Todd Pedersen on Undercover Boss

Todd Pedersen on Undercover Boss

My name is Todd Pedersen, and I’m the CEO and founder of Vivint. Vivint is a smart home technology company that provides multiple services. We have home security, fire detection, home automation services like lighting control, thermostat controls. We provide wireless Internet and we’re also the second largest residential solar company in the Untited States. I’m not a typical CEO. If you see me, it’s always in a Vivint-branded hat. I’ve worn a suit and tie maybe four
times ever, and I was forced to. Growing up, I challenged everything and so I would say about age 19 or 20 was when I first started thinking you know, maybe I could build a business. I was a college student, I didn’t have money for school, and I came up with a crazy idea to start our security business. You know, basically burglar alarm services. The very first summer I actually made $80,000 so I dropped out of school and pursued the business. Children, do not do that! But that’s what I did. After the first summer, we grew really fast and eventually it’s become what it is today. Vivint provides services in all 50 states. We’ve also expanded internationally. We’re in Canada, Puerto Rico and last year we had an excess of $550 million of annual revenue. REPORTER: A Provo-based security alarm company just sold for a whopping $2 billion. In 2012, Vivint was acquired for just over $2 billion. I could have chosen to sell more of equity and I wouldn’t have had to work anymore. But I chose to keep equity and retain the CEO title because I believe in the future and I didn’t want to miss out on being part of something great. I think it’s probably ironic that I’m the CEO of a tech company being that I’m the least technical person that I know. I have a hard time turning on my own TV

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  1. I just saw Undercover Boss ~ the Vivint Smart Home episode. I cried through the whole ending. Why don't they have more shows like this, where people are helping people and we get to see the blessings. God bless Todd Pederson and people who help others like he did. Thank you ~ feeling so much gratitude for seeing this show.

  2. Mr. Todd Pedersen….Vivint solar is one of the worst company and I urge people to think twice before listening to any sales rep. You should also look into your Billing Department because service there sucks.

  3. I just watched a clip with Todd Peterson on Bloomberg and he states he got his start in college working for Terminix. Well Todd, which statement is true? I'm still in a three year contract with Vivint and will be terminating the service soon as my contract is up.
    Lots of problems with Vivint…too many to discuss.

  4. I would love your services. I'm sad to say I just don't have the money to cover a contract service. Yours would be the company I would purchase from. Your salesman is great, but as a graduate of a community college business program I will say he was lacking. I would love to talk.

  5. Your solar company is ruining lives across the US with no ethics or integrity, you must be so proud. Your company destroyed my home with $367,000 in damages Vivint Solar bids. Hope you sleep good at night while people like me have to live in a home making us ill and falling apart.

  6. Hi Todd Petersen- I hate to say this but this but we have been very disappointed with our system. The installation lasted well past midnight, I began worrying if this guys was setting us up for private surveillance. The door bell rings however, you can not access it quick enough to see who has rung it. People manage to come right up to our backdoor with out the outside cameras capturing them, however we have been blessed with footage of our neighbor mowing his lawn. We have tried to resolve these issues without success. We have 17 months left and will be cancelling our contract, when customer service was informed of this they did not seem to give a rats ass. They offered me a "deal" I could give them 1700.00 (roughly) and they would be happy to cancel the service. These Vivint signs are the most expensive lawn ornaments we have purchased. I'm guessing burglars look at them and laugh but that's ok we have guns.

  7. this is clearly paid for by the company to the network for good publicity at a time when their BBB ratings were in the shitter.

  8. I had a chance to meet Todd today. This man is a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for the words of encouragement Todd. May the most high anoint all that you do.

  9. Vivint used to be called APX Alarm, they changed their name and I think filed bankruptcy under APX so they can hide the bad reviews and lawsuits. Vivint is the same company as APX Alarm

  10. You retained CEO status and kept equity, because if you decided to sell off all the equity, nobody would buy it and the company would crash out of panic

  11. Do you people even read or care about the reviews of the people you have scammed? The customer service of this company is the worst I have ever seen. You should be ashamed. Your company damaged my roof, gutters and house. They were according to the contract repair it properly but failed to do so. So what little no no savings I have seen was gone because I was stuck now repairing MY House from damage your company created. And your staff hides behind the 20 year contract your sales people lock you into. SCAM!!!

  12. Don't know Todd but I know his oldest sister and his father. His father one of the greatest humans that I know. He gave me excellent words of advice when I was in my early twenties and how much I appreciated that. I'm sure he gave his son similar advise.

  13. How about instructing your employees not to be evil? Dealing with Vivint was the absolute worst experience I've had in 40 years on earth. 6 years after answering the door when your salesman knocked, I'm still dealing with the stress and headaches of vivint. I feel bad for anyone else who has been in my shoes and had to deal with vivint. If I were the ceo of this company I wouldn't be proud of it. Don't know how you sleep at night.

  14. What happened to Alma’s face at the end of the show?!! Omg that made my husband and I laugh so hard. She looked so beautiful without that gallon of makeup

  15. So why on the last video on here saying it's copyright but I can look at the other videos on here and no problem which are two three minute videos but the last one is 49 minute video

  16. Mr. T. Perdersen I have your device for appox.4 years and all I got from you service is problems with the alarm system. the salesman and the installer sold me two indoor cabers as out door cameras they don't work I am very dissatisfy with your cameras and your service can you please tell me what I can do to resolve this issue
    my friends on the block are also dissatisfy with your service at the end of the contract we all plan to cancel your service due to your company lack of service and poor quality of service
    hope you can address our problem.

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