The Company Man: Surveillance Video

Oh, this, this room is so nice. I was trying to rest. Oh, go ahead and sit there. I, I’m kinda big. Oh. Let’s put this down here. We’re going
to need a light here in a minute. So, how was your evening? Not bad, not bad. Good? Did he have a good stay? Very tired. Long night. I was able to get
everything that was on the list. He got everything we need for over there. Everything. I have two disk. Good Um, it was very full. You are so powerful Whew! It tool a long time. Seems you’re—you are—like what I say,
you are powerful. Lots of security, um, yeah, again, you know,
I could get in a lot of trouble but, I think we’ll be okay from what I did last night.
You guys got something for me this morning? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. How many hours did he sleep? How many hours did you sleep last night? I didn’t sleep last night. I slept, like,
two hours this morning. He didn’t sleep last night. He only slept
two hours this morning. And then coffee. Thank you, thank you. Lots—lots of coffee. So, so you, you, you will show us the… I will show you what I have after you show
me the money. He wants to see the money. Uh, the door is, is security? Don’t worry about the door. Very good. Very good. Trust? Um, no count. Should we check it? This… Now, understand, this is the formula
for the glass. This is secret. Uh, it’s confidential. And you understand that, right? It’s very confidential. So when you hide this in your luggage, you
need to make sure that nobody can see it. We can just remove this at that time and do
it ourselves. Oh yes, uh… But this talks about how much [redacted] we
have. Mm-hmm, hmm, hmm. Um, But then, here’s how we do it. We have a lot, lot of formulations. This is the secret right here. How much of
these we put in. Okay? Just using [redacted] won’t work. Mm-hmm. It’s not good enough. Okay. The FBI. FBI. You’re under arrest. Stand up. Now stand up. Turn around. Thank
you. Stand up. Turn around. Oh Stay right there. Put your hands behind your
back. Keep them like that. Keep your hands behind your back. Move that
other hand.

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