The Last Pope: Bonus – Protecting the Pope | History

The Last Pope: Bonus – Protecting the Pope | History

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  1. Hates guns and violence but all his bodyguards are armed and will beat you to death if you try to get to close. Hes a hypocrit and has no religious grounds to stand on. You cant defy your god by doung what your god preaches against and be righteous, only arrogant.

  2. Completely satanic organizations! People that know truth remove themselves from this satanic church, and seat of Satan!

  3. He is the Anti Christ he is a demon. He does not deserve protection. Everyone he touches is at risk for demonic possession.

  4. i believe in the prophecy of Saint Malachi. and i think Pope Francis is the last pope. according to the prophecy of Saint Malachi, the real/pure pope is only 112.
    and pope francis is the 112th in the list. and the next pope is anti-christ.

    Sorry for my grammar. English is not my primary word.

  5. Francis is an Anti-Pope, true Traditional Catholics are waiting for a True Pope like Pope Peter II or Pius XIII

  6. can you or some one who sees this post …. upload to you tube, the whole documentary aired on the history channel…." the last pope documentary" thank you

  7. Everyone wants to jump in and talk Anti-christ jibberish but what you didn't notice in plain sight is the title "The Last Pope" that alone should warn you that the end is already known and it's here faster that you want it to be. The Anti-Christ or Dajal is soon to appear and while the Catholic church has an Anti-Christ spirit within them they are only one of the Beasts according to Revelation and the mortal wound is in regards to the acts of pedophilia .

  8. He is a Demon, false prophet, pedo,I think he read the prophecy in the bible about the deadly wonded beast, and he trying to escape that prophecy, but he don't know the real meaning of that prophecy

  9. If this lad would be a follower of Christ, he wouldn't have to have bodyguard and other type of protection because a true man of God is not scared of those things as everything we do is for The Creator in Jesus' name and not for the world or for ourself. Open your eyes guys, Jesus said, come out of her my children and lest you shwre of her sins and lest you receive of her plagues (Rev 18:4).. Rev 2:4 – you have abandoned your first love (JESUS) that you had at first.

  10. The world slowly catches on to the notion that there will be, or now are, three Popes, rather than one. Consequently, JMB is somewhat safe, compared to what a future international, human behavior stability factor will look like. The fairly near future is the x or x/y/z mode of precaution. A final Pope will have impressive, x/y/z protection, generally. Trump will read this comment.

  11. Even our Lord Jesus didn't glorify himself, always seeking to do His Father/our Father's will, he came as a servant, he was humble and taught humility and that anyone who follows him won't be loved by the world but persecuted, not to mention the thought of "hail mary" when he said "my mother and brothers are those who do the will of my Father" so why are people glorifying a mere man and acknowledging him as "holy"? We must break free from traditions and doctrines of men to serve God in truth! Jesus loves all people

  12. The Last Pope? No one knows for sure, but this a click bait. This segment is all about security protection for the Pope.

  13. And this is what’s wrong with the pope he is just like the Pharisees acting like he’s better then everyone else and not doing things for god but for his glory

  14. Any pope is not afraid to die. That is Christian faith. But for realistic reasons, he needs to be protected. We do not want new pope elected every short period of time.

  15. Popes are such loving sovereigns… they care for the ppl and not about how fabulous or stylish they look…. Long live pope francis! And benedict! And more!!!

  16. That is one strange sight, a standard fiat with the flag of the Holy See on it and surrounded by bulletproof semi suburbans.

  17. Very Teatrical indeed while with his other hand he seeks to destroy and distort Jesus teachings and mislead souls with false doctrines away from Jesus Truth

  18. according to the fatima prophecy, he will be killed by the army of Mahdi, shot to death after kneeling before a great cross with background of ruining and destroyed rome

  19. Protect him from the Protestants and “Hebrew Israelites” who threaten to murder him the most and everyone else who isn’t like them! At least he made peace with Muslim leaders unlike those hateful idiots!

  20. This video is misguided… Francis is not the last pope because someone wants to kill him, but because there will be no successor…

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