Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation of Tablets & Laptop Computers

Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation of Tablets & Laptop Computers

So what we’re going to test in this video is the dangerous electromagnetic frequencies from tablets as well as laptop computers now what we
have here is an EMF detector what this detects is three different
types of radiation. We’re going to test it with magnetic, that’s
most dangerous. Now the range is from 0 to 100 here the SEC has decided that after 3 is where it becomes dangerous and what does that mean after three It can mess with your sleep cycles, give you fatigue, depression, lower sperm count as we get past
three and you know up into the high rate, we’re talking about the possibly of cancer, tumors and many other things. So what we have here is a typical tablet, and just to measure this you can see here the range – this is on – range goes up to…see there, bang! Right up to 100, now just to show
you something I know a lot of parents are use to here Carter, you want to watch a movie here? okay go wash it where you normally
watch it. So as you can see here the dangerous part about this is where
he keeps it is right on top of his reproductive organs so Carter, is it okay for me to just put a
case on it? yeah I’ll give this back to you in a second buddy. What we’re going to do is put on a pong research case. And the case, defers a lot of the radiation over eighty percent of it to the back of
the device do you no longer have to worry about it
coming onto the front because it has just as much radiation coming that way, so you still don’t want to use it on your lap, because it’s just deflecting it over the course of the back, but because there is an antenia in this case it actually increases wifi and cell service and gives
you more battery power because it’s no longer searching for
signal. It’s a smart on and off case, so it will go on and off, when you close it but more importantly it has this, what they call case origomi what
this does is allow you to make a stand so that you can rest it either in that
direction or the other direction There’s many different options, you can set it up so that it is like a typical typewriter but I like this case for many reasons, and it’s a hard case on both sides and it clicks in when you’re actually using the right one so that’s one of the options with this but
most importantly you don’t want to keep this on your lap now as far as laptops go, just to show you
how much more radiation than a tablet
is, as soon as I put it near the back it goes right up past 100, and this only
goes to 100, who knows how far it would go. this is as bad as the microwave Now, for this reason this, companies no longer call these laptops, they call them personal computers because they recognize that it’s very
dangerous you put this on your lap so what are some options for you to
protect yourself against this? To begin with desktops are always safer than laptops so if you can use that, great. if you can’t, what you want to do is hook up a keyboard that will give you the distance, so this is pushed away from you, as well as you’re not touching it directly now some other options are a defender pad, which I’ll include a link below for this as well as for the pong case, and anything
else I talk about, because it deflects 99.9 percent the radiation, and the
three main types going onto your lap, if you absolutely must use this on your lap, or if you have a child that does that sort of thing. Some other options are, you can get a radiation cover to protect yourself that way, it also works for desktop and something else that is very important is not plugging it into electricity while you’re working on it, because it tests higher for electro magnetic frequencies while it’s plugged into the the electric. and you would want to plug in your wifi. and in the next video I’m going to show you the dangerous effects of wifi and the Solutions to it, to prevent from getting radiation in that direction, but other options on this are…Nasa did a test and showed that cactus absorbed radiation in the air as well as if you’ve ever seen those salt lamps and they work very well also some other things from the inside
out is to eat foods that are anitoxidant rich
or rich in vitamin A and C. Were talking about carrots, tomatoes, and apples, that sort of thing. But the best of all is my favorite supplement called Astaxanthin and that actually stops raditation going into
your body as well as Zinc. Other options are to buy and earthing mat because if you’re touching the mat it won’t allow your body to absorb it
because your in connection with the earth also have a a link below in my in my
blog at for that. In the next video we talk about the dangerous effects of wifi. and how you can protect yourself from
that hope this works well for you, good Luck!…So another thing to do from the inside out is take antioxidants such as vitamin A&C. Can you test my Piggy bank? Sure! lets see Piggy Banks are okay. You’re safe Carter, haha.

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  1. Great advice! thank you. We are now able to visualize the issue, check this out: Light painting lets you see electromagnetic fields

  2. Hi I was wondering if you possibly know if an imac has lower readings than a macbook pro.  On the Acoustimeter videos I have seen on youtube.  An imac at a fair distance reached a maximum of 6.0 v/m and the ipad was also the same.  I own a macbook pro and i feel that the emf off it could be quiet high and I cant find any info online that has the macbook pro exact reading or v/m reading.  As I am considering switching from the pro.

  3. cell phone and Wifi device's radiated power are about 1 / 10 watt.  however, Ham Radio 's power limits are 1500 watts with unlimited antenna multiplier gain.  which makes pretty much unlimited radiation level to certain direction.  as reference microwave oven are 800 watts of cause in shielded metal box.

  4. Great video! Love that you start with measuring the problem. I recommend checking out what the experts are saying at

  5. Thanks for the video. I was wondering sir, could you maybe tell me if induction cooking also contains radiation? Is is okay to cook with it?

  6. differential heating seems to be the latest measure of danger, as in how much heat is generated in a small volume inside a human. emf's can be healing, based on MRI technicians at hospitals. Tricky subject is RF dangers. Cell phones are the worst….use speakerphone or bluetooth to be safest, force your kids to be cautious!

  7. GMO Foods Cause CANCER + read WAVEgenetic + БЕСПЛОДИЕ Советую читать "Энциклопедию умного сыроедения" Гладков С.М. ( в 1части книги дана информация о ГМО) + "Лингвистико-волновой геном" Гаряев, "Семена разрушения" Уильяма Энгдаля + "Что мы едим?" Ермакова И.В., а также док. фильмы "Мир согласно Монсанто" (2008г.) и "Трансгенизация" (2007г.)

  8. I am beginning to suspect that devices which emit frequencies over 1 GHZ are noxious for the body. My old laptop has a chip at 1.06 Ghz and i can tolerate it. A new tablet runs at 1.5 Ghz and despite it could be useful for portable apps, I sort of feel a bad sensation to my stomach and as a result I don't turn it on, and now i think i wasted my money. My old PC ran at 3.0 Ghz and i remember it made me very tired. Research in this field (interactions between electromagnetic frequency ranges and body organs) should fostered. We need to develop concepts and a language about this issue, otherwise it is not possible to deal with it…

  9. Would turning on Airplane mode helps to completely eliminate the radiation? Or it only reduces radiation to a small extent?

  10. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but the magnetic field of the Earth is literally tens of times stronger than what you're detecting there (1 Gauss compared to tens of milligauss). There's no feasible way that what you've detected poses any more threat to humans that living on the planet. Sources: I'm a physicist

  11. So good, I'm with you, this is serious shit!!! I'm using my cell as my only phone, and like it within arms reach when I sleep. I guess I move it 3+ feet away…not sure if it is responsible for the residual 50 microtesla or whether the 500 kilovolt electrical wires following through my town are.

  12. It's alwaays so refreshing to see another human being who cares about others, thanks ! Subscribed ! True hero. i wish more people had your mind state , your kids are lucky .

  13. Thank you for posting this, very interesting and good information. I have a question. Did you say that it is more dangerous to use an to plug in your laptop vs using Wifi_. I have two laptops but they are both plugged in and my Wifi is off. I also have salt lamps and several earthing pads around the house. There are also crystals that you can use by your computer or on top of your computer so you don't absorb the radiation.

  14. What supplement is the best to use when we fly?There's a lot of radiation exposure during flights,and when we travel long distances we change time zones…Any suggestions please?

  15. If you go into your router admin panel you can turn down the power of the radio and also the frequency of the beacon. Most network cards also have settings to modify this as well. I have my set on the lowest setting that I can still maintain a decent connection with, 15% and 120 second beacon.

  16. Why would anyone expect corporations to care about our safety when designing and marketing their products? All they care about is the money.

  17. If anyone still does not understand the dangers of microwaves they are in total denial. Smart meters and cell towers maybe the worst issue.

  18. Mostly weird science. Having your genitals in a magnetic field, which he is discussing, has unproven danger. The case he shows does nothing to the MAGNETIC field.

    BTW that meter is exceptionally sensitive to EMF of extremely low emission powers. Likely way too sensitive to mean anything to human tissue.

  19. indeed people may believe it or not but convenience devices are giving more of inconvenience i have experienced side effects of em i dont wont em anymore great job guys of spreading awareness

  20. Hello, I would like to ask you an important question. How can I protect myself and my family from wireles EFM in an effective way?

  21. Show the video where you measure with protection pad, what is different before and after. Your claims without proof are Empty!!!

  22. Experts tell me the meter you use (I have one as well) is inaccurate for electro magnetic fields usually shows inaccurate high readings. It also is not a real Radio Frequency meter. It's not a good meter to use. The most dangerous frequencies are not the lower electro magnetics, but the high radio frequencies. In this, you must obtain a different meter. I use the Acousticom 2 that's the best price and quality. I show huge spikes of all these types of devices, they are all dangerous and not manufactured to reduce 6.0+ volts per meter. The industry needs regulation. Amazon just lied to me I can simply buy a screen protector to protect me from frequencies but I know they are lying.

  23. My dad Is working in Nasa as a diamentional programmer and in my house he has a hole server setup with huge waves of radiation but he also setup an EMP Limit system witch doesn't allow radiation in some rooms of my house so we are protected!

  24. Research has also shown that supplementation with antioxidants such as Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C which are known for their radioprotective properties (vitamin C has similar structure with that of melatonin) ameliorates the harmful effects of NIR. Interestingly, much of this research appears to have been motivated by a desire to find ways to protect the health of astronauts exposed to high radiation in space.

  25. Thanks for the video! I believe its ideal to switch from Wifi to hard wired LAN as well. Wifi emits microwave radiation and is detrimental to health just the same. Keep up the good work!

  26. Molecular Hydrogen water is also amazing for protecting yourself from any type of free radical damage caused by radiation or emf etc. It's the most penetrating antioxidant in the world. Lot's of science to support all this info. Hopefully you can check it out sometime.

  27. Notice he did use the tester actually using Pong and Defender cases! And I'm more concerned over RF … Poor Video and basically useless information. Got to wonder if you got paid for making this video from Pong and Defender. So far … my research in this seems to say these so-called protections cases are worthless!!! Especially PONG and DEFENDER … both are junk! I have yet to seen a real test under real conditions. They're producing a worthless product stealing our money … and this video was a waste of my time! THUMBS DOWN!!!

  28. I hate to inform you but that doesn’t work. I have been involved in shielding many government buildings and even they cannot protect against them. All vents, windows, air leaks have to be protected. All walls with then require electromagnetic sheilding. Then apply the paint as an extra buffer. Then you have a chance to eliminate MOST of the issue, but certainly not ALL of it.
    Why do you think we have so much cancer in our society. Food and Radio waves/ microwaves.

  29. You test before but do not test after the shield why because they do very little.
    Don't worry about it if you live in a city 5G is coming no blocking that shit out.

  30. I drive around with EMF meter and I am so scared… because the acoustimeter Am-10 goes way up to 6.0 (the highest) and you just said over 3 is dangerous… I believe these are the 5G deployments because they lose their strength on EMF meter when trees are in the way. But I get headaches whenever I go to the store now. And I am worried!

  31. Having just looked through your website, you are a hack and you are scamming people. I wish I could convince them to not buy your products.

  32. Question: Could takeyama et al research into electromagnetic fields be used in fusion reactors whereby an EM field controls the plasma consequently allowing fusion reaction to occur without burning out the reactors walls/containing the fusion?

  33. There all a lot of other videos where people are testing this pong and defender Shields on the iPhones and they are not working ! I don’t believe any of them are so called tested as they say the needles are off the charts!

  34. I have a question, will the new iPad Pro 11 inch be dangerous with the keyboard case? If it is can you please do video about it and how I can protect myself from it? Thank you

  35. Hi Bill I highly appreciate your teaching on EMF safety. I have a confusion about one thing at you are mentioning that effects of phones ,laptops can be negate by earthing but earthing guru at says it is only frequencies from electrical wiring around can only be grounded. I kindly appreciate clarifying this for me.

  36. I check my lap top with an app on my phone and it zoomed up between 300- 400ut. I checked at where a little crack in the seam at the top.That cant be good

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