The Haunting of Hannah Williams

The Haunting of Hannah Williams

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  1. She rolled over & saw a ghost
    "Not today. I'm not in the mood. How about you come back in a few weeks to scare the hell out of me?"
    Ghost: "okay… Next time I'll try a little bit harder…"

  2. omf shane: open this closet since weve got access to this attic here they can slink out of the attic and into my body๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

  3. I know this is late, but it has been proven that psychics are not real. The way he could've known the name was basic research.

  4. Hannah: He told me โ€œyou know i see people in my roomโ€
    Me: throw the child away

    (iโ€™m kidding we love hannah and her children) :3

  5. What if we're the the ghosts and the "ghosts" are the real human beings tryna hide from us and maybe thats why we dont think theyre real

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  8. Is no one going to talk about Shane sleeping with the closet door open tho? What a brave man

    Edit: Demons can't say their names.

  9. i just like to imagine in hell theres a shane encounters anonymous and all the demons that got bullied by shane comfort each other

  10. id love for yall to revisit this one and just come at it like, harder: bring in multiple mediums (at different times) to get different perspectives, film everyone going about their day to day life – set up cameras and mics in bedrooms and maybe at the end get father thomas to bless the house.

  11. Although Iโ€™m a huge skeptic. And I believe all of this can be put down to coincidence. There is a claim for demonic infestation in the house. Like in the Sallie house, the demon could be taking the form of a little girl and use the calming effect to coax them into a state of calm and that this thing is good. And then you can use the key bend to show the demon becoming more hostile to the family.

  12. Didnโ€™t they say the machine like reads heat so like it would go off when Ryan touched it cause his body heat??? Iโ€™m probably wrong someone lmk

  13. For all of the fellow shaniacs out there…
    We have released Annabelle in the corridors.
    We have done satanic rituals in every room.
    Pentagrams covers loads of them walls.
    Half of the things from the warrens are loose in the corridors.
    All of the Boogaras out there,
    The walls have been soaked in holy water.
    The wallpaper has also been soaked in holy water.
    The property has been exercised twice
    The property has been blessed.
    Heavy security are on the ground.


  14. Matilda is honestly everything I would be as a ghost. When she mocks Ryan I would so do that as a ghost. Also love how she made Ryan jump when he picked up the teddy bear. Everything she does is funny

  15. I just came from the postmortem and Shane said he had a cold during this episode and had taken some medicine for it and that's why he's acting so goofy and honestly rewatching this with that information in mind makes this episode so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. I don't really believe in ghosts and stuff
    I think spirits are real but can't really interact with people
    But god damn that psychic had me shook

  17. literally can just google stuff about the buzzfeed employees… like, legit, names of relatives and obituaries and stuff

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