Top 10 WEIRD Things Caught On Security Camera

Top 10 WEIRD Things Caught On Security Camera

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! What unfolds when only the cameras are watching? We’re here to answer that question by looking
at security footage that reveals what the world is up to when it thinks no one is watching. Of course, it wouldn’t be Top10Archive if
we didn’t look for the most unusual and sometimes creepiest footage there is! Before we go spying on the world, why not
give us a subscribe and click the bell for notifications on future videos. 10. Nude Reagan
Well. There’s something you don’t see every day. It was a quiet New Year’s Eve for a Vestavia
Hills couple when this nude man crept into their backyard, donning nothing more than
a Ronald Reagen mask and a conveniently placed sock. Danielle Yancey, a reality TV star, was at
home with her husband when the naked man came-a-prowling. As much as Yancey laughed about it, she also
made a very good point: “It’s very concerning.” 9. Deer Attack
Is nothing safe anymore? This poor gent was just exiting a vehicle
when he was viciously plowed into. Thankfully, it wasn’t a car. Because, you know, he was able to stand up
and walk it off. What was most bruised, however, was his ego
after he realized he was run over. By a deer. You know what’s coming, YouTube, and I’m not
apologizing for it: Now someone knows what it was like for Grandma. 8. The Ghost of DeerPark CBS
Yes, I’m cheating with this one. No, I don’t believe it was real. But I call the shots here… or, at least
that’s what the writers are telling me. While clearly staged, it’s among one of the
cooler fake ghostly encounters. I won’t lie, the slow-burn pace leading to
the jarring and sudden chaos startled me a little. The footage was pulled from a camera at Deerpark
CBS in Ireland and garnered the attention of Snopes, who considered it a skillful manipulation. 7. Using the Front Door
Typically, footage such as this is caught on low-quality CCTVs. This is the rare instance that we get high-quality
audio and video when somebody decides to forgo using the front door and makes their own entrance. The incident unfolded at Noah’s Ark Companion
Animal Hospital on a day as normal as any other. Thankfully, everybody survived the crash. Now, with the important details out of the
way, let me point out at :56 into the video when someone says “This is the second time
she’s done this.” 6. A Failed Attempt
As this footage shows, if you’re planning on robbing a bank, it’s probably best that
you don’t. It took less than a minute for this man to
walk into the bank, draw his gun, and realize how terrible of an idea it was. The security guard wasted no time in taking
down the perp and it appears as though he took him down permanently as the robber slumps
through the sliding door and collapses to the ground. 5. The Eriksson Sisters
This is a confusing tale that starts with CCTV footage, spans into an episode of the
British show Motorway Cops, and ends in a trial for murder. Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were captured on
CCTV running across a highway in the United Kingdom. Miraculously, the Swedish sisters weren’t
hit… yet. While being questioned by police and televised
on Motorway Cops, Ursula made a break for traffic and ran into a lorry. Sabina followed and was hit by a VW Polo. Both sisters survived, though Ursula’s legs
were crushed. After a five hour stay in a hospital, Sabina
was released. 4. Midlothian Church Killer
At first glance, this video appears to have captured an armored police officer strolling
through the empty halls of Creekside Church in Midlothian, Texas. The story behind it, however, is far more
sinister. That is no police officer. And in his left hand he holds a murder weapon. The man in this footage was responsible for
the murder of Missy Beavers. The surveillance footage was all investigators
had to go off of on the manhunt for the killer. Even today, two years later, he still roams
free. 3. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither’s Abduction
While walking alone down the streets of Philadelphia, 22-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was
violently abducted. The video footage captures the exact moment
Carlesha was grabbed and dragged off and was used in tracking down the man behind the abduction. Within 72 hours, the horrific tale came to
a happy conclusion when Carlesha returned home and 37-year-old Delvin Barnes was arrested. 2. Toddler Hostage
While shopping in an Oklahoma Wal Mart, a woman was thrust into a mother’s worst nightmare
when a fellow customer grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and held the young girl at knife-point. Alicia Keating was routinely shopping when
Sammi Wallace grabbed little Zoey and held her hostage, demanding that the mother call
a specific Dallas police officer. What Wallace wanted is unknown as, when police
arrived and gave him a chair for a one-on-one chat, he started counting down to when he
would injure Zoey. Captain David Huff stepped in and fired a
round into Wallace’s head, ending the hostage situation. All of it was captured on the store’s CCTV. 1. The Miami Zombie
You all remember the story of the zombie that ate a man’s face off a causeway in Miami? It involved Rudy Eugene, a man clearly not
in his right mind, and Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, and was captured entirely on a nearby
security camera. The footage just barely captures the moment
a naked Eugene pulls Poppo to the ground and starts gnawing on his face and gouging at
his eyes. It captures the entire 27-minute ordeal, up
until when the police finally arrived and shot Eugene dead, rescuing Poppo from his

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