This Michigan High School Is Being Built To Deter Active Shooters | NBC Nightly News

This Michigan High School Is Being Built To Deter Active Shooters | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I don't understand why they have the big windows by the doors of the classroom . Not only is it a distraction for the students , but gives an open view of all the students to anyone on the rampage. Also, why would you put all the lockers in one place, that's the first place a student would choose to attack !

  2. The private schools are going to be very full in this area. Who wants to go to a " school" like this ? More like Detention.

  3. good job manifest a school shooting.. um how about gun class.. how befor you can own guns you take a 6month test .. hmm

  4. this is really dumb. NO ONE is willing to talk about the PILLS that all these active shooters are on. it's the common link. It's not even a guess I know these mass shooters are all doped up on pills.

  5. I was in 8th grade when colombine happened, when I was in high school 1999-2003 it was just the begining of this domestic terrorism, but It wasnt common like today which is sad, the culture of violence in society

  6. High Schools are not a necessity!!!!!!!!!! Think outside the box!!!!!!!!! With the technology available, there is no need for students to go to a public building!!!!!!!!!!! Stay home and use the internet!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the madness!!! This not more secure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. They need metal detectors and security at every entrance, and 2 uniformed military guards on duty at every single school; private or public. Or have hired private armed security. I do think it was dumb of NBC to broadcast the hiding spots in the new school being built. Dumb idea for the school to let them in, dumb idea for the guy to be willing to show amyone but students all the hiding spots, and dumb for NBC to want to broadcast it. They dont care what happens, good or bad, they make money because they keep the cameras rolling thru it all. But If someone commits a mass shooting, theyre right on it, non-stop for weeks. Lets see how long they talk about how the majority of people of the Bahamas are homeless now due to this Hurricane. Not saying mass shootings dont deserve coverage, but the more attention you give them, the more attention they demand. So that will be in the backs of every sick and demented persons head when they watch the news, because that's all they see. And that just may give them the tiny spark of an idea that they run with and do something catastrophic. I feel if it never got as much coverage nationwide, it wouldn't be on everyone's mind; good and bad people. And that's my opinion.

  8. Schools today are looking more and more like prisons … 50 years ago, more people had guns and there were no school shootings. Maybe it's a cultural / societal problem, not a gun problem and a school design issue.

  9. Caging migrant children separated from their families, to CAGING and DETAINING in Lockdown… OUR OWN Kids just to protect them from the LACK OF Laws and Guidance.
    I love 'merica.

  10. We all know there's an hefty premium on this design.. this is basically the guy who invented bulletproof backpacks meets a billionaire investor

  11. Why not save the money, hire security (personally I believe there's plenty of military vets that would love the opportunity to keep our children safe). Gives them a mission to seek.

  12. In china noone have guns only the police. America should be similar to china noone allow to have guns only the police, no gun,no hunting,no complaining,no talking 😂

  13. 1. Put all the lockers and thus gather all the kids in one place (several times a day) — who thought that was a good idea?

    2. Instead of wasting money on this "brilliant" design, why not do something to stop bullying and get harassed, tormented, and marginalized kids some help?

  14. We just need the government to allocate a few trillion dollars to redesign the rest of the schools in the country and we'll be safe from mass shooters so glad our government found an efficient solution of curved hallways, foxholes, and bullet proof backpacks. Hey, maybe we can have lunch boxes with trauma kits of celox and tourniquets in them to address the high velocity round effects of a carbine round? We can have combat medics and doctors come in and teach kids how to treat rifle round wounds, it's like pre-pre-med, think of the opportunities for all the kids who want to become doctors or nurses! God BlESs Jesus will see us through, we should organize a prayer team to protect the children too maybe. It's all part of the lord's plan.

  15. how about doing something about the shootings, stop trying to find band aids to put on the problem instead of solving the problem
    now we're spending $48 million on bulletproof schools, but we don't have money for teachers or books, our country is sick

  16. Oh ok so this school is being built for children to attend so it would be a safe assumption to think that the water in Michigan has been made lead free and safe to drink right? Nope it hasn't there is still lead tainted poison water flowing in Michigan. This new school is step three, step one should be FIX THE WATER! What does it matter if the new school has lead water too? Lead in the water only causes brain damage which enhances the learning environment right?😤

  17. Ooooorrr…..just hire a resource dont see people shooting up police stations do ya. All that money and no brains

  18. How about metal detectors? Anyone can conceal a gun. They could of took that money and got metal detectors and armed security

  19. Just wait till a person takes a ww2/Vietnam era flame thrower with napalm into a school. Which is legal to buy is a lot of states. Will be 10x worse than sandy hook.

  20. This is SUPER stupid. The shooter is in the school. So as they are teaching and training the kids about all the glass and walls to protect them they are also training the shooter. He's in the class and the first one asking questions about everything to plan his attack. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. Or… and just a thought here as a non-American… Don't let people buy guns? I mean I live in Australia… we have had 0 school shooting events since the gun ban in the 90's. The reason this is a Uniquely American problem in the developed world is because its the only country with such easy access to guns.

  22. What about metal detectors, extra security guards, limit backpacks, or increase volunteers to help monitor school property?

  23. After years and years of repeatedly shootings and dead children, Instead of changing the regulations for gun possession, and teach youths that there are millions of other ways than a gun to solve all of their problems,
    you just start building new "prison like" schools that will only make the problem worst,
    sorry USA but i just don't get it..

  24. When designing an American school, you have to think about a school shooter.

    That's…um…do you feel better that you have to think about that? Our schools, designed in the 1950's, have never had a school shooting.

  25. You fools this is gonna encourage a shooter to do it for the attention and potential reward it has. Should have been kept a secret.

  26. Lockdown means kids cannot get out! The crazy thing is if school always had curved hallways, lockdown areas, large common areas where the shooter can see 900 students at once…. and it had a mass shooting. The next school built would get rid of all those things and then pawn it off as being safer.

  27. 1:30 "Carry on with your Spanish lesson, children. The shooting is in another section of your school, no need to lose your focus." ~Genius teacher

  28. I feel like this would look more than a challenge than a warning to the soon-to-be mass shooters in need of medical attention.

    Why not just spend money on mental health organizations instead of building a 48 million dollar school?

  29. Let's redesign over the top things which worked for decades and don't deal with real problem, stupid gun laws. Only in America. LOL. I hope you realize… in last years you are like reality show for the rest of the world 🙂

  30. I hope we can get a republican governor for 2022 election to keep our schools the same because we don't need 🔐 lockers in the commons that's why.

    We just need security officers and retired law enforcement and retired veterans to protect the kids is what trump want.

    Also we need hall monitors to bust kids for missing schools because teachers don't always watch kids and and so dose the school principal that's why.

  31. Yeah, let's make a building that an active shooter has much more places to take cover in, including bulletproof glass instead of addressing the root causes of these massacres.
    How much money did Betsy DeVoss get for this dumb thing?

  32. Basically take away the teens privacy for there safety make them get used to the government state then solving the real problem

  33. its sad that this has to be considered, but tbh even fighting/limiting the symptoms of an issue is better than doing nothing at all. At least at a local level this could save a few lives.

  34. Not sure how I feel about this.
    Curved hallways takes line of sight away from the shooter but also takes line of sight away from swat looking for the shooter!
    Ability to Lockdown an area keeps the shooter in a certain hallway but could also mistakingly lock a student/students in the same area with the shooter.
    I'm getting ready to just have my kids home schooled

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