The Christmas Tradition I Love to Hate

The Christmas Tradition I Love to Hate

(upbeat music) – So, one thing I am obsessed with is Christmas and Santa Claus. I love Santa. And I know some of you don’t do Santa and all that, It kinda makes me sad, but it’s okay! It’s your prerogative. Whatever you wanna do. But in my heart, Santa is real, and so that’s what I tell my kids. But I do, I love the magic of everything like Christmas and Santa Claus— and P.S. we love Jesus, so
we talk about him too, all the time. Don’t worry, guys. But Santa, there’s like reindeer food. And there’s like, you make cookies and you go see him at the mall. You make a list. And the beauty of Santa is, he has a friend from the North Pole
that comes to your house and shows up every morning
somewhere different. Oh yeah, you parents, you
know what I’m talkin’ about. Elf on the shelf. When Amelia was old enough
to actually understand it, I was like, “We are ordering this and I cannot wait.” It was like this big presentation, and she named her Sprinkles,
and it was fantastic. For the first eight mornings. Yep, things started goin’
downhill quick with Sprinkles because this non-creative over here, I’m like, I don’t know. Like crap, Sprinkles hasn’t moved yet. I’m like, “I don’t know where to put her.” Again, I had like eight
really great ideas. I didn’t have like 25. And so I found myself in the mornings sometimes, or at night,
kind of like stressing and freaking out because,
hashtag comparisons, I would see my friends on social media and they like had theirs with
a little pencil and a string and a Cheerio and they’re
like sitting on the toilet. And they’re like fishing. All this like cute, weird, creative stuff. I’m like man, Sprinkles
has been on the chandelier for like a week, and she just
loves it there apparently ’cause I can’t think of
anywhere else to put her. But that’s the moment
where I realized, okay, stop Rachel. It’s okay. Like what Pinterest and
Instagram, all the stuff . . . You may not have time for all of that, but you’re still doing something fun. And it’s something small, and I had to tell myself, “Don’t stress over something so
insignificant, like Sprinkles.” Even though . . . love her, but stressful. So, you guys remember, don’t let things that are supposed to be fun
be a point of stress for you. (upbeat music)

6 Replies to “The Christmas Tradition I Love to Hate”

  1. ❀️ it! It’s easy to get lost in all the comparison especially this time of year. Sparkle, our elf, helps put out manger pieces each night. That way if she doesn’t move it’s easy to slip in a manger piece. Plus it help us tell the story of Christmas.

  2. Fred just pops up in different places. He does nothing goofy or crazy. He just hangs around and takes notes. He's polite. We LOVE Fred, the elf.

  3. I was briefly interested in getting an Elf on the Shelf. But when I found out what kind of work is involvedβ€”making messes that you have to clean up later, racking your brain for new and exciting ways to make your own life harder due to Elf’s mischiefβ€”NO THANKS! πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ€£ If someone else wants the hassle, more power to them! πŸ₯³

  4. I am totally on your Northbound Train Rachel! I love, LOVE, the magic of this holiday season and have been quick to type A my way to a bunch of stress in this regard. But, you’ve got it right. You can’t sweat the small stuff or let it steal your joy. Just have fun with it! :- )

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