Today in Technology: Lessons on Protecting Privacy

Today in Technology: Lessons on Protecting Privacy

In this installment of
Today in Technology, we head to a former East German
prison to see for ourselves what this infamous symbol of the
Cold War era can teach us today about the importance of
protecting people’s privacy.>>This Stasi prison is
a chilling example of what can happen when personal data
falls into the wrong hands. [MUSIC]>>So you came to this
prison what year?>>1968.>>And you were 25 years old?>>21st of August.>>You remember the date?>>Yeah. Now it was stopped by
the occupation of the armies of. [MUSIC] I contacted France to discuss
what to do, how to protest about these violation of
international rights. They decided to leaflets.>>And you were brought
here because you handed out these leaflets.>>Yeah. They had so much people
in the nightly streets.>>Watching.>>Watching. [MUSIC] I was sentenced for two and
a half year imprisonment. [MUSIC] No look outside. No meeting of any
other prisoner. Nothing to do, nothing to read,
nothing to write. That is really torture,
that is isolation torture.>>When people around the world
think about the way Germans feel about privacy. Is it rooted in some way in
their understanding of what happened in this place?>>If you look at how
people came here, most of them were
actually arrested for crimes that they committed
in total privacy. Just that knowledge
that in her past, data in the wrong hands,
have done something like this. That’s very similar
to the fear that you find now with this
strong revelations. For example, among people when it comes
to electronic civilians.>>Is this part of the lesson
that we need to remember about what it means for us to have a responsibility
to protect people’s privacy?>>Yeah, I think very much. I mean, every time when we
think about privacy and about collecting data, I think
it’s important to remember, one, that we’re operating
around the world. And that you really never know
where governments change and if that government then has
access to that data that was collected about people,
about their political views. That can cause all sorts
of problems to that person. [MUSIC]>>In the Christmas eve in 69,
I was released.>>What is it that you want
people to remember of this place?>>Remind of,
mostly young visitors, how happy they should
feel to grow up and to live in the democracy and
then lost it. And they should, I hope I
can make them understand, they should do
something to keep it. [MUSIC]

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  1. I'm glad you published this. Still, do you see that there are some of us upon whom the irony of this is not lost? (Please don't shadow ban me)

  2. "Lessons on Protecting Privacy" Microsoft you have no right to even bring this up .. You snoop in EVERYTHING your windows 10 customers do .. When you said windows 10 was going to be the last windows you have no idea how right you were .. Next up is Linux MS .. And NOT the one you are trying to eel your way into ..

  3. Are you kidding me, your killing mc console editions!? YOU ARE SO FUCKING GREEDY. Console edition made them popular

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