Three Armed Home Invaders Try to Ambush Homeowner | Active Self Protection

Three Armed Home Invaders Try to Ambush Homeowner | Active Self Protection

A closed door is many times one of the most important defensive tools you have Hi, everyone its John with today’s active self-Protection lesson out of Alamogordo, New Mexico Shows us here an attempted home invasion a very scary one with multiple attackers armed with long guns It’s going to teach us some important lessons about multiple attackers about Bait-And-switch and about using the tools that you have Effectively to protect yourself so this door cam I’ve sped up just a little bit at the beginning this woman comes up and rings the doorbell and you can see it’s you know 9 p.m.. Or whatever and she’s just coming up and kind of seeing what’s going on What we’re going to see here is the homeowner open the door to talk to her now The dog is going to come out and you know just kind of sniff around And I’m this is kind of what happens with my dog sometimes he’s going to wander off But what’s about to happen is this woman sees this man come up with her and now? [you] can see that guy’s got a gun [and] he’s trying to get in the house now closing the screen door [unlock] and it’s going To give her a second while two more armed guys come up one with a shotgun and one with an ar pattern rifle But thankfully she has closed and locked the door and so they’re not able to get in and they are going to run off and Thankfully no one is hurt here to learn some lessons out of this one They’re eight lessons on our website But I want to pay attention to some of the most important ones here first of all you [know] answering your door pretty normal thing But at 9 [o’clock] at night. [I] don’t think that I would open the screen door like this You know open the door if you need to but leave that screen door closed and latched to give yourself a little bit of extra protection out of that instead she opens a screen door and that lets the dog out and The dog is going to kind of come and see what’s going on here with this lady, and then wander off And I don’t know if she’s asking for directions or whatever, but you got to maintain your awareness And thankfully this woman was aware and saw this guy coming up to Grab a hold of the door and to get into the house for a home invasion Thankfully she was fast enough to see it close the door and not care about the dog. [you’ve] got to just let the dog Fend for himself in that instance you are worth more [than] the dog and so you got to just do that now You can see though that at this point. It’s a strength fight He’s got that door open a [little] bit but not far [enough] to be able to get inside very thankfully there So having something there and having left it closed and locked would have given her a Significant advantage thankfully she was able to get it closed and locked and then didn’t stay there close the door as well Now you see the other two accomplices show up multiple attackers Especially home invasions is the norm [you] can see the guy on the left has what looks to me like an older pump-action Shotgun guy on the right has an aR-15 pattern rifle and a couple of things I want to note about that He has a sling on it, so it doesn’t look totally Amateurish, but I don’t think it has a rear sight on it So this guy [probably] is a you know an entry-level yahoo But at close range that could still [be] incredibly dangerous To you and yours thankfully a locked door was enough at that point when things go south you want to get that door lock Go get to your own tools armored up as best you can get on the phone with 911 and understand you’re going to have five minutes to Protect yourself before they show up thankfully they ran off in this instance So let’s learn how to make sure that we keep our door closed that we don’t put ourselves at unnecessary risk Stay aware for more potential problems get out of the danger zone and cover our ass you

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  1. this almost happened to me but my German Shepard leaped on the perp and ripped chunks off this mans shoulder and he tried to shoot my dog and I got the police there fast ….man his mugshot was pretty messed up….I love my dog <3


  3. When the perps are white, no racism but when they are non-white you see BLM, black, blah blah blah, hypocrites.

  4. The moral of the story is: If any blacks call at your house at night, empty several magazines of ammo into them… Just to be on the safe side…😉

  5. Honestly I'm surprised they didn't try getting inside more. They greatly overpowered whoever opened that door.

  6. I been on the other side of this. Car broke down at 2am with my sister. No one opens the door to answer because of assholes like these! Don’t open the door but at least talk through the door!

  7. They should be thankful that they didn't come to my door, in Kentucky we get a nice little law called your home is your castle and anyone that is not authorized to be on the property might as well be dead.

  8. I admit it, I'm stupid. I have opened my door for strangers. You know church people and such. Good thing my dog acts like a manic and scares the shit out of them. 😁 Falling for big sad brown eyes at the shelter probably saved my ass. Now I'm getting a gun!

  9. Never open your door to strangers, never. Your friends 👭 will call you before coming over. We live in a new world 🌎 a violent desperate world. It doesn’t matter if it 10:00 am or 9:00 🕘 pm, never open your door. When people knock on my door unexpectedly even if they are my friend, I don’t get up because it’s poor etiquette to just pop by with out calling.

  10. Dog is/was useless in this scenario…."the dog investigated by walking away"….my ass. No bark, no bite, and the dog had its tail wagging…smh I guess dogs can be raised as children now…

  11. Ohh Mexico but this is sone of war the hhome owner should stop all this animals with couple of hand grenades i say this cause anyone is able to get such lol

  12. Hi everyone. This is John and I'm going to annoy everyone by constantly putting my mug in every video I have.

  13. Too bad it's illegal to just shoot the people that do this.

    If you had it on camera you'd think that's all you would need to save someone else and save the taxpayers money..

  14. It be so hard for me to leave my dog out there if they would have held my dog hostage none of those guys are leaving. Good reaction on her

  15. The robbers are terrible but bait is one of the worst things to me, you put another woman who is defenseless in danger when you’d be defenseless yourself if you were against those men.

  16. I live in Alamogordo. I'm gonna need more guns (and that border checkpoint to run again as that deters crime stats in general around here, by anyone US citizen or not)

  17. lesson one:

    That dog is too sweet to handle this situation.

    Buy a large dog with a lot of biting power that is disciplined.

  18. AK wielding home invader wearing ago pro on his head? To relive the robbery with his buddies?

    Seems a a bit odd. They don't try to kick in the door, the first guy calmly walks up and pulls on a screen door and, even though he's armed, doesn't pull the gun?

    This feels like a setup done by high school kids for a drama class.

  19. " friends, we must be clear on the things we are willing to die for. " i would have died firing a .40, in an epic counter-ambush to get the dog back in.

  20. My best advice is if someone rings or knock on your door rather your expecting company or not always look out the window or use your cameras if any. Check your surroundings, Before going to the door. If something looks off or suspicious grab your phone just in case you have to called 911 and firearm just in case you have to defend yourself. If you don't have a firearm well be prepared to hide….

  21. If u were sitting inside in a different room with your own AR15 in your hand, at what point can u legally shoot those attackers who are clearly armed trying to enter


  23. If I were the home owner , I would open fire with my M4 and let the Green Tips flying and through 。。。

  24. The dog alerted to the people hanging back, I think they were forced to move forward sooner than they wanted.

  25. What jail ?…The law is made that way so the criminals have right too…If the law is if any intruder inside or outside your door house with the gun in your property than you have the right to kill that bastard and be done . Waiting for the police response it will be very late in that 1.30 min to 2 min delay…

  26. Can anyone say how does situation like that looks in Denmark? I would love to live in there but I wonder if law is better than in Poland where you can't defend yourself because robber is more important than innocent people. Shit, these days some Polish politicians are even offended because dangerous killer had a fucking handcuffs on his hands.

  27. The ONLY time i'm not armed is in the shower..And the gun is right there in the sink..I will not open my door at night,,If I was that stupid I would have my 1911 in my hand..My wife Never open's the door for anyone…


  29. I hope having a small sword on my windowsill is enough…

    Yes i actually do have a sword on my windowsill, and yes, its real. It also has a sheath.

  30. I have a serious question to ask…Why in the hell do you guys open your door for strangers? If you are not family or close friends, then you are not welcome! People are so stupid these days. We live in different times folks! Wake up!

  31. She should of shot them all as they walk away or I'd of shot thur door but none of them would of walked away

  32. If it was me I'd probably use some guerilla warfare tactics on them gits like a spring spike trap or a path guard pit

  33. This some of the shit that white people do in white communities while they think about black people all day

  34. She needs another dog he might as well ran with them because he wouldn't be in the house he didn't bite shit his her ass would be out

  35. I’ve had females knock on my door middle of the day but I don’t open any doors. My screen door is always locked and I’ll let them keep knocking until they leave.. I’m sorry but I don’t trust anyone these days..

  36. My dog is my best fried, forgetting about the my dog isn't an option. I would have immediately ran in my house and armed my self a .458 socom of f12 and killed everyone in front of my door

  37. That's why I keep a 12 gauge shotgun fully loaded with 3 in 00 buckshot right by the door and trust me I'd say the hell with the door and shoot through it

  38. I just checked my Glock right now to make sure there was one in the chamber. Watching these videos have kept me so prepared for a worst case scenario.

  39. I kept waiting for bullets to come flying through the door. Oh well maybe next time I'll get to see some home invaders get theirs. Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun huh?

  40. What I don't understand is through all this craziness about gun fights and protecting people asps and all that . People saying how they only answer their door whilst holding a loaded shotgun or ar15. No one ever simply says, yea I have a cloud based CCTV system around the property and a ring doorbell. So I can see everything going on an speak to people without opening the door. So I would have advised the confrontation without ever opening the door. Seems people are having Clint Eastwood fantasies about how they are a badass half the time, rather than actually trying to be logical.

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