Britain’s new anti-missile defense system
to protect the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class carriers, as well as some other frontline
warships, has been declared operational. The Sea Ceptor is a short-range shield designed
to provide cover against air attacks. It has been developed at a cost of about $1.1
billion. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes the
Sea Ceptor missile that will protect Queen Elizabeth-class. Let us get started. Britain’s potential rivals like Russia and
China are aggressively developing powerful anti-ship capabilities. Britain’s military experts have been growing
conscious of Russia’s belligerent behavior and rapid military upgrades. At the opening of the Royal United Service
Institute’s conference on sea warfare, UK defense secretary Gavin Williamson said, “Russian
warships had approached UK waters 33 times last year, compared with just once in 2010. It goes to show the increasing aggression,
increasing assertiveness of Russia”. Sea Wolf air defense system currently used
by the UK is aging and hence Sea Ceptor has been developed. Sea Ceptor missile defense system is developed
by MBDA. The system uses a gas generator to eject the
missile from its canister. This saves the rocket motor’s energy and
enables better range. Sea Ceptors have a range in excess of 25 km,
as opposed to the 1–10 km of Sea Wolf that it replaces. The missile weighs 99 kilograms and has a
length of 3.2 m. The compact size enables large numbers of
these to be loaded in the warships. The Vertical launch system offers 360° degree
coverage, high degrees of maneuverability and minimum launch signature. The system has a speed of Mach 3. It uses datalink for mid-course guidance and
Active Radar homing seeker for the final stage. Sea Ceptor uses ship’s existing surveillance
radar and does not require dedicated fire control radars making it very cost-effective
and flexible. Sea Ceptors will be deployed in Queen Elizabeth-class
carriers, the Type 23 frigates, and upcoming Type 26 frigates. The system has been deployed on 4 ships of
Type 23 class so far, namely Argyll, Montrose, Westminster, and Northumberland. Three of these have tested the missile. The last test was from the HMS Montrose and
was used to intercept a fast-moving drone target. The new Type 26 frigates, 3 of which are currently
under construction, will also be fitted with the system. The UK defense secretary Gavin Williamson
during a speech at the Rusi Sea Power conference in London said, “Fitting our warships with
this ground-breaking technology not only protects our navy but shows we are world leaders at
sea.” Richard Smart, Director Weapons for the MOD’s
procurement organization Defense Equipment and Support (DE&S) said,“Sea Ceptor’s
entry into service with the Royal Navy is a significant milestone, a massive achievement
for everyone involved and a proud moment for the team. It’s really exciting to be delivering a
new capability that will form part of the protection for the new aircraft carriers and
will help to keep our service personnel and our country safe.” As per the defined parameters, Sea Ceptors
seems capable of defending Britain’s warships against supersonic missiles. But the threat environment has changed rapidly
and rivals are developing hypersonic missiles. Russia is at the forefront of this technology. Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic missile was
first disclosed by President Putin during state-of-nation address recently. In a video, a MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor
was shown to be carrying and releasing it. Computer generated graphics during Putin’s
speech showed Kinzhal attacking surface warships, though it also reportedly has a land-attack
capability. It has a range of approximately 1,250 miles
and a top speed of more than 10 times the speed of sound. It is also capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Kinzhal’s speed coupled with the ability
to fly erratically will make it almost impossible for Sea Ceptors to intercept it.



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  4. Some dickhead Russia comments on here.
    The uk may not be the power she was
    But we are stil abel to stand our ground and alltho our military is mot the largest it is 1 off if not the best trained
    Russia for all its talk and bullying can not go to war as it has no money
    That floating rust bucket off theirs needs a fucking tug to tow it to the med ffs.
    Your navy is shit
    Apart from nuclear war you would struggle with any half decent power.
    U are nothing but sneaky lieng clowns who believe in the bullsit your goverments over the years has told u.

  5. Russia don't give a shit to UK. Stop thinking you are the center of the world. And stop that ridiculous anti Russia hysteria.

  6. sea ceptor will not be able to intercept russia's new hypersonic missles. so the seacepter is already usless

  7. I told every noob this last year that with the invention of Russian hypersonic assets makes any carrier or surface asset obsolete as well as any old or new missile defence system.

    Not fking laughing now are you fking clowns.

  8. Are British minister of Defence is a clown a former salesman for a commercial company unfortunately with people like him and Boris Johnson this is the kind of calibre of person that is now in the leadership of the Conservative Party if we ever did go to war with Russia it would completely be the UK government's fault because of its stupidity and warmongering attitude which is built in to the class of people who join the Conservative Party

  9. Is this why the UK government is now rationing treatment in the NHS it seems to me that the British Public needs protection from the conservative government not the Russians

  10. 😂 no problem!!! Brahmos supersonic and hypersonic is enough for proud of royal navy😂😂!!!! Assholes british👎👎👎

  11. All we need now is 120 more destroyers, 30 battle cruisers and 30 battleship. That'll put us near to what our navy use to be.

  12. ok says these will also be fitted to QE class Carriers? and sea ceptor wont be able to intercept russias new mach 10 cruise missle.

  13. The Russians are full of shit. They want us to believe that missle that travels at 8000 miles an hour can somehow erratically move – even though the sheer pull of the speed itself would make it almost impossible for the missle to do anything but fly straight. Secondly, it's just a prototype. Russia doesn't have the money to build them in large numbers. Suddenly Russia has the ability to fit a nuclear warhead on a hypersonic missle? they tested that to?

  14. If Russia sunk an American Carrier, the US would probably respond with nuclear force. Detonate a hydrogen bomb in the middle of the Russian surface fleet and watch their ships fly into space. Fair enough revenge I say.

  15. Not being deployed on the carriers as stated. Only on escorts. Needed on the carrier, not just on the escorts….

  16. Aggressiveness, assertiveness of Russia my ARSE, how many time have the US-UK alliance provoked Russia????

    Who was it that broke the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty???

    Yes, the UK and especially the US, negotiate bilaterally, always act unilaterally.

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE people of THE USofA, but not their administrations since about the time of Harry S Truman.

    Russia is not to blame for this increase ARMS RACE

  17. Russia is all talk! They say what they want to say but not what's true! soviets we're the same. And Russia would never atack any NATO ship! Never! Russia would be turned to dust!, they don't even have the money to fight wars! Europe pays them billions for gas ect and that would stop! Russia's economy is shit and even Italy's economy is bigger and stronger! Italy lol.

  18. Utter horse shit video. Carrier group protects the carrier. In battle it will have Destroyers AAW and frigates ASW and submarines to protect the floating airfield.

  19. navys are a thing of the past in a ww3 scenario. ok for fighting 2 nd rate military. but missile. tec just keeps getting faster and advanced..

  20. "Computer generated graphics" lol (4:17)

    reminds me of those vacation ads back in the day that show pictures of "artist impressions" of hotel/resorts that have not been built yet..

  21. The Kinzhal missile can't see 3,000 kms with it's own sensors, and neither can a MIG-31. There needs to be a sensor node (like a ship, another aircraft, or a sub) to find the carrier first, and then to guide the Kinzhal until it can get close enough for it's own sensors to take over. These sensor nodes will have the difficult job of finding the carrier, and they can be attacked while they're searching for the carrier, plus their communications with Kinzhal can be jammed as well……. With a speed of Mach 10, the skin temp will be several 1000s degrees, and the Kinzhal will have an IR signature the size of Utah in July. The F-35 has detected an ICBM launch at 800 miles, as it broke the horizon, with it's EOTS thermal imaging system. This will enable further Electronic Attack on the Kinzhal, and Electronic Attack is something the F-35 specializes in. Also, the US SM-6 has shot down a maneuvering ballistic warhead that was doing Mach 10, so speed is no problem. If your ship can see over-the-horizon, Kinzhal will not be a problem either, and F-35s will enable you to see over-the-horizon.

  22. Unless Britain develops as Laser defence system or buys the U.S Navy's LaWS system, we will have no defence against Russia and China's Hyper Sonic Anti Ship Missiles. Only a Laser has the speed capability to stop a Hyper Sonic Missile, no conventional missile system will get close, U.S and UK Navy has already stated as much.

  23. our new laser system, dragonfire, will soon be ready so, par for the course we will sell to anyone who has the money to buy regardless of possible resale to Russia, China or similar unfriendly countries. Now this new missile system,see it in detail at the next arms exhibition. Iran are you interested,Saudi you need an arsenal of these, Please buy to keep shareholders happy.

  24. All this does is promote blood sacrafices on a industrial scale so the dark ones can gain power. say screw war we are all the same on the inside

  25. Kinzal is an imaginary fantasy missile with specs which are blown out of any proportion to really by the Russians along with most of their fantasy tech, it'll never perform anything like the reported specs in the real world. A hypersonic missile sounds great but can't manouver when the threat is changing.

  26. Sea Ceptor missiles are quite capable of smashing anything Russia throws against it and you also have to remember that not everything Putin says is true.
    There's no way for the West to verify that these weapons either A- work or B- exist in the way that he says they do.
    I could tell you that I've developed a missile that doesn't need fuel or is nuclear powered, that it travels at Mach 10, is stealthy so it can't be detected and has 500 warheads inside. You wouldn't know if I had these without concrete proof that they exist in any form other than my head. Get what I mean?…

  27. The biggest defense system this carrier has, are a bunch of nuclear submarines, with a shed load of nuclear weapons, with the names of any country on, that attack this carrier. Try sink this ship and you risk all out war with a nuclear armed nation

  28. The UK defence is as stupid as Gavin Williamson and has the same moronic attitude The aircraft carrier is a very large sitting duck. Aircraft carriers are out of date and totally useless in a war

  29. Deny

    The Russian playbook in play and if you trust them you must be fucking bonkers.

    Denied the shooting down of a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet, denied the poisoning attack of an English Town and denied the invasion of a foreign country in Ukraine.

    Russia has taken diplomacy lessons from "Shaggy"

    It wasn't me!

  30. Can you please!!! stop using the expression THE HMS (name of ship) Just look at it when it is presented in full.. The Her Majesty's Ship (name of ship). There is no need for the use of THE.
    Please get it correct>

  31. It's nice to see the russians have got the hang of using animation to introduce this much vaunted anti-ship missile, that's about as much use as a source of information (or truth) as watching all the military experts on world of tanks……

  32. the QE2 is having offensive missile cells installed after her initial shake down cruise…. the system wasn’t ready at the time and to keep the time table it was decided to fit them after trials of her primary systems. Each ship will carry 2 cells one forward port side and one aft starboard side. They are being added onto the ship as the QE2 class was designed to be modular its rather easy than previous ships.

    This was decided literally last week.

  33. The UK has already developed a potent laser defence system for the aircraft carriers and its other warships. No missile, no matter how fast, can travel faster than the speed of light.
    Russia's hyper missiles would be toast.

  34. Presume the Russian hypersonic missiles will also need to be launched with a Russian hypersonic tug in case they break down?

  35. I would not put too much store in what the Russians claim. They have a long history as well as their soviet forerunners of exaggerating their weapon systems abilities without any evidence. Proof of the pudding as they say, history has repeatedly shown that Soviet/Russian systems just don’t cut it, unless of course it’s against slow, fat, undefended airliners or poisoning innocent civilians.

  36. Who can believe anything the Russians say anyway ? a lot of the recent bragging about new types of weapons is propaganda

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  38. I thought I recognized the missiles side profile and performance abilities. This is a Sea launched version of the British Air launched ASRAAM built by MDBA. they are identical with exception of the soft launch aspect of the ship born launcher itself.

  39. I remember when we had firework rockets as a 8 year old boy in Leeds England and we used to set them off across a playing field at one another for fun

  40. It's also completely useless against Russian Ulyana atmospheric rarefaction missiles and Chinese Shi Huang subspace missiles.

  41. Amazing Missile👌 MBDA should make a Submarine launched version of Sea Ceptor called Sub Ceptor! launch process similar to Sub-launched Exocet missile, that can be deployed onboard Royal Navy's Astute class Submarines as an invisible & invincible Anti Air Defense Shield👍

  42. Russia what a joke the only thing Russia has smoke their shitty weapons are just stinky smoke hahaha putin all talk no action russians love being humiliated hahaha

  43. Imagine spending a billion dollars on a weapon system only to deploy it and realize it was no longer effective…….not happy! As with the US, and everyone else, It looks like battle ships are currently cannon fodder for hypersonic weapons until lasers become operational.

  44. The Kinzhal is almost impossible to intercept because it’s a propaganda dog and pony show .
    Has it been launched , tracked , speed clocked , range measured and target hit? The answer is no …………

  45. What about nuclear ☢️ defences for the country like missiles for the coast and main country parts like London or Sheffield Manchester etc ?

  46. I am from commonwealth and my soul rests in the hand of my Queen. I swear to lay down my life only for the cause of The Country i truly love. My soul will always be there to you to take My Queen.

  47. A Sea Ceptor missile could not catch up with a hypersonic missile but here is the thing, the hypersonic missile would be coming towards you! Easy to kill!

  48. The sea ceptor has a discarding sabot warhead. That means it is more than capable intercepting russian or american missiles (Mach 10+)

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