This Video Changed the Way I Feel About Robots Taking Over The World

This Video Changed the Way I Feel About Robots Taking Over The World

Human jobs have been lost to automation
for centuries. Replaced by new inventions. 211 -ish! Until there’s nothing left for
humans. Thank you Brian. Nice and warm for you sir. But there’s
one job that should get replaced. Your job as a homeowner. Which is actually a series of crappy full-time jobs you do for free. Like security guard. Protecting your house. Supervisor. Protecting your kids. Safety inspector. Protecting your house… from your kids. You spend so much time taking care of your home. What if your home took care of you? Presenting Vivint Smart Home. Complete control of
your home all in the palm of your hand. It’s the easy way to protect your home
and eliminate your crappy jobs. Like security gaurd. With an attempted break-in, the Vivint night-vision doorbell cam captures the intruder, sending video to your phone and saving images for the cops. The smart security system sounds
the alarm, turns on the lights, and a 24/7 live Vivint rep checks in on you. If it’s a real break in they call the police immediately and smart sensors, outdoor
cams, the motion detectors track any intrusion. It’s so secure you’ll forget
how insecure you are. Yeah! Yeah, you better run. Coward! Supervisor. Your daughter’s walking home from school while you’re at work . When she’s fifteen
feet from the front door, the doorbell cam sees her and Vivint sends you a notification. You say hi and unlock the door with your phone, not some key hidden in a fake rock, and the door automatically locks behind her. Then you can keep an eye on her with the indoor cameras. Brittney! What? Take off your dad briefs! Now
pile drive her. Safety inspector. When a fire breaks out, the smoke detector is triggered and Vivint calls the fire department. The thermostat turns off the air to slow down the flames. The door is unlocked so
help can get in. And you get notified on your phone. Vivint also constantly
monitors for flood, carbon monoxide, and freezing. It makes you immortal. You can’t say that. It makes you immortal, till you die. Vivint takes care of the crappy so you can take care of the happy. I know that sounds sappy but I’m their pappy. Dad! Eh, don’t be snappy. So if you kind of care about your biggest lifetime investment and its inhabitants, click here to get your Vivint Smart Home
installed today. Vivint also does all the extra jobs you don’t even do yourself. Like house sitter. When you’re out of town, Vivint Smart Home helps you sleep peacefully knowing no one else is sleeping peacefully in your
home. Even if you’re vacationing on the other side of the planet you can light up your home at night. The sun can’t even do that. Plus, Vivint lets you receive packages before poor drivers do. Got one pile of diet cola here.
Thanks Lloyd, just stick it in the garage with the others. Did you say others? I need
them Brian. She’s right. Connect Vivint to voice control and
become, a DEMIGOD. Who controls things like the WEATHER. Cool the temperature in
the room by five degrees. Matter. Shut the garage door. Even the birth of your
grandchildren. (doorbell) Hey, is uh, Emily free? NAY! Dad! No! Vivint comes to your home and installs
everything for you. And they offer professional servicing on all their products. Plus Vivint automates your home like no other system on the market, despite what some competitors may say. We don’t do as much automation but with our system you can still turn on your lights with your phone. Okay! Okay. Vivint is the number one smart home system in North America. With over two million systems sold and 25,000 five-star reviews. That’s a lot of high numbers that mean stuff. And you can have all that for less than the cost of a smart phone. At least a smart home won’t make you sterile. If you’re still worried about costs, remember Vivint’s alarm system can lower your house insurance payments. Plus, the Vivint smart thermostat programs itself, lowering your utility bill by an average of 10 percent or more. You spent $300 on
magic tricks?! You mean invested. You’re worried about privacy? Vivint uses cutting-edge encryption to keep your account secure. They keep it nice and safe in a cage-free organic server. Honey! And if you’re still on the fence, Vivint comes with a free trial. After that, if you don’t love it more than your children, they’ll take it back and give it to someone who does. So start your Vivint free trial today and let it take over all your crappy jobs. Vivint SmartHome. Fire yourself and hire
Vivint. I had a fun time tonight. Yeah. Hey pal, anything you do with her you’re gonna have to do with me. Okay? I’m not doing that with him.

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  1. You spend so much time taking care of your home — what if your home took care of you?
    Fire yourself and hire Vivint to take care of all the extra jobs that come with being a homeowner. Learn more:

  2. I sat through a five minute commercial before a two minute video. And I'm OK with that. I only regret that I live in an apartment and it's against the rules for me to have this system.

  3. Who is that actress?! She was just in a show I watched and I can’t remember which one? Is there a place I can see the credits of this spot?

  4. I never write comments but… Vivint SmartHome has done WONDERS for me and my family. We use our system up to 35 times a day and it has given us so much peace. We’re also in the process of getting Vivint Solar installed. THANK YOU VIVINT!!!!! PS – Awesome video.

  5. (is cooking bacon)
    (bacon starts smoking)
    (fire alarm goes off)
    (can't find phone to turn it off)
    (fire department shows up)

  6. Now THIS is how you do advertising! Whoever worked on this script needs a raise, I watched this entire ad on my 3-minute video, and it ended up being better than the video itself… Awesome!

  7. Best commercial I've seen. No I haven't added "yet" that's how sure I am that I will never see a better commerical. Thank you Vivint.

  8. Who else saw this as an ad and just had to find the video to comment on it? 😁
    "It makes you immortal till you die" 😂😝

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