Top 15 Ghost Sightings Caught on CCTV

Top 15 Ghost Sightings Caught on CCTV

15. Aggressive Nighttime Spirit A story by DailyStar claims that the video
was captured January 5th 2016 somewhere in India. The video, filmed in the middle of the night,
shows two men sleeping in a room. One man is sleeping on a cot while the other
is on a makeshift bed on the floor. First the door swings open on it’s own. After that a few seconds pass quietly, though
the man sleeping on the cot does seem disturbed as he tosses and turns in bed. Perhaps there was some noise during this occurrence. Then, after a few seconds, the man on the
floors’ feet begin to rise. They continue to be pulled up, perfectly straight,
by an unknown force. The sleeping man seems oblivious to the assault
at first. As he is slowly lifted off the bed and turned
nearly upside down, though, he wakes up. He begins to kick and struggle as the spirit
holds it’s grasp and pulls him off the bed almost entirely. Eventually his feet drop as the spirit likely
released him. He searches the room, clearly afraid and confused. He slowly stands up, while still investigating
the scene, and exits the room. In this midst of this commotion, the man on
the cot sleeps soundly despite the victim likely yelling. 14. The Wingate Hotel Ghost This video has been shared millions of times
on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even paranormal TV shows. The footage shown was collected from a combination
of CCTV recordings and audio files saved by the security team of the Wingate Hotel in
Illinois. The whole ordeal began one night in 2003,
when many guests began calling in to the front desk to make noise complaints. The guests claimed that loud and terrifying
screams were coming from room number 209. Employees followed procedures to check who
was staying in the room and make a call in request for them to lower their volume. However, no one was booked in that room. This alarmed staff as they immediately assumed
someone had broken into the room. A security worker was sent to handle the situation. The security footage recorded the entire horrific
event that followed. The footage shows the security worker approaching
the door, a woman’s screaming can be clearly heard via the mics on the CCTV camera. He knocks on the door several times but there
is no answer. A security manager tells the employee on the
scene, John, to wait for police to arrive. As the screaming was still ongoing, John was
worried someone was being hurt, so he entered the room using a masterkey. The second he opened the door the screaming
came to a complete halt. As can be seen in the footage, John steps
in slowly. Once he fully enters the room, a white semi-transparent
apparition moves from the doorway and disappears. The footage was allegedly submitted to a paranormal
webpage by the security manager. There is no paranormal history with this hotel,
but a quick investigation showed that over the years some guests have complained about
strange noises in room 209. 13. Ghost Girl in Street
This footage was allegedly capture in security CCTV footage from Paseo de la Reforma, which
is a wide and busy city street in Mexico City. The footage is marked 2:20 am September 18th
2016. The camera is pointed directly at a crosswalk,
which is where the apparition appears. The spirit, which seems to be a young girl
in a white dress, materializes out of thin air. She remains motionless in the middle of the
crosswalk for several seconds. A large vehicle, possibly an SUV, drives right
through her. The driver is clearly unaware of this spirit
as it’s likely not visible from the car’s perspective. In addition, the spirit is unphased by the
vehicle. Another angle of the scene is provided, this
shows the spirit from the back as the car passes through her with ease. For the entirety of this clip, the spirit
stays in the same location in the street and the video does not provide a shot of her disappearing
or moving. Of course many claim this video is clearly
fake, as the spirit takes on the usual attire of a ghost girl, with long dark hair and a
white dress. This footage apparently cause a frenzy with
locals, though, who began sharing legends and stories of a girl that lost her life while
using the crosswalk. 12. Haunted Doll
This video has sparked a lot of controversy since it went viral about 3 months ago. This footage was allegedly captured using
a CCTV camera set up in someone’s home as a type of nanny cam for their child. The footage provided is only about 2 minutes
long. Furthermore, every upload seems to be cut
at the same times to show only the points of action, as they were likely taken from
hours of original footage. The first portion of the video shows the little
girl, probably younger than 8 years old, sitting on the flooring and playing with a doll. She has two dolls in her lap that she’s
playing with, and a second doll sitting a few feet from her. The doll moves from right to left and back
again, very slowly over about 30 seconds. The doll seems to be pulled by one of her
pigtails. The child is seemingly unaware of the dolls
motion. The next portion of the video shows the same
little girl sitting in a dark living room near a couch and small table. The girl is coloring with crayons and several
pieces of paper sprawled across the table. A few seconds into this footage the papers
seem to be blown or pushed by an unseen force. The little girl looks up for only a second
before running out of the room in fear. It’s unclear if she went to grab a parent
or nanny, or if she was actually alone which seems unlikely. Either way she returns a while later and slowly
approaches the table. She is stopped in her tracks when the paper
flies towards her. She runs away again and then heavier objects
are thrown off the table. Eventually the table, and seemingly even the
camera, began to shake. Many claim the footage is clearly staged and
string or wind was used to manipulate the items. Some viewers have pointed out that string
could not have been set up because the objects move in the same directions that the girl
easily walks across, and if a large fan or blower were used the picture frame in the
background would have been blown of the side table in addition to the other items. Of course it’s up to the viewer to decide
but this footage is unsettling when you consider a child is in the mix of it. 11. Scared Doggos
This video was captured by a homeowner, who set up a camera after strange paranormal occurrences
in their home. The homeowner explained that he or she would
come home to find items rearranged and the door to their attic wide open. They finally decided to set up a camera between
March 3rd and March 14th 2008, in hopes of finding an explanation. This footage was recorded in the middle of
the day on March 14th, when the homeowner was at work and their dogs were home. The video begins with the two dogs, one large
and one black, behaving strangely. Pacing around the house and occasionally barking
at an unseen person or force. Radio interference can be heard just before
an orb drifts away from the window, to the left. Of course, as usual with orbs, this can be
brush off as airborne debri such as dust or even an insect. This also could be caused by outside factors
such as a car driving past the window or lens flare. Though the orb is easily disregarded, 10 minutes
later the footage shows something more disturbing and undeniable. The door in view, either a closet or the attic
door discussed earlier, fully opens on it’s own. The door knob is turned and the door quickly
pops open despite now one being around. Even the dogs aren’t in the shot at this
time. The door moves back and forth for about 2
minutes before slamming shut. After this the roll of paper towels on the
coffee table flies onto the couch. The dogs return to the living room, clearly
distressed. They begin to interact with someone or something
behind the camera that cannot be seen. They look upward and seem to follow this presence
around the room, as they would a regular person. Though they do seem scared or upset, they
don’t react to the presence violently as you’d expect a dog to with a stranger or
unknown entity. Either these dogs were trained to be very
friendly or they are familiar with this presence. The final frame of the video explains that
a picture frame was also knocked down during these events, though it is not in view of
the camera. 10. Ghost Shopper A story covering this footage was published
in 2013 by KMTV news. 2 years later the video was also uploaded
to the KMTV youtube channel. The footage, taken from the CCTV camera of
a Whitstable Nutrition Center, shows a random shopper surveying items in an isolated aisle
of the store. In the background of the scene two boxes of
teabags can be seen slowly rising on their own. They hover in the air for only a few seconds
before dropping to the floor. The surprised shopper turns to pick up the
box, likely unaware it was an abnormal occurrence. As he places one box back on the shelf, the
same thing happens to another box further down the aisle. The article by KMTV covers the story in deeper
detail. Michelle Newbold, the shopkeeper, explained
that she was “baffled” by the footage. “I have never seen anything like it since
I’ve been running the shop. The customer never said anything and I don’t
even know who it was,” Newbold added. The story went viral in 2013, although it
did not alter the shops business. Although Newbold claimed that the video had
no affect on her skeptical beliefs, she didn’t have an alternative explanation. Since 2013 the video has gained over 300,000
views on the KMTV YouTube channel. Furthermore, the video has been reuploaded
by other channels and shared on various social media platforms. 9. “Old Pete’s Ghost”: There’s a famous
pub in Sydney, Australia called the Carlisle [“Car-lyle”] Castle Hotel. For years this local watering hole has been
haunted by the ghost of Old Pete, a bitter ex-employee who left this earth quite some
time ago, but not his job. His ghostly antics have been caught on camera
no less than three times. The first time Pete was caught on tape, he
was helping a customer. The unsuspecting man opens the door to the
cooler when Pete decides to grab two bottles of red wine for himself. His ghost grip must not have been too tight
though because both bottles go crashing to the floor. Looking at the footage, there’s no way that
the shelf gave out or anything like that – the bottles were thrown to the ground with deliberate
force with no one nearby. Another incident occurred when the bar was
full of witnesses. Everyone is happily enjoying themselves when
a hanging red wine glass suddenly dislodges itself and smashes into the counter. Glass shards fly everywhere and the entire
bar takes notice. Although this could have simply been a freak
accident, what are the chances that, of all the red wine glasses, the one that’s directly
underneath the server happens to be the one to fall and break? The timing is almost too perfect to be a coincidence. Old Pete strikes again. The third and final tape reveals a glimpse
of Old Pete himself. The bar is empty this time when the angry
ghost suddenly materializes in front of the security camera. If you look closely, you can make out Old
Pete’s head at the bottom of the screen. He appears to be waving. Many other bartenders and customers all claim
to have seen Old Pete for themselves in one way or another. It isn’t uncommon for taps to turn on by
themselves, and the bartenders have seen what they can only describe as “strange things”
while counting down their registers after close. To make this all even stranger, all of the
bottles that go crashing to the floor are always high-end red wines. This just so happened to be Old Pete’s favorite
drink . . . at least, when he was still with the living. 8. Romford Theater Ghost
The Brookside Theater in Romford, Essex is a small theater opened in 2012 that has grown
in popularity both with locals and tourists from around the world. This CCTV footage captured in 2014 may have
been a helpful hand in the locations fame. The footage was taken in the late hours of
Sunday night around 4 a.m, after a psychic show had been held in the theater. The grainy black and white footage shows a
chair moving by itself. The chair seems to move forward and back in
place several times. Jai Sepple, an event planner at the theater,
said this footage was only one of many ghostly happenings at the Brookside. Objects would move on their own or often go
missing and performers made claims of feeling a presence while they prepared backstage before
big shows. When Jai first saw the footage he said he
was excited to finally have solid evidence. Roy Roberts, the psychic from the Saturday
night show said that he had felt a playful presence during his performance. “Now we have direct proof of the paranormal,”
he said. Though the ghostly resident has not been known
to cause harm or damage to anyone or thing on the premises, this late night grainy footage
does have a creepy effect. 7. NaziGermany Castle Ghost This footage was captured on CCTV in a 400-year-old
Czech castle. The castle was once used as a NaziGermany
concentration camp and has a dark, detailed past. The castle, captured by the Germans in 1939,
is now used as a historical museum and storage location for antique items. Some time prior to the release of this video,
several objects from a closed exhibition went missing. The ongoing problem was reported to police
who then viewed the overnight CCTV footage and discovered this disturbing video. The footage was captured in an exhibition
room where items belonging to the former castle owners were kept. The camera captured a dark shadowy figure
moving across the shot several times. Either a camera error or a paranormal factor,
the scene also turned a dark red color each time the figure passed. According to museum officials, all rooms were
closed and locked during this time and no cleaners or employees were in the vicinity. Furthermore, unreleased footage apparently
showed similar occurrences at the same time on different nights which eliminates the possibility
of this being debri or an insect. After finding this alleged evidence, paranormal
investigator Hana Mackeova was called to offer her expertise. Mackeova stated that she did feel negative
vibes when investigating the scene and became so weak she had to leave. However, she didn’t offer further information
as her investigation was cut short for her own personal health. A local council employee, Zuzana Zelena, told
reporters that the resident spirit moved things at night to unknown hiding places or other
exhibits. “The legend says that he has been guarding
his silver box even after his death,” she said. The silver box held historical documents and
valuables that belonged to a former owner of the castle, well known for his educational
reform efforts and agricultural developments. 6. Restaurant Poltergeist Allegedly, ghosts have been seen in strange
places all over the world. From museums and homes to bars and amusement
parks, no location is off limits for spirits. This video from 2013 really proves that theory. This CCTV footage was captured inside Jimmy’s
World Grill and Bar in Luton, UK. The video, which is less than 2 minutes long,
shows poltergeist activity in the calm restaurant. Most of the activity occurs at the table in
the bottom center of the frame. A female customer is enjoying a meal alone,
which is all that can be seen for the first 50 seconds or so of the footage. The customer walks away from her table and
her chair moves on it’s own as she is away. Her napkin, plate, and cutlery are thrown
violently off the table. Many customers and employees look in the direction
of the accident, but see nothing unusual. The noise was later reported a manager who
walked over to find the broken plate and mess.”I didn’t think too much of it at the time
but when talking to the staff about it a couple of days later they joked about it being a
ghost,” said the manager. Eventually the staff was curious enough to
check the security footage, when they stumbled upon this alleged proof of supernatural existence. 5. Parking Lot Ghost This video was published by YouTube user maz-da-freo
in November 2015. According to the videos description, the footage
takes place in a parking lot in Coogee, Western Australia in the middle of the night. The alleged spirit, which is thin, white and
slightly reflective, moves quickly between cars with no apparent destination. Although in some shots the apparition looks
like a floating sheet, other angles provide detail such as shoulders and a head. The figure moves randomly across the parking
lot, occasionally disappearing from the frame. Before the video ends it quickly shoots to
the left. The description claims that the ghost noticed
the camera and fled the scene. It also adds some insight to the possible
origins of the spirit. “Perhaps it is one of the ghosts from the
nearby Old South Fremantle Power Station believed to be haunted by many ghouls. Could also be a friend of the Davilak Ghost
from the Azelia Ley Homestead nearby,” said maz-da-freo. This footage is just a small example of the
alleged paranormal occurrences at this location. According to this user, several pieces of
evidence have been collected to support the theory of a paranormal presence. Unfortunately, that evidence was never uploaded. 4. Leaflet Throwing Ghost In October 2016, just a few days before Halloween,
this video was released by the Torquay Museum. The video quickly went viral and has since
continued gaining views. The CCTV footage, which is roughly 35 seconds
long, shows several leaflets and papers flying off a bookcase as two employees perform daily
duties. When the leaflets fly off both employees are
startled and begin questioning the event, though both of them are hesitant to go near
the mess. Eventually, the museum researcher David Wills,
goes to clean up the papers and investigate the cause. As he bends down to pick them up, another
pile suddenly falls on top of him. Though they were startled, both employees
didn’t overthink the situation until later when they viewed the CCTV recording. They agreed that the motion in which the papers
fell made it seem like they were pushed or blown, opposed to falling from natural forces
such as balance. Roughly 18 months before this incident, a
photo of a female ghost went viral. There was a paranormal investigation being
conducted at the location when the photo, which shows a spirit half submerged in the
floor, was taken. In addition, employees often report books
flying off their shelves and anonymous fingerprints were found on the inside of a mummy case that
had not been opened in over 8 years. 3. Another Child Attacked Shared to LiveLeak in August 2016, this video
is about 2 minutes long and was allegedly captured on CCTV. A young boy enters a home through a door,
holding a rag to his face. Immediately after closing the door behind
him, a very clear yet shadowy figure seems to push him. He jumps forward, holding his back in pain
but quickly walks back to assess the situation. He turns on a light, opens the door and looks
around outside. He lingers in the same spot for several minutes
before shrugging it off and walking away. A slow motion close up of the spirit shows
that it is a very thin, tall figure. Though it’s hard to call it human, it does
have shoulders and a head in the similar shape of a person. The description claims this footage is from
America, but commenters claim it was filmed in India and is similar to the footage of
the forest spirit. 2. Car Crash Victim This footage may be disturbing to some. The video was captured by a street view CCTV
camera sometime in 2016. It begins with a large blue truck trying to
cross a busy intersection into a parking lot or small street. After awhile it begins to cross the street
and, despite the quickly passing cars, it seems it will make it without incident. At the last second a motorcyclist darts into
view, passing in the lane perpendicular to the large truck and parking lot entry. With the bike going at high speeds and the
truck likely going significantly fast as well, the cyclist is thrown off his bike. Debris is spread about as the truck comes
to a stop and the passengers begin to exit. In the right edge of the cameras view, the
cyclist is seen sprawled out on the concrete. A dark human-shaped figure has appeared above
the victim’s body, which viewers speculate to be his soul. Though the passengers don’t see the figure,
an officer runs onto the scene and puts an arm around the shadow and even speaks to it. Viewers claim that in the heat of the moment
this officer saw the spirit and mistook it for a bystander. As the footage continues and officers rush
for help, the figure remains motionless in the same spot. The video has gained over 300,000 views but
comments have been disabled. Many believe that the footage was edited by
an unrelated person and used for fame, profit, or to fuel paranormal beliefs. If the video was edited it would be highly
immoral as the cyclist likely lost his life, or at the very least was seriously injured. That being said, the comments are likely filled
with sceptics criticizing this channel for uploading the footage. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying the video so far. If you’ve ever been curious as to what I look
like in real life, then follow me on Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt, with underscores instead
of spaces. I also have Twitter @YT_Chills where I post
video updates. I’d really appreciate it if you followed me
and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos
in the future, then hit that subscribe button because we upload new countdowns every Tuesday
and Saturday. 1. The Cause of Insomnia Iris J. Alamo had been having problems sleeping
for several months. She couldn’t sleep as she felt uneasy and
when she finally did drift off unknown sounds would startle her awake. She finally set up a CCTV camera in her bedroom
to try and identify the cause of her sleeping issues. One night in September 2016, this footage
was recorded. In the middle of the night, as Alamo lay in
her bed, the bedroom door slowly creaks open on it’s own. Immediately after the door has fully opened
the blankets are quickly ripped off of the sleeping woman. She quickly wakes up, startled by the motion,
and begins searching her wall for the light switch. Once the light is on, Alamo begins looking
around the room and attempt to get out of her bed. The light flickers several times and eventually
turns off. She searches for the switch again but decides
to just get out of her bed and use the hall light instead. A few seconds later she returns, climbs into
her bed and turns on the bedroom light again. Of course, the light is immediately switched
off again so she searches for her phone to use it’s light and possibly text someone
for support. While she is texting, what some viewers describe
as an orb or white apparition, appears in the left portion of the frame. Thankfully, activity stops after this and
we can assume Alamo was able to sleep. In correspondence with Right This,
Alamo claimed that “she had been informed that the previous resident of her Chicago
condominium passed away there in 2011, which might help explain the paranormal activity. Alamo is also adamant that none of her friends
or roommates are trying to pull off a hoax.” Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because we upload new
countdowns every Tuesday and Saturday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are
some of our other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!

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  24. The video of the boy being pushed looks as if the shadow comes from the lower left corner just out of sight of the camera, you can see what looks to be legs casting shadow on the ground leading up to the door area, idk but could be.

  25. In the first video u can clearly see the shadow of an apparition while his legs are being raised!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  26. One time when I was a baby my moms dad died sadly and one time in North Carolina me and my mom saw him in the bathroom and I was talking to him I said things like how are you and I am good and he actully talked to me!

  27. Just out of curiosity..Why would there be a CCTV camera filming two guys sleeping in a room in a 3rd world country for no reason..? Just sayin'..๐Ÿ˜’

  28. Twenty four minutes into a ghost video: my name is chills and I'm going to show you the scariest image ever. Check me out on Instagram

  29. I have seen someone like #13. A man in a big hat appeared to be on the far corner of the street, but when cars went by, he was in front of them. Then he crossed the street, towards me. The cars drove right through him. After standing on the near corner staring at me, he turned around and walked back to the far corner, turned towards me as if to say goodbye and walked left, down the street out of view.

  30. #2… if I remember this video, there were two people riding that motorcycle and the woman died at the scene. The guy is visibly moving a bit.

  31. The doll in the purple dress is probably jealous because the little girl was playing with the other doll, so that's why the doll in the purple dress is haunting the two rooms and destroying everything, I would she is angry.

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