Top 10 Security Tips for Home During Holidays | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Top 10 Security Tips for Home During Holidays | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

(“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”) – Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. LockSmith. I have the Top 10 security tips to secure your home
during the holiday season. One of the first things you
should do is lock your doors. Lock your doors, lock your windows, lock your patio doors, lock your car. Just lock it. It’s amazing how many
homes and condos are open. You can walk through the neighborhood, and this is what the crooks do, we call them doorshakers,
they just shake the door, see what’s unlocked, they go in and steal your stuff. The next tip is rekey your house. If you don’t know where
every single key is, if you’ve moved in and
never changed the locks, if you’ve lost keys,
if you’ve lent out keys to repair people,
service people, whatever, rekey your house. You gotta know where they all are. It’s amazing how many break-ins happen because somebody has a key, they walk in and just open the door with the key and steal everything you got. So rekey your locks,
upgrade your deadbolts put on some good high quality deadbolts that will stop the people
from picking, bumping, kicking the doors in. Let’s make that door secure. Put on a good, high quality deadbolt. I have some great high security locks, the Abloys, the Medecos, the Primas. Upgrade your deadbolts to
a good high-security lock, and don’t get the SmartKey
locks cuz they’re dumb. Make your house look lived in. If you have lights on,
but have them, you know, you could nowadays, with,
you could have them on programmable, you can
have them turn off and on, get your lights on, have
the house look lived in. One of my favorite things
to do is when I go away is I leave the TV on. I put the TV on to the news
channel, leave it there, I turn up the sound, the flickering of the TV
screen makes it look like people are walking around in the house. The other cool feature is outside, all they hear is the bass, they hear boom boom boom boom boom. They can’t hear, they know
somebody’s talking inside and they hear the bass outside, they see the flickering lights. Leaving the TV on is a fantastic way of making your house looked in. Mail and newspapers. You’re going away, get the
mail so it’s not piled up. Get somebody picking up your mail. Don’t just let it pack up there and make it look like
the home’s not lived in. Same thing with newspapers, junk mail, flyers, all
that garbage that comes during the holiday season. Get, if you’re away,
get somebody to move it. One of the problems I
had where I lived before, I always came in the back door and one day I went out the front door and there was like piles
of flyers cuz I never went to the front door. Check your front door, make
sure that there’s not a bunch of old stuff there, even if you’re home, you got all this stuff
that makes it looks like nobody lives there. So when you’re going away,
get some, get a help, get that stuff moved out of there. One of my favorite security tips is get a gun safe for the home. First of all, if you have firearms, you should have a gun safe anyways to lock up your firearms. Firearms, ammunition, everything. However, you don’t have to have firearms in a gun safe. Even the inexpensive gun
safes are a great place to store, you know, some
of your, maybe your, some of your expensive china, pictures, paper and valuable items from fire. They will not protect any valuables at all from any burglary attempt. If you seen my other videos,
you know how easy it is to open fire safes. Fire safes are good for
fire protection only, not for valuables. Papers, that sort of thing. Burglary safes are rated
for protecting your items, they’re burglar-resistant, they are meant for your
jewelry, your gold, your cash. They are meant to slow down burglars. Your fire safe and your burglary safe should be secured, anchorable
to the floor or wall, very easy to do. That slows the criminals
down a little bit. You can get a combination
fire and burglary safes together, so they have fire protection and burglary-resistant protection, That’s my favorite for the home. They’re not inexpensive,
they start at 500 up but they’re a very good investment. You got one safe, does everything. If you have firearms in the house, you need a gun safe. Inexpensive gun safe
to expensive gun safe, they’re all good. Of course the more money you spend, the more highly rated they are, the better it is to protect your firearms. One of my favorite thing
is you don’t have guns, firearms to protect your goods. Get a big gun safe, anchor
it to the wall and floor, and put in some of the stuff that you just don’t want stolen, you know, a few of your watches, some inexpensive jewelry, I put my, I have some favorite china that was given to me by my grandmother, I put my china in the gun safe. It’s big, it’s got a lot of space, I put my cameras in there. Yes, they should go in the fire safe, but half the time, no it’s not going in, so what I do is I put the my cameras, my camera
gear, some bits and pieces, some of my favorite
stuff is in my gun safe. Alarm systems. The days are now gone when a sticker on your door will stop them from busting in. Have a good quality alarm system but realize the limitations. Right now, everybody has alarms. Half the time they’re not turned on. You have an alarm system, turn it on. The thieves kick the door
in, the alarm goes off, they run in real quick, steal what they can and get out. Alarm systems are great, but they’re not gonna
stop break-ins anymore. One of the recommendations
we do to a lot of people if you’re away, it’s inexpensive, but have a runner service. A runner service is a
security guard company, when the alarm goes off,
they get the notification, forget the police showing up, I don’t know what city you live in, the police never show up to home alarms, especially around the holiday season. It’s a low low priority
if they even show up, so if you’re really concerned, have the alarm will go off, the runner service will show up, then if the runner service
sees that there’s a break-in, they will call the police, and they will also, you
know, you have an arrangement to secure your property
if it was busted into. But again, alarm systems are great, they’re inexpensive. Monitored systems are
getting less expensive and there’s even systems now that go right to your smartphone so you get a break-in, your
smartphone will go off. Which takes me to the next point. I love cameras. You could put cameras
inside your house now, cameras are not gonna prevent crime, but they do aide the police
in identifying who went in, and if they can look at the video and see who’s been in there, then they can usually piece it together with other break-ins in the area. Burglars and criminals don’t get caught until their 27th
break-in, so they’re doing break-in, break-in, break-in, and the statistics show
they get caught about every 27th break-in, so they’ve had a good free for all for a long time, so when you have some video
evidence, it can help. Also, it’s amazing when you have break-ins and you see it’s a relative or a neighbor, that’s always kind of
amazing when you see that. So, cameras are great to have and again, you can monitor
these from your smartphone. If your Christmas tree
is visible from outside, cuz you’re showing off
the lights, whatever, don’t have gifts under the Christmas tree. A lot of people that
come home after shopping, or out at a party, and every
gift under the tree is stolen, you can see it from the street, you can see inside,
they got the lights on, they got everything, they
looks like nobody’s home, there’s all the gifts, they go in there and steal the gifts. Don’t have your Christmas gifts visible under the tree from outside. Common sense there. This helps a little bit before Christmas, but especially after Christmas or Boxing Day in Canada. Don’t put the empty boxes outside on the street. You got the new TV set, you got the new home theater
system, got whatever, don’t put the boxes on the street. Flatten them, cut them,
turn them inside out, don’t make it look like
you’ve got that brand new super duper 4K TV set, and there’s the empty box
sitting on the street. Don’t put your empty
boxes showing what you got on the street. Facebook and Social Media. Don’t post, we’re going
away to Hawaii on vacation on your Facebook. You have friends and they
may have shady friends and people know you’re going away, they know you’re away for a month, they got a long time to
plan to get your house. Yeah I know it’s tough,
we like to post things but be aware, other people will now know your house is empty. One of the basics that
nobody does anymore, and it’s a real help to the police when they recover your stolen goods is engrave your information
on everything you own. Put your name, put your phone number and the one thing that the police love is you put your driver’s license number. Put your state or province, put
your driver’s license number on your items that you own. Put your name on it, put
it on the back of the TV, put it on everything. You can buy these little Dremel engravers and just engrave information
on everything you own. I’ve gone into houses and I’ve seen where they’ve noticed the
big engraving on everything and they’ve just left it behind. Social security numbers and social insurance numbers aren’t good to put on, because a lot of times the different government agencies can’t access that information. One thing in the old days they would say put that on, but police
departments have a difficult time getting that information
from the government. So your driver’s license information, your phone number with
area code is fantastic. I hope you enjoyed the
Top 10 security tips for securing your home
during the holidays. And I wish you a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website and you can see what online locksmith
training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced, as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry. (“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”)

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  1. I disagree about the cameras stopping crime. I believe a lot of thieves do move on. There are probably other thieves that think you've got something more valuable inside and start to make plans on how to get in. Engraving stuff is a great idea. I would think name and address would be sufficient. Plus if it gets lost people can contact you.

    You forgot to put number 1 in the description and your website.

  2. Great video! Very valuable ideas! Maybe if more people watch this and follow your suggestions we can ruin the burglars Christmas "shopping"!!!

  3. If you have a big safe delivered to your house, anyone involved in the purchase & delivery as well as any casual people watching will know that you have a big safe with valuables in it. Not all the people who know will be trustworthy.

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