The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”

– I’m Ryan, that’s Brent. This week on Buzzfeed
Unsolved we’re covering the real-life Men In Black, are they real? Are they as charming as
their Hollywood counterparts? – You know, watching Men In Black, I never knew it was based on a true story. (laughter) – Today we find out. (laughing) – [Voiceover] The Men In
Black are typically described as wearing black suits,
being expressionless, cold, sinister and in some cases, inhuman. The Men In Black seem to only
talk to two kinds of people, those who claim to have seen a UFO and those who research UFO’s. They present themselves as
part of a secret organization, sometimes even producing a white card with a crest and the word security on it And in some cases they refer
to each other by number, rather than name. They threaten and scare
people into remaining silent about their UFO encounters
and/or research. Think of them as the cleaners of the extra-terrestrial universe. – [Voiceover] Now that
you know the basics, here are, in my opinion, the most terrifying reports of encounters with the Men In Black. The first ever recorded
experience with the Men In Black came from Harold Dahl in June, 1947. Harold Dahl was out on his
boat in the Puget Sound, where he claimed he saw six giant doughnut-shaped
objects in the sky. One of the objects fell apart, spilling debris that killed
his dog and injured his son. He took photos of the debris, but said they were later
fogged over by a man in black, who told him not to speak of the incident. – [Voiceover] The next incident comes from Robert Richardson in 1967. Robert Richardson reported
that he collided with a UFO while driving at night in Toledo, Ohio. On impact, the object vanished. Richardson took home a small lump of metal that he believed was from the UFO. A week later, Richardson
said he was visited by two men in black suits. He aid the two men asked for the piece of metal from the site. But when Richardson informed them that he had turned it over for
testing, they threatened him. Quote, End quote. Richardson never heard from the men again and still has no idea how
they knew about the metal. – [Voiceover] The next encounter happened in New Jersey in 1968. Jack Robinson, a UFO
researcher and his wife Mary were terrorized by a man in black, that would stand across the street from their apartment building. They reported their
apartment appeared to be rummaged through and after
seeing the strange man for three days in a row, their
friend Timothy Green-Beckley decided to get a closer look and managed to snap a picture. This is a rare instance of a reported MIB caught on camera. – [Voiceover] These next
encounters I’m gonna go over are a little more bizarre and offer much stranger implications. On September 11th, 1976, Doctor Herbert Hopkins,
a doctor living in Maine, was studying a UFO incident when he reportedly got a phone call from a man who had identified himself as a representative of a
New Jersey UFO organization. The man asked if Doctor Hopkins was alone and if they could review research. Doctor Hopkins agreed, and by
the time he hung up the phone and turned on the lights outside, Doctor Hopkins claimed the
man was somehow already coming up the stairs to his door. Hopkins’ description of the
man is the most horrifying yet. The man wore a neatly-tailored black suit, was bald with no eyebrows or eyelashes and had smooth, dead-white
plastic skin like a doll. His lips were ruby-red and his speech was
expressionless and monotone, as if you were hearing a machine. – [Voiceover] The man
in black told Hopkins to take out a coin and
said, “Watch the coin”. After that, Hopkins claims, quote, end quote. After that, Hopkins
said the man ordered him to destroy his UFO research. – [Voiceover] This next encounter is with someone you probably know, Dan Akroyd.
– [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Voiceover] In January 2002, Dan Akroyd sold a TV show called Out There to the SciFi network, that
would break serious ground on a wide range of topics in
the alien-media landscape. In the middle of conducting
further interviews for the show, Dan stepped
outside for a break, where he reported seeing
a black Ford sedan appear suddenly across the street. Dan reports that one large man
in black got out of the car and gave Dan a dirty look. Dan said he looked away for a brief second and when he turned back, the car was gone. Two hours after the car disappeared, Dan was given bad news from
the producers of the show. Dan said quote, end quote. – [Voiceover] But, I saved
the best encounter for last. – [Voiceover] Okay. – [Voiceover] On October 14th
2008, near Niagara Falls, hotel manager, Shane Sovar, along with a hotel security guard, reported seeing a large triangular UFO outside his hotel. A group called the Aerial
Phenomenon Investigations Team looked into the incident. They reported that a couple weeks later, according to three other witnesses, two unidentified men in
black visited the hotel, The men in black terrified the hotel staff and were looking for Shane Sovar and the hotel security guard, who were luckily not there at the time. And when Shane Sovar reviewed
the hotel security footage, he discovered that the camera had actually caught two men on tape. What we’re about to watch is that footage. – [Voiceover] No one’s
gonna die, are they? – [Voiceover] No. Sovar reported that the
witnesses described the men as tall with black suits, black hats, identical faces, extremely pale skin, no eyebrows, no eyelashes and abnormally large eyes. A woman who spoke with the
men claimed that she felt that the men knew what she was thinking. Is this video proof that the MIB exist? Or is this video simply an internet hoax? – [Voiceover] Okay, look at this fucking, this guy right here. The fucking guy standing next to the door. – [Voiceover] Okay. – [Voiceover] Look at him next to them. Unless he’s super tiny– – [Voiceover] Unfortunately,
most cases of UFO or alien encounters come in the form of first-person accounts and
the MIB are no different. Do they exist, are they
from the government, are they even human? Ultimately, it comes
down to what you believe. Me personally, I believe that while they may not be aliens,
even I can’t believe that, I do believe that there
may be a government agency out there that would
regulate these sort of things to prevent mass-hysteria. – I can give you, I can buy, I can buy into the fact
that the Men In Black may be a real thing, but I cannot give you the
satisfaction that they’re covering up aliens. – There are certain things,
like ghosts, or aliens, or demons, that don’t– – Well no, I’d say if those exist, then that becomes part of the science an there’s an explanation
behind those things, and it’s logical.
– This is where we’ll always disagree
because not everything can be explained by science
or logic, in my opinion. – No, no, no, no, no, no! (dark orchestral music) – One day there’s gonna
be definitive proof, one of these things– ♫ One day Mark ♫ There’s gonna be definitive
proof of something happening and I’m gonna be there when
that day happens, Brent. – This is when we know the
video is over. (laughs) – No, I’m gonna be
there and you know what? Yeah, you go walk away like you always do, but one day it’s gonna happen and trust me sir, I will be there. And I won’t even say anything,
I’ll just smile at you, like this. – [Brent] All right.

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