To Protect and Serve (Sometimes) | Kingpin Katie

To Protect and Serve (Sometimes) | Kingpin Katie

(wacky music) (bass guitar music) – Yeah, so then, I’ll basically
just go into the kitchen, you know, pop it into the microwave, hang out for 35, 45
seconds, and after that, it’s my salty vegetables. (laughs) – That’s interesting. – Yeah, it’s one of my better stories. – [Radio Dispatcher] Echo
one oh five 40 code red, immediate threat, a
convicted serial killer has escaped from prison. – Whoa. – Yeah, I usually put
this thing in the trunk. It goes off all the time. – [Radio Dispatcher] Suspect
is now holding a family of four hostage at Deerborne and Kenneth. All units report to
location stat, I repeat, all units report to location stat. – Cheryl, I think they need your help. – Just ignore it, it’s fine. – [Radio Dispatcher]
Please don’t ignore this. We need everyone here immediately. – They said, don’t ignore it. You need to go do your job. – I’m eating my dessert, Katie. – It is a hostage situation,
with a serial killer, okay? People are gonna see
you in your cop uniform and know you shouldn’t be here. – Listen, I don’t tell you
how to do your job, right? Uh-uh.
– That’s absolutely not true– – I don’t.
– that’s the entire reason we know each other.
– What? – You tell me how to sell drugs. – Oh.
– Yeah. – Well, it’s not like they’re
asking for meter maids to help out with the situation, god. – [Radio Dispatcher] Oh god,
he somehow stole a helicopter, we really need every
single cop to help out. We’re even talking about meter maids. – You need to go. They specifically asked for meter maids. – Katie, there are like a
million officers out there. They’re never even gonna
notice that I’m not there. I do this all the time. – [Radio Dispatcher] At the Cindy’s Diner. – That’s where we are! – [Radio Dispatcher] If
only we had one more cop to help catch this guy, maybe
a cop who’s already eating at the diner, who can just
slow him down a tiny bit until the rest of the force gets there. – That’s literally you. – Okay. How’s that, huh? (claps) Boom. No more noise. – That’s so much worse, there’s a serial killer headed towards us. (tires screeching) – Oh, okay. Okay, I’m putting my coat on. – Yeah, I see that. – So they don’t know I’m a cop. – I get it. – Okay great, so play it cool. – No.
– They come in here, I’m a lady you felt bad
for, and you brought her a piece of pie cause it looked
like she just got kicked off of the hockey team. – That’s so specific, I’m not doing that. Thanks for watching that
promo of “Kingpin Katie.” If you liked it, I’m gonna blow your mind. There’s full episodes you can
watch right now on Dropout. They’re action-packed,
and they’re super funny, and I’m saying that, and I don’t know why, I normally am not proud
of the things I’m in. Go to and start
your free trial today. So we have two pretty big drop-offs today, one in Sherman Oaks, and one downtown, so I’m thinking that
we start in Sherman… Cheryl!
– What?

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  1. She played the "out of sight and earshot, out of mind" card. I would have like, 16 kids if I didn't use that.

  2. WARNING: Do not press more information

    I wish You all a happy time (only active if you like it) 😁😍😍

  3. GSHH We have here an eighteen ninety. I'm repeating. An eighteen ninety. We need all cops.
    Her: gshh SHUT UP I'M EATING A PIE FOR 18,90!!!

  4. I got a ticket and 5 mins later an old lady stopped short, as they do, and i bumped her a tiny bit, no marks.. she was pissed. 🙁
    Save me, Jess! Katie, tell jess to save me. I need the hugs. I need them super bad.

  5. The meter maid's oddly specific just got kicked off a hockey team excuse for not doing her job was so pucked up.

  6. When you get done eating your slice of pie with 3.14 bites left, counting the smudge on the fork, you know, the one that is always there, maybe you'd like to waste more time not doing work and tell me if my videos are any good? Asking for myself, Voltmayer the alien.

  7. Didn't a guy almost get stabbed to death on NYC subway
    And the nypd didn't help him or even call the ambulance. They just arrested the stabber and left the guy to bleed out on the subway

  8. Could you guys start marking the titles for this series. I keep miss-clicking and I really don't like the Katie Kingpin series.

  9. Hello, I hope you all are having such a lovely day today and you're wonderful and perfect for who you are, Perfect is what you make it out to be, I wish you the best today.

    Everyone is unique and special and everyone should always respect everyone,

    We all love you, We should always love whatever you love.

    Your existence is amazing, Your so special to everyone, You are you and no one can be you.

    Who knows what's going on with peoples lives so it's always good to make everyone feel loved and heart warmed, People need to be nice and not mean,

    Make the mean people nice.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  10. I bet that family donated a fortune to the bonevelent policeman's ball to where they should have donated to by a big dog like me.

  11. Sorry to say this, but as of this second I've reached the point where I'm annoyed by the constant ads for Dropout. 😅🙄

  12. I used to love this channel but now three out of every four videos seem to be just a long commercial for dropouttv…

  13. So thats a voice improve lady playing the cop. Now so good mythical morning and improve 4 humans and college humor are all in cahoots

  14. Well, the dispatcher never asked for Cheryl by name, so how dire could the situation have been, really?

  15. To be serving and “protecting” while being brutal and killing because of racial prejudice and get sued and the tables get turned against you and the cop goes to jail by another cop, sometimes a friend.

  16. Did Katie's dad make a giant patreon donation to college humour? These kingpin videos are not funny yet seem to be taking up a lot of your channel as of late.

  17. figures this series ends up with katie in a diner with a cop telling dumb jokes, knew it was going to be pathetic.

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