The Monsanto Protection Act’s Bought Republican

The Monsanto Protection Act’s Bought Republican

senator or block allergies pretty blunt about who we
represent in terms of his monsanto uh… we wonder where the monsanto
protection act came from and appears it might have come from senator roadblocks office now he is uh… republican senator and he’s not be shy
in the past about uh… pushing legislation that was in
favor of monsanto and snot any other corporation though that might give him a
donation now mother jones reports that he uh… was likely source of the monsanto protection i did you
don’t know what that was as it was a little attachment to the budget bill that had
to pass a budget though overall but this attachment the need to be a
narrow all it wasn’t saying that my central it and other cultural companies are protected from certain types of
lawsuits now that’s outrageous why would they
need to be protected if the did something wrong they should go to court
like everybody else in the fatten them selves too for the congress to supersede the
courts and say no no this is a company that’s above the law
is absolutely outrageous course though bombing administration did not object to
it and the democrats uh… are the ones that uh… also put it you know through while barbara
mikulski who runs that committee in the senate is a democrat
allowed to go forward as she says she’s not in favor of it was
kinda funny way of showing it ’cause she allowed in the into the belt if senator autoblog is the person who really did put afford a smoother joe
suggests well that makes some sense because they
also outlined where roy blount gets his money so how much the j from monsanto
recently well back in two thousand eight when he was in the house he to ten
thousand dollars from those the warm-up uh… legalize pride and twenty ten when he was running for
senate yet forty four thousand two hundred fifty dollars and then twenty
twelve when they were getting ready for the monsanto protection act well that’s what i had a pony up sixty
four thousand two hundred fifty dollars well this is directly toured a lot what about the pax was one of those and the biz packs overall is all they
can call to companies have given a fifty one thousand dollars in twenty
twelve to wrote a blog and then twenty ten who when he was running for senate two hundred and forty three fx the house and all that narrower blunt according to public citizen of the
watchdog over these matters quote the legislative leader who not only has surrendered his office to the imperative monied interests but
who has also done so with two studies you’ll and efficiency uh… he is also in the past for tobacco
companies his wife works for craft craft was also part of a trying to defeat california probs this
thirty-seven which would’ve label g_m_ os monsanto
also added to that effort four borders will be married to
corporate interest in this case uh… but you don’t have to go that far
you’re so that is num where yeses money when i’ve done yet coursework one is not the only one
taking mine democrats are also taking other
republicans as well when you look at who attire monsanto packed in its receipt but as a small your twenty eleven twenty
twelve not a big deal but i was repair but he had a sense of scale here on
off-year claire modesto thirty two thousand city for nicely done and that bronco obama number two a
twenty three thousand so my money weblog a number three and wagner an eighteen
thousand five hundred amendments mcconnell we think that day and a regular little
bit more to uh… the man who loves uh… all things
corporate unfair but most angeles’s for dr and if that’s not enough we’ve got more
so contributions to candidates began that
off your twenty eleven twelve twenty twelve individuals related to monsanto
employees etcetera here over a hundred twenty nine thousand
dollars the candidates and los angeles packs on
average a three hundred an eighty five thousand dollars you see this is how you get the monsanto protection act you just go to congress and say who
would like to legalize bright and here’s what you get allotted takers people go to really neat and what what does that their head of
that group now you know that’s our government has bought every
single day and that’s how they got this outrageous
community put into our budget deal have i told you before about wolfpack
back dot com you know there and you know what we do
we fight back i want to beat the sons of bitches

100 Replies to “The Monsanto Protection Act’s Bought Republican”

  1. So you can enter an agreement with a company that you certify its products and if you do a good job, you'll be profitable. By doing a "good job" I mean testing their products off the shelves, doing DNA sequencing and various chemical tests, whatever needs to be done

    You can sell your certificates and if you are an honest rating agency, you'll establish reputation

    If you SUCK and/or cost too much, you'll face competition

    Notice how NONE OF THIS required any gov't involvement and waste of money

  2. You can even sell services to concerned INDIVIDUAL buyers to do testing of whatever products that THEY are interested in testing!

    You can do DNA sequencing, chem tests, hormone tests, tests for bacteria, virus, spores, etc.etc. for the concerned individuals.

    Again, notice that as an economy of scale it will be cheaper for you to do these tests than for individual customers in the market, so you can provide these services cheap enough, and again, NO TAXES and NO GOV'T REGULATIONS are required

  3. If you think people are going to pay for testing services every time they buy a happy meal, then you are not living in the real world. Similarly, without environmental regulations, industry will destroy their own property, and the states, if it leads to a profit.

  4. Companies do all that now. That doesnt stop some of the most profitable companies deceiving their customers.

  5. No, they will not! However you are attacking 'happy meal' for no reason at all, clearly you don't understand supply chain management, there will be no significant difference in 'happy meal' contents between restaurants and even between time frames the differences will be inconsequential.

    Tell me something, do you actually believe that FDA tests EVERY SINGLE HAPPY MEAL or something to that effect? Do YOU live in the real world?

    Here is the truth: most people don't care either way.

  6. As to private property and destruction of it: I do not care what anybody does to THEIR private property!

    I really do not care what anybody does to THEIR private property! As long as they are able to contain their destruction to THEIR private property and not affect MY private property it doesn't bother me at all if they figure that any kind of 'destruction' of private property will give them a better return on that investment than not destroying it in the long term.

  7. I don't want gov't coming to people and telling them what they can and cannot do on THEIR private property.

    Private property rights are supposed to be protected, that's the real individual right – to own and operate private property in any way they want. However if they destroy OTHER property in process that does NOT belong to them, then it's an issue that must be investigated and punished, etc.

  8. Again: if somebody does NOT care about the contents of their food and all they care about is it being cheap, I do NOT see how that is ANY of my business and ANY of my responsibility at all to pay taxes to run a huge gov't that would do any of this.

    I want people to do their own thinking, whether they do it or not is none of my business and none of my concern.

  9. I think one of the main factors here is that the government for years has been looking for ways to control its people. Monetary systems didnt work well, so now its onto food and water. Here eat this Glysophate ridden produce and cancer causing corns…oh drink up its flouride water…Furthermore we are still paying farmers tax payer dollars to not grow natural produce.. the system is entirely wacked!

  10. really? they are willing to do this for $40,000? hahahaha LOSERS. I mean I can be bribed, but I am priced like an Escort not a Back Street Hooker. Hahahaha loho-zehers.

  11. Everything he said was 100% true. You sir do not know history the way you claim it to be. There is a difference between being tolerant and acting like it.

  12. I know there were democrats who weren't for African American rights. Like George Wallace, a democrat who said states have the right to discriminate towards African Americans. But George Wallace wasn't a liberal, he was a right wing populist. So Rand Paul pretending as if liberals were connected to dixiecrats is bullshit.

    "This coalition of southern Dixiecrats and right wing reactionary northern Republicans defeats every move towards liberal legislation in the area of civil rights" – MLK

  13. Losers. Spineless, soulless corporate thralls that wouldn't know politics if their 10 different advisors told them about it. Fucking cretinous husks of human beings with no honour or love for their country or countrymen. And they waltz around like they're gods. Makes me sick to look at them, especially their fake-smile campaign posters.

  14. You get the Monsanto protection act because there isn't enough transparency in the legislative process. Each paragraph should have a list of authors, and the names of the representative responsible.

    This would at least give you pause to think if you are trying to sneak something into a bill, especially something that is completely unrelated to the bills main purpose.

    Given we are in the technology age this should be really easy to achieve, build a bill writing system that everyone has to use

  15. very deceptive title should say bought congress not just him look up at who all they give too most in congress in cluding obama takes money from them aswell

  16. I stated that there are better democracies than the democracy exemplified by the United States. Any of the Scandinavian countries, Germany, France, well, mostly western Europe do a better job of being a representative democracy than the US. The US is too eager to fraternize and endorse the rich and powerful. It is considered bad taste to do this in Europe. It is harder for big firms to do business in Europe as a result, but the trade off is a better democracy.

  17. Monsanto get passed because u.s people tolerated it. why this won't happen in other countries, because their citizens would not tolerate it.

  18. GMO is destroying the world it is not that hard to look into how GMOs are negatively impacting the environment. I am a biologist and concentrated in plant bioscience I actually have looked into it.

  19. the one thing I don't get is how come its so cheap? I mean if I was part of the congress/senate I would organize all the rep. so that we would embargo all the corps till we got better deals. Something along the lines of 100s of thousands as opposed to mere thousands.

  20. Take out to the nearest large tree, and hang him from it. Our political problems would soon disappear if this started happening.

  21. Sorry. You are wrong. Ever heard 'ingredients may vary due to seasonality and availability' ? Contents already DO vary between locations and time frames.
    The FDA test them often enough to ensure safety, something that cant be guaranteed with it. Regardless, the fact they dont show ingredient lists refutes your claim customers can make their own informed decisions.

  22. "I really do not care what anybody does to THEIR private property! "
    How are you going to demonstrate that the polluting corp next door is the one destroying your air, your soil, or your water? Years of investigation and analysis? Bit late after the fact! This is classic libertarian mindset, the same one that suggests private security agencies are adequate for personal security. lol.

  23. So what happens when one of these ignorant fools eats something that makes them very sick, and it spreads through the community? Then you will care if the food strangers eat is safe.

  24. If corporations are people, and if the Monsanto act supersedes law, then that is unconstitutional. Would Bernie Madoff have enjoyed the same luxury? @madmikesin come join the fun!!

  25. it's hillarious, if you did the math they might come out cheaper than minimum wage, just to sell out their constituents…

  26. Of course it's Roy Blunt, Monsanto is based in Saint Louis, MO. Of course he will help create crony capitalism in Missouri. I suppose at least he's 'representing' someone in my state.

  27. are you fucking kidding me? thats all it takes? a few million over a number of years to protect you from numerous potential multi million dollar lawsuits from all over the country. bullshit man.

  28. I am a biologist. Terrestrial Ecology, invert zoo, genetics, entomology, my areas of study are wide. I partook in a debate where I had to argue against modification… worked very hard too. I lost unfortunately, (the goal was to win regardless). Because the science does not support the minority alarmist views. GMO It is not destroying the world. This is literally all I do, every bloody. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone at VIU BIO to agree with your statement. Cite me a paper or 4 please.

  29. I am from Vancouver Island BC, at VIU Biology undergraduate programme. I study an ecological biology track (3rd/4th year), Molecular Cell biology and will be spending a 35 study in the rain forest this may. I just will not say what is not proven true. I think this issue is important, I feel it is a scientific duty to monitor GM practises. But this is not inherently bad. It's hard to explain, but there is a lot of alarmist BS out there from very silver tongued extremists.

  30. Frankly any education in science will normally help defend you from the BS alarmist claims that the anti GMO, anti vax etc. zealots make 🙂

    However, while I'm totally in favour of genetic technology itself, Monsanto's still a bit sketchy, and this lawsuit defense is… iffy, at best.

    Basically, the science is good, but businesses tend to make a habit of screwing things up XD

  31. Martin Luther King Jr. was a registered Republican. He was a member of the same political party that was created to abolish slavery, the same party that was instrumental in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 while the Democrats tried to filibuster it.

    Nice try re-writing history guy.

  32. Agreed. However this law insulates M from any negative side effects that may come out. Now why would they need this insurance policy unless there was at least some concern on the part of M.

  33. what's the point in claiming that a Republican has been bought? Democrats are bought too!

    Cenkie just can't help himself at any opportunity to smear the GOP

  34. Except that he did point out Democrats were taking money; even more than Roy Blunt, one of them being Obama himself. Did you even watch the whole video?

  35. you need to use your little brain, what's the point of mentioning the "bought Republican" if not to merely smear, which Cenkie does all the time making him a low class gutter snipe

  36. Can't blame Cenk for the repubs making it too obvious they bend over for money. This video is about Roy Blunt…he is a republican…and he is obviously bought. Still, Cenk mentions how some dems (Including Obama) bent over as well. I don't see why you are up in arms.

  37. Don't blame the corporations or the politicians, blame the idiots that keep voting these people in to office. If you're too stupid to do your own research and just vote based on what campaign ads tell you, you are part of the problem.

  38. lol, did you not see the many MANY videos cenk has pointing out the fact tha democrats are bought as well. Cenk only points out, and rightfully so, that republicans are much more willing prostitutes.

  39. I can't help but wonder…if we are eventually able to overthrow Citizens United, will it make any difference considering how much power the corporations already have in the US?

  40. I did. I just thought maybe the request for peer-reviewed studies was a bit irrevelant at this point. Obviously there is more invested in these large corporations than the general public has access to knowing about. If you can influence enough to slip a bill through — that grants immunity from future lawsuits (crazy), what keeps you from influencing the studies? (or in this case– lack of studies… another red flag)

  41. I thought you libtards liked regulation? Oh wait… those big evil corporations control and write the regulations? Maybe you freaks are learning.

  42. Oh Cenk

    I Loooooove how you Vilify the GOP for taking money, and in the very next breath you Minimize the Dems taking money

    I want to see ONE video where you aggressively bash Dems for taking money while 'Minimizing GOP involvement

    Just one Cenk…Just one

  43. Why does the right defend the curry pt corporations and politicians? Why!?? What do they do for you? Nothing! We all need to stand together and put these criminals in jail.

  44. This causes so much hate in my heart. The Boston bombings don't even register sadness for me because corporations like Monsanto and corrupt politicians are killing 100,000's of Americans every year. Through cancer causing pollutants, poisons in our food supply, and by destroying our water supply.

  45. I agree that companies like Monsanto are vile as fuck. But completely rejecting gene-engineered plants because of that? Are you serious?
    Do you know what the biologists nick name is for breeding in desirable traits in plants and animals, like with the banana(which is widely different from the wild banana)? The nick name is 'the poor mans gene manipulation'.

    The problem is that not all gene manipulation is bad, nor is all gene manipulation good. Just like how not all chemistry is bad or good.

  46. Obama signs the bill, and Cenk lays all the blame on a single Republican senator? Why do you all love being such tools?

  47. You can't assure nothing. You see what you want to see. Try providing examples or show proof to your claims instead ignorant delusion…otherwise, you come off as just another bitter,up in arms for no reason, no one takes serious, internet troll.

  48. All of that just to explain your 'prespective'? Your argument that they are sell outs because of 'body language' is a poor one… simple as that.

  49. Cry ignorance all you want…That will not take away from the fact you are trying to use a poor argument to explain your poor argument.

  50. whatever you say lol I'm not here to change your mind. I'm just not seeing anyone else agreeing with you or making a similar claim. The 'body language' argument is just moronic and you know it. Good luck trying to convince anyone with a brain.

  51. There is no difference between republicans and democrats. It's a false choice.. You have no choice !!! End the federal reserve and fire everybody in gov

  52. Surely the real low class guttersnipes are the elected politicians, who have betrayed all of us and sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

    Also, it's smearing, if it's true.

  53. great more cancer for the world >_<… Monsanto's a joke, solve world hunger more like world sickness…. they're like an evil super villain that wants to destroy the world i swear XD

  54. -6500 first lead mine,-200 Dioscerides:"Lead makes the mind give way",1887 US diagnosis of lead poisoning,1971 CDC:4micrograms/liter for child lead poisoning,1991 1microgram/l,2000 American Academy of Pediatrics & Pediatric Academic Societies: cognitive defects occur at 0.25 microgram/l,2004 WHO/Europe include lead on list of Hazardous Chemicals as most important neurotoxin regarding child health.
    facts and firsts of lead."…rhyming history…?"Mark Twain

  55. That is NOT AT ALL  what the rider says. You are a moron. You clearly didn't read it. It has to do with non-regulated crops under the Plant Protection Act. The rider says that even if a court says that the crop should lose its non-regulated statues, at the request of a farmer or agricultural producer, the Secretary of agriculture must give a permit allowing the use fo that crop.

    There are issues with this, not the least of which the use of imperative language forcing the Secretary to grant the permit without allowing him or her the discretion bureaucrats usually enjoy. It also should not have been snuck into this bill…BUT IT DOES NOT RENDER MONSANTO IMMUNE FROM SUIT. That is plainly wrong and you are a propaganda pumping liar!!!

  56. How come the Congressmen and Senators and other legislators ( themselves whores of the Jewish owned FED by treason of these Careerists whose Careers motivates them to work as whores of the Jews rather than for the people) and their blackdressed whores who perform their rubberstamping, justice-raping shows in theaters called courts, keep getting re-elected (even being required by the Jews to sign AIPAC declaring they make the interests of Israel a higher priority than the interests of – the people of – the USA? IS EVERY POLITICIAN SO AFRAID OF THE JEWS THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO BETRAY THEIR NATION AND PEOPLE who keep re-electing these traitors as well as honouring and feeding them through their taxes? How come every Congressman is a (multi-) millionair? This who corrupt maffia-enemy against the people will soon be harvested by God's angels and thrown into eternal fire! Matthew 13: 24-50; Rev. 21:8

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