The Pros and Cons Of Do It Yourself CCTV Systems

The Pros and Cons Of Do It Yourself CCTV Systems

Are you considering installing your CCTV system yourself? Watching this upcoming video, and decide it you’re up to the challenge. Hello everyone. Mark McLeroy president of
Patriot Electronic Security Systems here. We have a special video today because it’s
our first user requested video. A few weeks ago we did a video discussing the pros and
cons of do it yourself security systems. A viewer of that video, requested that we do
a video discussing do it yourself CCTV systems, so here we are.
First let me start by saying I’m all for people taking on projects themselves. If you watched
my video regarding do it yourself security systems you’ll remember that I said that if
you wanted to save money, by all means get a do it yourself system, and install it yourself.
I understand that there are some projects that you want to spend just so much money
on. Now, with that said, my opinion on do it yourself
CCTV systems depends on what you’re using the system for. If you are using it as a video
baby monitor, or perhaps to watch an elderly relative, then yea, you probably don’t need
me for that. Unless of course you wanted to view the cameras remotely over the internet,
then you might need someone to help you configure your network settings. If the terms, IP address,
subnet mask, and port forwarding scare you than yes, you’re going to need some help with
remote viewing. If however, you are considering installing
a CCTV system to monitor and protect your business, than I have to caution you against
doing the project yourself. Why, you may ask. Well because CCTV systems can be very deceptive
as far at how easy they appear to install. Many people will look at the burglar and fire
alarm systems installed in their business and see all the wires coming out, and think
to themselves, “Wow, I’m glad somebody else did that”. But when they look at a camera
of a CCTV system they see a coaxial cable (with some additional power cables connected
to it), or a network cable running to a recording device and they think “Heck, I hooked up my
home entertainment system, I could do this.” Well, when it comes to doing the physical
install, you probably can. Running the cable is a pain in the butt, but it’s not rocket
science. Terminating the cable, well I have a video that shows you how to do that. That’s
not that difficult either. As far as mounting the cameras, if you have a drill, and you
aren’t afraid to use it, that shouldn’t be a problem for you either. But when it comes
to a Professional CCTV system, the devil is in the literally dozens of details that can
come up. Let’s discuss a few of these pitfalls that many of you probably will not have thought
about when deciding to take on the project yourself.
Getting a camera to produce a picture on your monitor and video recorder is just half the
battle. Many, many things need to be considered when choosing the right camera with the right
specifications for a given area it will monitor. Let’s go to my computer and let me show you
what I mean. Okay, let’s launch the first picture here,
it is a single frame capture from a video clip. And as you can see there is a very big
problem with this image. There is obviously a subject here, but we can’t make out any
of the details. All we see is a silhouette. That’s because the light entering from the
large window behind the subject is much greater than the ambient light in the room. This is
actually a very common problem in the CCTV industry. I see it all the time on systems
in retail stores that have glass entry doors flanked by large display windows on each side.
Now there is a way to address this issue. Let’s bring up the next picture.
Ya see here? The picture on the right was taken with a camera with a feature called
Wide Dynamic Range. This camera is able to compensate for the overwhelming light coming
in from behind the subject and produce an image that has all the details we need. Now would
you have known to think about that when you installed this CCTV system? This is just one example of the many things that need to be considered when spec-ing out
a professional CCTV system. There are many other thing to consider like the length of
the cable runs. Due to the electrical resistance any data or power cable has, there are limits
to the lengths they can be. You have to know what those limits are, and how to deal with
the problem if your distance from the camera to the recording device exceeds that limit.
Another thing to consider is once the camera is mounted you need to make sure it is pointed
at the exact area you want to monitor. It’s field of view then needs to be adjusted, and
then the camera needs to be focused. How are you going to do that if the monitor and recording
device is 75 feet away in another room? A professional installer will have a portable
monitor like this one to accomplish that very task. I connect this monitor to a special
connection on the camera. While I’m on the ladder installing the camera, I can see exactly
where the camera is pointed, I could adjust the field of view and focus right at that period of
time. As you can see, the details to consider go
on and on. There are way too many to address in a single video. I just wanted to point
out a couple to show you that installing a professional CCTV system is a lot more than
mounting a camera and pointing it to the area you want to monitor.
So just to sum up our discussion, when a CCTV system is going to be used to monitor a business,
such as your office or retail space, it’s best to let a professional do the job. If
it’s going to be used in a not so mission critical application, perhaps in an environment
where you can control the variable a little more, then you may be able to do it yourself.
This conclude our discussion of the Pros and Cons of do it yourself CCTV systems. If you
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  1. Thank you Mark for another informative and sensible video. As a professional security installer myself I find your videos un-biased and spoken in terms easy for the layman to understand. Would you have any objections to us making links to your youtube videos on our website? We are based in Australia. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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