To Scale: The Solar System

To Scale: The Solar System

If you look up an image of the Earth and moon, you’re gonna get a picture where they’re quite close together. Something like that. But, in reality, the Earth and moon are that far apart. That is the Earth and the
moon to scale. Taking the same concept but for the solar system, every single picture of the solar system
that we ever encounter is not to scale. If you put the orbits to scale on a
piece of paper, the planets become microscopic, and you won’t be able to see
them. There is literally not an image that adequately shows you what it
actually looks like from out there. The only way to see a scale model of the
solar system is to build one. Welcome to Black Rock Desert. This is Alex, I’m Wylie, he’s going to be behind the camera, I’m gonna be probably making a lot of mistakes on camera… We have 36 hours to measure the distances, trace out the orbits, and set up a time lapse shot from up on top of a nearby mountain. To create a scale model with an Earth only as big as this marble, you need seven miles of empty space. So that’s why we’re here. Why did you guys come? I don’t have a job… At this scale, the Sun is a meter and a half so about that big around… We are driving right now to Mercury, … and we’ve arrived. Venus is the same size as Earth… I have the world in my pocket somewhere… And Earth. And this is Mars. Got a couple of robots rolling around on
that one. Once the time lapse is ready, we’ll drive each orbit with a light, hopefully you’ll be able to tell just
how big they really are. Onward to the outer planets. Jupiter Saturn That tiny light out there is our Sun,
just over a mile away. The Sun is way, way out there now. This is it, the edge of the solar system. Right now, it’s about 7 a.m., we just woke up right before the Sun is about to rise… We are on Earth’s orbit, Wylie is over there holding our Sun, cue the dramatic sunrise music. So if we’ve made our model correctly, your perspective from where Earth is on the model, will match your perspective from standing on the real Earth. So if you look back at the sun, you will see that the model sun and the real Sun are the exact same size. That’s how you can tell that the proportions are correct. There are 24 people in the entire
history of the human species who have actually seen the full
circle of the Earth with their own eyes. News: “Following the breakfast the astronauts went to the suit room where they donned their space suits…” Cronkite: “This is Man’s attempt to get to the moon…” Announcer: “We have liftoff…” In Earth orbit the horizon is just slightly curved. When you head on out to the moon, that horizon slowly curves around and upon itself, and all of a sudden you’re lookin’ at something that is very strange, but very very familiar… Astronaut: “Oh my god look at that picture over there…” “Wow is that pretty!” You can put your thumb up, and you can hide the Earth behind your thumb. Everything that you’ve ever known. All behind your thumb. Not any bigger than that, way up there. It’s really beautiful. I mean you can cry. That’s what I really wanted to try and
capture. We are on a marble, floating in the middle of nothing. When you come face-to-face with that, it’s staggering. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Guys, this video seriously touched me. Automatically on my Youtube´s Top 3 ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (from this perspective, my problems look ridiculously pathetic)

  2. Lol i feel sorry for all the brainwashed retards that believe this space nonsense. It doesnt bother you that all your space pics are CGI images? It doesnt bother you NASA claims to have went to the moon with a computer 7x less powerful then a nintendo gameboy?

  3. How are videos like these almost never trending? It's very straight forward, honest, interesting, and a unique large scale project of our outer worlds. I hope that you continue to thrive with many other fascinating projects and plans.

  4. had a lump in my throat very touching and makes u understand that we live on something very special and we need to understand and protect it for every living thing that lives there now and in the future

  5. When I was in 4th grade(10yo, 1986), I made a strip of A4 papers with earth 10cm away from the sun, and Neptun 3m away…. perhaps it is still somewhere in my childhood home. I know that I wanted to become a pilot, wanted to become an astronaut…I looked into night sky each evening as I walked my dog from age 9 to 17. But, mentoring, support, relevance wasn't there. And my interest faded. Please, people…don't let passionate kids lose their affection, curiosity to nature, space, sciences…

  6. how about that toroidal/Rodin coil style flat plane earth! diamagnetism, birefringence, electromagnetism, bouyancy, density, no gravity needed Mr Mason.

  7. Is this another flat earther but with a different outlandish assertion without no FACTS of actually going out into space and taking a picture to PROVE IT?!? GTFO!!

  8. E se ci fossero altri pianeti nel sistema solare, anche di ragguardevoli dimensioni, ma troppo difficili da individuare, considerata la notevole distanza da noi?

  9. Galera, campanha "Denuncie canais terraplanistas". Ao se deparar com algum canal desses charlatões no feed denunciem sem dó nem piedade. Precisamos derrubar esses loucos que propagam a desinformação.

  10. as mzzz tree, the singing nurse who knows the health of the planet is our health, I'm filled with awe and appreciation to you for creating this, as einstein said the mysteries are the most important experience!

  11. What we call the universe is only one of seven belts that makes up our Creation. We live in the fourth belt , which is less than one eighth the size of the fifth and sixth belt. Read the writings of Edward Meier. Our universe is one of ten to the power 49 different Creation forms floating inside the absolute absolutum.

  12. This is liberal claptrap. Because the solar system is 6,000 years old it isn't as big as these godless fools say it is.

  13. Yet an other Amazing video, I wanted to share this video with you about our SOLAR SYSTEM:

  14. Something that amazes me, is that Earth is in the perfect spot to where the gigantic Sun(93M miles away) and the Moon(238K miles away) appear the same size. Also that the Sun is giving off so much energy and light from so damn far away, that its not safe to look at directly.

  15. I came here to laugh! And man I thought I would die laughing when that guy said we had a couple of robots running around on mars!!! Now that's funny!

  16. And Yes, poor little human: we are ALOOONE : earth is nothing against sun/ sun is nothing against galaxy/ galaxy is nothing against galactic cluster. And it seem to exist many bilion of galactic cluster! ALL around our blue planet is TOO far, but realy TOO TOO far.

  17. If my quick estimates are correct, under this scale (roughly 800 million by 1) you'd have to position Pluto 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from the Sun, Proxima Centauri would be almost 50 thousand km (30 thousand miles) away, i.e, 13% the Earth-to-Moon distance; Betelgeuse a whopping 7.5 million Km (4.6 million miles) – that's 20 times the same distance from the Moon and the galactic center would have to be on the opposite side of the Earth's orbit around the sun right now: some 300 million kilometers (186 million miles) away!

  18. Wao!! I never saw something like that. Magical way to see our solar system. Amazing!! Wish you guys would have also filmed their rotation from the top.

  19. I might be late to this party but this is easily one of the finest science documentaries every done. Its simple, its factual, its brings science into a perspective people can actually grasp and understand. Whatever you guys do keep doing great stuff like this, people need to understand just how small our world is and get the perspective they need to realise that we have to look after it.

  20. great to see this again. We did the same project at school in 1973 on a car park and football fields with a yellow golf umbrella for the sun and beads, marbles, balls for the planets. Our teacher then got us to work out the scales and distances, he even provided a surprise taxi so we could travel to Leicester to place the pluto pin head (pluto was a planet back then). Education can be fearsome.

  21. when the scale of it is presented like this you can only wonder if there is another force that keeps the system together? I can hardly believe gravity would do this job??

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