The Easiest Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial That Saves You Money

The Easiest Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial That Saves You Money

– Well Christmas is this month— which is insane— so Sarah, Home Editor of Woman’s Day, is here to help us – I am. – to find some new ways, and unique ways, to wrap gifts this year. Which I’m so excited about. – We’re really excited about this. You know, it’s so easy
for things to add up around the holidays, between traveling and entertaining, and the presents themselves. But wrapping your presents
should not cost a fortune. – Yes. – So we came up with a
really cute and clever way to wrap your presents with a single roll of Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper. – Which I love, yes. – What you can get for six bucks. – Like a huge one. A huge roll, huge.
– So great. – And all of these toppings that we’re gonna go through,
– Yes. – Are things that are probably
already in your house. – Which I love. And no one else is going to
have this wrapping paper. Nope, they aren’t.
– Which I love, too. Okay, so the first gift idea is? Stickers!
– Yes! – Who doesn’t love stickers? And these are big fat glittery ones. – They’re super cute. – Maybe your kid just did
the science fair project, and he has some left
over scrapbook letters that you got at the craft store. – Yes. – Don’t let them go to waste. We here have spelled out, Merry Christmas, you can ever use it as a name tag and write a to and from. – Thank you. – You’re so welcome. Or it can spell out just
some simple holiday letters. So here we have, faith and cheer, – Yes. – And they’re super easy. You don’t even have to glue them, they just stick right on. – Oh, super easy. – Some you just peel and stick. – On that. – It’s cute. – So cute! – What’s really great about these, if you’re traveling for the holidays, whether you’re getting on an airplane, packing the suitcase, or
just driving to grandma’s, these are great cause they
stack, and pack really easily. – Oh, and and you don’t have a big bow on top. – Yep, no smooshing. So, it’s very pack friendly, which is awesome. – So fun, I love that, love that. Okay, number two. – Okay number two. So at the craft store
you can pick up a roll of gorgeous ribbon and gasp at the price. It’s so expensive, and you can maybe get like
three presents out of it. And it’s not a lot.
– No. – I did that last year, and it was like three presents literally. – Exactly. – With those beautiful
bows and that was it. – I mean you spend $50 on
ribbon, which is silly. – Yes. – So we came up with a way to make some really gorgeous ribbon out of a piece of fabric. This is a sample we
got at the craft store. – Okay. – Or you can take an old tablecloth, you can take dad’s old plaid shirt, you can take a tie. And all you have to do is cut out one to one and a half inch strips. And the great thing about plaid is because it has lines on it, – Yes. – You don’t have to
measure, or use a ruler. You just cut down the line. – Yep. – I cut the ends to give
it that ribbon feel. – So cute! – And then you just tie it on, like a bow. And you can use these year after year. If you are one of those
people who like to save your, you know, my mom saves her bows. Yes.
– So here we go. – Saving ribbon and it’s super cute. – And it’s so festive! Yes!
– It’s soft. – It’s like warm and cozy. – Yes, exactly! – I love it! – Alright this one’s really fun. These sticker dots, you probably have them in
the back of your desk drawer. They’re at the drug store on the corner. And they make a really
great polka dot pattern. – Yes! – Just by sticking them on. So we have them, of
course, in festive colors of green and red. – Yes. – And this is great to get
the kids involved because . . . – I was gonna say, kids will
be obsessed with these. All of these are good for kids. But this one’s fun too. – Exactly. So, you just stick ’em on, no rhyme or reason. You can let them have their fun. – Yes. – And create their own little pattern. And the great thing about this idea is that these dots come in tons of colors. Neon pink, neon yellow. So if you have a birthday coming up, or a baby shower . . . – Oh yep.
– You can last minute make it perfect for that and not just the holidays. – Yes, so even beyond Christmas. – Exactly. – That’s cute, I mean seriously, how cute would it be for a little like five year-old’s birthday party, and you show up with pink polka dots!
– Dots yes! – The wrapping paper might
almost be as fun as the gifts. – Seriously, that’s so great. Okay, this one. – Yes.
– I’m loving it already. – So, tinsel garlands. Let’s say you pack it
away after Christmas, and you get it back out of the attic and it’s not in the best shape. – Yep. – Before you throw it out, it can be a nice alternative to a bow. For a fraction of the price. – I mean, that’s adorable. – So all you have to do is, from the big strand of garland, you’re just gonna take and
cut six to 10 inch strips. – Okay. – All you’re going to do is knot it. – Okay. – In a knot, it doesn’t
have to be perfect. – It’s so easy. – Yep, and you just stick it, right onto the present. We used glue dots, which are awesome. Not even double stick tape. You just stick it right on. – Yes! – And voila! You have a fuzzy little caterpillar bow. – So cute! And it’s so easy! I’m not a crafter at all
you guys, and all of these, it is, it’s so simple! – It’s sticking. It’s cutting. It’s tying.
– But it’s so different. And cute. Very cute.
– I love it. – And last but not least . . . – So this one is really going
to impress the gift recipient. These awesome toppers are
made out of cupcake liners. – So cute. – It’s the holidays, you’re baking, and chances are you have this already in your pantry. And what’s great about the cupcake liners is they come in a million colors. And especially around the
holidays they come in great, – Adorable.
– green and red patterns. – And it’s so many for so cheap. – So you could make
probably dozens of bows. – Oh yeah! – And just the thought of one bag of bows, it can really add up. – Yes, yes! – You can get a lot of toppers out of a single sleeve of cupcake liners. All you have to do is, you start with flattening them out. Take your biggest one and that’s gonna be your base. And then you’re gonna
fold the smaller ones, and just flatten them out. – They all come in
obviously different sizes. – Different sizes and you
can even cut them down so they’ll fit. You want to layer them
from largest to smallest. – Okay. – And then to give it some texture, you can simply fray the edges around. Or you can keep it flat. It’s really customizable. And then once you’re
done cutting the gift . . . – This is a creative’s dream. All the patterns, and all the forms, like everything I can’t do.
– Totally. Let’s get a little sticky tape in there. – Oh yes. Perfect. – And then, we’re gonna top with, this is just a thick piece
of glittery card stock. Just to kind of add the little
finishing glittery touch. – It’s a little glam. – Just a little glam And then you can stick it
right on top of a ribbon. – You guys. How cute. I mean, that’s so easy. – And then you can even- – When I first saw this, I was like oh, that looks intimidating. – It does.
– And it’s not! – It looks like a professional crafter. But no, it’s simple. – So great. – And if you get a
non-glittery card stock, you can even write a little message, or a to and from right onto the paper.
– Cute. – Yes. Oh, I love it. Well these are all such great ideas. Seriously, I’ll make the Cruze household, it’s gonna be so festive and merry! Because of you, Sarah! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Alright you guys, make sure to check out Woman’s Day Magazine on news stands now for the December issue to get more budget saving
ideas around Christmas. And click the link below to get more unique gift wrapping
ideas just like these. Thanks again Sarah for being here, so fun! – Thanks for having us! (upbeat music)

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  1. But I could just buy gift wrap and accessories from dollar tree and wrap it the traditional way.🤔 Cost less than 10 dollars to wrap 20+ presents.

  2. Or…. Buy your wrapping paper after Christmas when it is on average 75% off..Bought 10 rolls last year of HEAVYWEIGHT paper for 0.50¢ per roll/$5.00 total..set for the next few years!

  3. I sometimes usepaper bags if it’s a small gift- recycle the ones from the grocery store- here we are not aloud plastic bags at the stores any more so when I forget the reusable ones I- save the paper ones for gift wrapping. We make some home made stamps or the kids paint or color the paper- let it dry and have cute hand made paper for no cost.

    My favorite idea was the plaid- recycling a gently used plaid shirt or buying discount fabric from Joanne’s- going to do that and re use it year after year- we are a big family- 8 of us. That’s the best one imo. 😁

  4. Or just go to Dollar Tree and buy wrapping paper I don't think Rachel's broke enough in real life to understand this

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