The Reolink Go is a go-anywhere LTE security camera

The Reolink Go is a go-anywhere LTE security camera

Sometimes you want to keep an eye on
places where there isn’t electricity or Wi-Fi that’s what the Reolink Go is
all about. It is a battery-powered security camera that includes a 4G LTE
modem so you can put this pretty much anywhere. As long as you have a cellular
signal, you’re going to be able to keep an eye on somewhere even remotely through a
smartphone app. It has all the basic function of security camera: there’s two-way
talk, passive infrared motion detection and it has night vision. It’s also IP 65
rated which of course is important if you’re going to have it outside. In terms
of storing video you have a couple of options: it has a micro SD card slot
inside it and you can put a card in there and record stuff locally or you
can use a cloud storage plan. Reolink is offering up to 10 gigabytes of cloud
storage for free with its beta cloud storage service at the moment. The
powering options there’s a couple of them. It has the battery in the back here
that should be good enough to last about two to three weeks of average motion
detection but of course if this is somewhere remote you don’t want to be
going and changing the battery every couple of weeks
so Reolink also sells a solar panel. They tell me that if you pair this solar
panel with this camera it should pretty much run indefinitely.
The Reolink Go costs $250 and it’s available now through

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  1. Vuoi sorvegliare un luogo privo di alimentazione elettrica e connessione internet ? La soluzione e’ una telecamera con SIM 4G LTE a batteria con pannello solare opzionale come Arlo Go vs Reolink Go vs EZVIZ C3A WLB. Recensione completa incluso calcolo di quanti Giga consuma.

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