weekend warrior, or dirtbag, put a helmet on. If you're not going to do it to prevent your own Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), skull fracture, concussion, or brain bleed, do it for inspiring the sports future. Every time, every climb. Peace. Love. Climb.

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