Top 5 Best Home Security Systems You Should Have

Top 5 Best Home Security Systems You Should Have

– [Voiceover] If you’re like most people, you’ve got an old smartphone
that you don’t know what to do with, but what if you could put it back to work by protecting one of the biggest investments
you’ve made, your home. We wanna make it possible
for everyone to feel safer, more secure, and in
control of their homes. With Presence Security,
spare smartphones and tablets become powerful internet security cameras with motion detection alerts
and live two-way streaming. It’s incredibly easy to
install and takes less than five minutes to get up and running, but Presence does even more
than home video security. With the smartphone you take everywhere, you can manage a variety of
intelligent home sensors. The Presence Security Pack
delivers smart sensors with remote smartphone access,
and instantly alerts you when something important
happens in your home, to keep you connected
with what matters most. The entry sensors alert you
whenever a door or window opens. The water sensor lets you
know when water is detected. The motion detector sees
movement, even in the dark, and can trigger a siren
and send you an alert. The touch sensor detects
vibrations and movement, and the temperature
sensors will inform you of any heating or cooling issues. Our mobile rules engine
allows you to customize and coordinate actions and share alerts, and easily expands if you add new devices. Unlike those expensive security sytems that require a monthly subscription fee and a call center to protect your home, Presence Security offers
something smarter. Invite your trusted circle of
family and friends to the app. Choose what you’d like to
share with them, and when, and Presence takes care of the rest. Presence Security works on
Apple and android devices, and can be viewed and
controlled from a computer. No subscription fee is required, and you can add unlimited
sensors, cameras, and mobile rules that alert you of important events. Presence Security is
tailored to your lifestyle and makes home protection
accessible to everyone, so put your extra smartphones
and tablets back to work. Stick on the sensors. Share alerts with trusted friends, and make the people and things
you really care about safer, and more secure. – We all want a safe and
secure home for our family, our pets, and our property. Unlike most things in life, home security technology
has hardly changed over the past several decades. When you think of home
security technology, what comes to mind? These, these, if you pay a lot of money, these, and these. These are yesterday’s technology, using outdated features and equipment. Now, what do we really want
from a home security system? We want it to alert us if
a window or door is opened, we want it to detect motion
inside or outside the home, and instantly send us text alerts, as well as photos or video. When there’s someone at the front door, we wanna see who’s there,
and be able to talk with them if we want to. We wanna be able to do these things from wherever we are,
whether that’s at home, in our car, at the office, at the beach, or, even, out of town. Wouldn’t it be great to be able
to keep an eye on your kids, the pets, the babysitter,
or a sick family member? How about being able
to monitor the climate and detect noises inside your home, and receive alerts or updates instantly? We want all of these features: to see what’s happening, receive alerts, and have the ability to
forward them to anyone, with one touch of a button on our phones. To back it all up, we want
a 24/7 monitoring service with live operators, who
can notify us, our family, or law enforcement, if
there’s an emergency. Well, now you can do all of
these things with Sandbox Home. Sandbox Home is the smartest, simplest, most complete family
security product ever, yet, it is very affordable. All of its parts interact with each other and with you, wirelessly. Sandbox Home includes
five intrusion sensors to protect your doors and windows, two high-definition wireless
surveillance cameras, a smart HD wireless doorbell,
plus, it includes the software and apps to set everything up in minutes, send you alerts, and let you
operate the system easily, over your phone or computer. (instrumental music)
– [Voiceover] This is Sara. She loves traveling. Even more, she loves returning home. Sara often rents out her
home while she’s away. Like all of us, she sometimes wonders if everything is alright at home. Sara wanted peace of mind,
but not to make her guests uncomfortable with cameras. Now, she uses Point. Point is a smart house sitter. It listens to Sara’s home,
senses what’s in the air, and lets her know if anything is wrong. Point can recognize sounds
like guests arriving or if a window breaks. Its innovative sensor technology
also recognizes things like smoke, cigarette fumes,
and other common home hazards. Point is simple and unbranded, allowing it to blend
into any home anywhere. It connects to the internet over WiFi, and sends notifications
to your smartphone. – I can choose what events
I get notified about, like cigarette smoke. I can also set a threshold
for the acceptable noise level in my apartment at different hours. If it is too loud, Point will glow yellow as a friendly reminder to keep it down. I’m only alerted if the noise
level remains really high. I wanna keep good friends
with my great neighbors. – [Voiceover] Point lets Sara
know everything is alright when she’s away, like feeling
a heartbeat from home. – Security isn’t about a
siren everyone ignores. Security is about people. It’s about knowing who should
and shouldn’t be there, so we feel safe and worry less. Meet Cocoon. (music) A smart little security device that protects your whole home. It learns what’s normal
for you and your home, alerting you if something unusual happens, so you can come and go as you please, without having to set anything. Oh, and Cocoon is pet friendly, so no false alarms. Feeling safe shouldn’t
compromise your privacy, so we’ve designed Cocoon
to fit in with your life without being complicated or overbearing. Cocoon is packed with
high-quality sensors. These work together to
measure changes in your home that may indicate something
isn’t quite right. Our unique Subsounds
technology means Cocoon can sense activity in your whole home, not just the area you can see. (music) Cocoon provides protection
how and when you need it, so you can take action and feel safe. Whether you’re traveling, at work, or just heading to bed at night, Cocoon is looking after
what you care about most. (music) – [Voiceover] What if you could know that your home is always safe, without you losing even one
second checking up on it? What if you had a home security system that really understands what is going on so that it can make intelligent
decisions all by itself, to protect you and your home? (music) A home security system
like that would allow you to live your life to the fullest without having to think
twice about what’s going on. (music) I still remember seeing
the front door open after coming home from a weekend trip. Someone had forced his way into our home, and all our valuables were taken. Still, the worst part was
seeing my nephew, Alex. Just thinking someone had broken into our most intimate space
made me very scared. It made me search for a security system where all available
options were expensive, complicated, ugly, and intrusive. I wanted to change that,
so I started working and built some prototypes. Now, I am proud to present you BuddyGuard, a home security system that can
think and act all by itself. It’s easy to install, is powered
by rechargeable batteries, and connects to the internet over WiFi and cellular networks. Inside, we have an HD
camera, motion sensor, microphone, temperature sensor, accelerometer, speaker, and siren. That is a lot of technology to
put in a very small package. – The real strength lies in the software. Using artificial intelligence,
it can recognize your face, voice, or detect your pets. It knows when you left your home. It activates automatically,
so there’s no need for you to enter security codes anymore. By analyzing the audio, it can detect potential burglary noises, such as smashing or opening the door. It does not affect the users,
but it may scare the burglar by playing home sounds,
such as people talking, or someone doing the
dishes in the kitchen. We’ve built BuddyGuard
with data privacy in mind, as it only uses a small amount of data to keep your home safer. Having those technologies, it
provides great freedom for you as you don’t have to constantly
check your smartphone for alerts from a security device. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (music) – BuddyGuard has created an
intelligent home security system that can make smart decisions
to protect your best interest. It is beautiful, easy to use, and designed to look good in every home. It leaves no holes in your walls, and you can even run it on batteries, making it the perfect
fit for tenants, as well. Even better, BuddyGuard comes
at a fraction of the cost of currently available
home security systems, but just because we made an
affordable security device, doesn’t mean it’s cheap. BuddyGuard is easy to use, but reliable. It is protective, but non-invasive. It is proactive, but never annoying. By combining these powerful features, BuddyGuard has created a
sophisticated home security system that was previously
unattainable for most people. (guitar music)

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  1. ok,but something for the people who works really hard ,mines,or construction maybe,something that could help them???make things easier for them???

  2. What do I want in a security system?   One that works and is reliable.  unfortunately non of these new systems can provide that

  3. If I bought every gadget and widget I "must have", I'd end up wasting loads of cash on useless junk that would only gather dust.

  4. All this systems shown have one flaw…they aren't monitored which means a notification on your phone won't help you if your the one in danger

  5. False sense of security in many ways. If your home and shit happens the by the time the cops come it will be all over so ya better have a gun.

    If you're not home and shit happens their only gonna be in there for 6 minutes. You can't do anyting about it and it's gonna take the cops at least 15 minutes to get there. All the cops are good for in that situation is to provide you with a police report for the insurance company. And to ad insult to injury the thief will probably steal your security system to!

  6. Check out this new gadget. It helps you save hundreds of dollars ion water and sewerage feeds and keeps your home safe!

  7. cool now i know why i smashed that phone up on the wall last year, luckily my wife framed it and put in in the lounge room for all to see.

  8. ADT is a horrible customer service company and more of a threat to your family compared to the average street level criminal. I dropped ADT three years ago after moving to new address and they continue to withdraw from my bank account for one year because I didn't have the money to pay off the contract in full for the second year. After the ADT contract was paid in full I called to discontinue services. ADT continue stilling another 6 months of automatic withdraws after cancelation and after calling them for the fifth time ADT claimed they would send a reimbursement check for only three months. ADT did not send a reimbursement check, but actually sent service bills in the mail to my new address for additional six months.

    I called again asking them to simply stop by the second bill received. They continued and after another six months of mailing service bills they turned my non-existing account over to a collection agency falsely claiming I owe them $351.85 the same amount they illegally withdrew from my bank account previous six months. Now I'm fighting with ADT's debit credit thugs Source RM. This has turned into a legalized criminal nightmare against my family.

    For current ADT users if you ever leave they'll punish you. I highly recommend leaving ADT regardless and audio record all phone conversions with ADT reps, record dates, and time in attempt to prevent ADT financially raping you. Notify your bank if you fell for the automatic withdraw scam. Absolutely don't allow ADT access to automatic withdraw…! If you continue to receive ADT service bills in the mail call an attorney immediately…!

  9. Security systems around the world

    Africa:none (not many suspects to go through if you live in a village)

    India:a door and window sensor

    Europe:an alarm and possible a security camera

    America:10 to 30 guns 1 to 5 security camera's (per room)

    Russia:AK wielding bear

  10. Frontpoint is the best. Search for YouTube reviews and you will find that front point is number one and just about all

  11. I had a kaleidoscope of problems with ADT. I then changed over to Frontpoint Security and could not be more satisfied, especially with their customer service which is truly exceptional

  12. i had Dropcam and it got hacked and they used the videos of me dressing aka naked against me and put an icon on my desktop with videos of me on it. Worthless and now there are video footage out there of me naked in my own home.

  13. I just wanna say that this seems like a pleasant video, but the ad that came on before the video played was incredibly disturbing. It was an ad for "The Real Cost" thing about vaping that made me feel uncomfortable beyond words. I don't blame the makers of this video for that, I blame youtube. But, hey, what can ya do other than skip the ad.

  14. OK, I'm so tired of everyone trying to invent the wheel when the wheel works really well and the enhancements are awesome. I pay $13.99 a month, i have video, I have an alarm, it works with my smart phone and I got a gun from the same company so I'm equipped to actually do something about a burglar. All this crap just allows you to watch someone break in an steal your stuff…DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

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