The vaccine fight: a mother’s battle to protect her daughter in California

The vaccine fight: a mother’s battle to protect her daughter in California

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  1. I should have known. This story only gets presented from one side. California already has mandated vaccines. Now they’re trying to force it on immune compromised kids. This is hyper fascism. The government MANDATING you inject your child with something? Absolutely unfathomable.

  2. I pray for her to get stronger and overcome the health challenges she faces today. Hope others with the same health challenges overcome them as well. Hope our government representatives can also be given the wisdom and knowledge to work towards making better policy decisions and put their resources behind this.

  3. Perhaps those that want to avoid vaccines for "philosophical" reasons should be mandated to home school their kids?

  4. So big brother forces you to do something that people feel is harmful to their children. Has any read what is in one vaccine shot? It's very surprising. Calling names like the people who don't believe "cavemen" doesn't help the situation.

  5. This little girl has a right to life. Parents who do not vaccinate not only dishonor other families, but those who give organs and donate bone marrow. I have worked in special needs pediatrics for 17 years, and those kids depend on herd immunity too. People DIE from these diseases.

  6. She should move to a more advanced country, where vaccines are mandatory and citizens have access to affordable healthcare and education, like Canada or Mexico.

  7. I'm not against vaccination personally but I respect parents' choices. This report got so many embellishments about facts, from teachers paying other teachers to cover their shifts, to Russian bots hacks, to the danger of outbreaks without factual basis in comparison to other dangers, talks about measle vaccination but also did not talk about other mandatory vaccines which aren't measles related and the injuries caused by vaccines. It's a very one sided report. No one can tell me vaccines, drugs and medicines don't cause serious and fatal harm. Medical negligence kills more people each day than most diseases or accident could. Should we start a bill to limit the powers of doctors to prevent harm that they cause? See how ridiculous that sounds?

    Also what's the point putting a MAGA (like) hat wearing person in this report? This is about a serious issue and you injected a political slant to it. How about giving other doctors with differing views about vaccines a voice in this report too?

    I'm not against science; I'm not against vaccination. I'm against biased reporting; I'm against laws that limit choices and freedoms. Here's my solution, allow people to sue pharmaceutical companies and doctors if they or their children can show by scientific causation evidence that they got injured by vaccines. Conversely, parents who are pro vaccines and they got children who can't have vaccines and actually got injured by the disease to track down and sue patient zero child's antivaxxer parents. Everyone is accountable including doctors, pharmaceuticals and antivaxxers

  8. If vaccines worked the reported immunity would be contagious and the disease would die out instead the immunity is short lived and the disease grows stronger.

  9. Do some research. Read the leaflets with the vaccine. This is a propaganda tool. I thought leftists were all, my body my choice. This is not government's place.

  10. It's hard to believe in 2019 citizens refuse science and would advocate for harmful measures that would be detrimental to their own children.
    Diseases we almost forgot about are now making a comeback. Unbelievable!

  11. They are not good parents they should read more. Should be treated as deliberate infection. Anti aging psychiatrist=Quack might as well be voodoo.

  12. Hold on a second…
    So we all have to get vaccinated because you birthed a deformed baby? You can spin your side of the narrative as much as you want Bezo-controlled Washington Post, but you cannot deny the reality. This comment will be posted here and on other sites forever. Stop allowing these abominations to walk among us.

  13. Leftists will protect a woman's right to get an abortion, yet they won't protect all our rights to not get vaccines. Think about this, because you will realize that I am right. These people are hypocrites.

  14. It's tragic to see some of the stupidity manifested as a result of the internet and social media allowing ignorant people to spread ignorant information.

  15. No one should be forced to having toxic substances injected into their body. It's been proven that unvaccinated communities are healthier than vaccinated communities. People who want lifelong immunity should not be forced to vaccinate. People should be allowed to choose whatever antiviral system they want. For example someone may choose to use high dose vitamin C or IV vitamin C as an antiviral. This is nothing more than an informational for big Pharma.

  16. It would seem on the surface anyway that a doctor writing an exemption under fraudulent circumstances is just that….a fraud. They should be arrested for malpractice, endangering the public health, something. Most of the anti-vaccine propaganda is being spread by the Russians who want to destroy our country from the inside out.

  17. this is why we need M4A, so people actually visit their doctor and cut back on all the woo woo pseudoscience nut job substitute for healthcare. Not having healthcare as a human right is morally wrong and destroying the country

  18. Attenuated vaccines can cause an outbreak. Viruses may be weakened but it can still spread. Non vaxxed children are often blamed for the outbreaks. Children that take these vaccines should stay home. Herd immunity only applies to natural infections. It is not the unvaccinated she's got to worry about. This video is a lying joke. Peter Pan is a joke doctor.

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