Todd Pedersen on Undercover Boss with Field Service

Todd Pedersen on Undercover Boss with Field Service

So right now what I got to do is figure
out where we’re gonna put this. The best spot will probably be here. If we
put it here, it will shoot this whole entire area. Start off a little slow. And then you put it. See the red lights? So let’s see how much you retained. So what do you think would be a good spot for this motion? I’d probably want to be like… because I’d want to cover that, but I kind of feel like that’s a pretty good spot. Here is not a bad spot. My specialty, and I’m not even kidding, like, I don’t think anyone gets angles the way I do. Oh boy…. How come there’s no hole in the plate? Or you just go right through the… Eddie was a little slow. He hall type of problems trying to get that screw in
that thing. You need some work on that drill, Eddie. Just kind of clip it, and that’s it. Let’s put this panel up. Like this? A little higher… So now we got to get this back up and out of here. Close it up like that and it shows up Frank’s door lock, you press it. It locks. Look at that.

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  1. I wish he would've come to my house with the field tech who installed my system. He would've blown his cover and fired him on the spot.

  2. Wish this CEO came to my house to see that my system has never worked properly, can't wait until my contract is over so I can cancel my service! They were only responsive before my contract was finalized. 

  3. Fat dude was completely aware that his coworker was his undercover boss.

    And no.. I am not saying this episode was faked.
    Watch the whole episode to see how this same employee and a few other workers react. The first employee that this goofball of a CEO worked alongside was made aware that "Eddie" was actually Todd, the owner of Vivent. Its realistic that he would tell his fellow workers they were on a fake TV show, and their new coworker was not their new coworker. Just sayin.

  4. I just saw Undercover Boss ~ the Vivint Smart Home episode. I cried through the whole ending. Why don't they have more shows like this, where people are helping people and we get to see the blessings. God bless Todd Pederson and people who help others like he did. Thank you ~ feeling so much gratitude for seeing this show.

  5. Mormon Todd Petersen and Vivint are THIEVES! GOOD MORNING AMERICA investigated them.  “F” rating from BBB.  Class Action lawsuits in seven states.  They ripped me off–a military vet and military widow!  Damn Mormons!

  6. Vivint saves a lot of lives, it’s not the company’s fault if you don’t ask the right questions and don’t read your damn contract

  7. Always find undercover boss hilarious… Bunch of cameras at the work location, and the other employee…… doesn't notice? Please.

  8. this company is not the one you want to trust with your house I had nothing but trouble and headache with them they will lie to you. DO NOT TRUST THEM

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