The First Artificially Intelligent Surveillance Camera

The First Artificially Intelligent Surveillance Camera

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  1. Why is motherboard reporting on those guys who just take a picture and send it to a service and not the service itself where the real innovation is. Face detection & text-to-speech is nothing new. And having to communicate over the internet is a risk both for the system and the target's privacy. Unless they can run their own service locally I don't think this would be a very effective security measure especially given the price tag it's probably going to have.

  2. Hey we made a cold reading AI! Neet! You need to program it to every 12 pictures or so just announce "Heeeeeeyyyy Macrania!" And see what people do.

  3. you should put in a high powered UV laser that targets people's eyes with facial recognition so you can blind trespassers.

  4. What it sounds like is that this guy bough a security camera and a raspberry pi, found some opencv code on the internet that makes it focus on people's faces, and then wrote some random bullshit horoscope lines that it spews out when it detects a face.

  5. Quoting Edsger W. Dijkstra, a Dutch computer scientist and 1972 Turing Award winner : "The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim."

  6. I'm not sure this video showed the effectiveness of the camera as much as it showed how woefully unprepared for this kind of technology. The guy basically admitted he does not know if the machine is thinking. It's a deeply complex and philosophical question, and no one can give a good answer, and that's the problem.

    We have 60 year olds like my mother who have owned a laptop for several years and yet still don't know where or what the desktop is. It's a lot easier to explain to them how a nuke can ruin their lives than it is to explain all the things a "broken AI" could do to us, and that's before it even thinks about nuking us for our own good or its own security. Part of the problem is it sounds like a movie, despite the fact that movies have "predicted" things before.

    We need to understand this issue better as a society and a species, because there are lots teams like this trying to make different kinds of AI, and important things have been stumbled upon before.

  7. This doesn't seem like AI to me.  The "A" part is definitely there, but the "I" part is in the humans, doing effectively what they do for people who conduct séances, cold readings, palmistry, or the like:  the "authority" tells people something, and the subject molds that fairly meaningless "something" into something meaningful.  The AI isn't doing the work, the human intelligence is.  This is the "personal validation effect", or Forer effect.

  8. This is terrifying.
    People need to realize that amazing technology can be used for both good and bad…and it's usually bad, because going bad pays more.

  9. i bet the machine uses social media to get its information.

    just think when a corporation gets the technology and uses it in NY.

  10. "Daaaamn gurl. You lookin' fine."
    "Holy shit, who's that behind you?"
    "We are always watching. Always."
    "There is a murderer waiting for you in the next room."
    "Scanning: Uploading Social Security number to the internet…"
    "This camera took 30 dollars from your savings account. Thank you!"

  11. I am not the guy who usually comments YouTube videos but this spit of bullshit just got me thinking how is even possible to give these cunts more than 5 seconds in this channel.

  12. I'm pretty sure a REAL one can be made easy! (with the right finances and networking) Just combine Michael Rubinstein's micro molecular motion technology with some sort of SAFE neuroimaging and just program a computer to recognize all the saved images of the brains molecular movements/patterns when someone is horny and willing to fuck and the camera would be telling you that Jen or John is down to fuck!

  13. my theory on how this works is

    1 it actually does detect a face and take a picture.

    2 it uploads to Google reverse image search and finds "like" pictures

    3 it looks at the descriptions/tags/filenames/etc of those pictures

    4 it filters and compiles the most used words and sends them back to the camera.

  14. How do we know it isn't using facial recognition software to cruise peoples FB profiles on the dl? I just can't even begin to comprehend how it could work.

  15. This is just Barnum Statements. Used by University students trying to make an easy name for themselves by tweaking tech they didn't invent.

  16. I hope that there are people out there that are working on some sort of wearable that can scramble or distort the wearers image when viewed through CCTV and the like.

  17. You are being watched..

    The government has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

  18. I want a camera that makes me take good posses for it not one that fucking talks…no offense…….and not photo shopped…..each camera tied to a monitoring system that's cheap if not creating money for the individual business to be paid tom supply the footage………but oh no let gangs have all the fun and steal identitys….. admittly how we password are phones either the resouliton has to be crap or some other factors have to worked in…..I want to find the evil asshols after me casue once I see them there stomachs will churcn from other reality sources…….lol fuck I'm stupid…kill a guy for being mentally challenged to stalk me yeah that's who I want to be…they don't put front line soldiers to man prison camps

  19. You know damn well people are going to beat this with a bat or shoot it if they see it rolling down the street.

  20. HAHA 2:24 It didn't see the black guy! @motherboard Lets document alongside the BOOM in Facial recognition, "The Racial Bias in Facial Recognition Software"

  21. Lol I thought it was gonna give physical descriptions of people, like “white female, height 5’5”, brown hair, brown eyes, etc etc etc” (which I now realize makes no sense since you could just look at the image and see all that for yourself), so when it started spitting out that nonsensical word salad, i honestly thought the dang thing was malfunctioning 😹 Watching these people go along with it gave me serious “The Emperors New Clothes” vibes, foreal foreal.

    Lol, sorry but what a pointless piece of tech.. i don’t exactly see it being of much use to anyone in the surveillance business

  22. Fuk THE personal law life or its impact on humans day to day live hood. We absolutely needed this type of camera. Im pretty sure china ahead on the technology. Police.

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