The Best Video Doorbells of 2020

The Best Video Doorbells of 2020

Gabe: Hi folks this is Gabe with Security
Baron. If you’re looking for something to help protect
your packages and what’s going on, on your porch look no further. Today we are going to go over our best video
doorbells. [music] Gabe: In today’s look at best video doorbells,
I’m going to go over my top picked, in five different categories. Best for apartment, best for Google, best
wired, best for Amazon, and best value, before answering some frequently asked questions. Providing you with the recaps of all the information
you need to make the right decision. If you want to get a full breakdown on the
performance details on any one of these devices, check out our comprehensive written review
at There you’ll find information on how to implement
a video doorbell into the rest of your smart home ecosystem. This all can be found at [music] Gabe: Let’s kick off today’s best video doorbells
with our first category of best for apartments. Here we’re going the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Why is that? It does not have to be wired in, you can,
but you don’t have to wire it in. It’ll work off of a single battery charge
of 5 to 10 hours. It’ll work for 6 to 12 months. Another battery-powered gives you also really
impressive video quality. You’re looking at 1080p high-definition video,
with a 160 degree field of view. I’m thinking a lot of what is taking place,
almost everything in front of it, it’s going to be able to capture. As you can see from our shots of me in the
daytime, it looks really good. That tree, you can capture every leaf. Even when it’s dark, with that infrared LED
night vision. You’re getting an impressive sight of whatever’s
taking place. Another excellent feature of the Ring Video
Doorbell 2, its ability to integrate with the Amazon Virtual Assistant. If I want to actually see what’s happening
in front of my door, but don’t want to actually use my phone, I can watch that footage on
an Amazon Echo Show device. If I don’t have a Chime in my home, I can
use my Amazon Echo Dot, and other Amazon Echo devices. I know exactly when someone has rang my doorbell. When things are taking place in front of your
home, you’re going to want to of course get those notifications. The ability to customize, not only when you’re
notified, but how much motion needs to take place for you to be notified, can all be done
in the mobile application. You also of course, want to be able to review
and download and share those clips directly from the app. If you want that capability, you’re going
to sign up for the Ring Protect Plan. That for $3 a month, it’s going to give you
60 days of cloud storage of those recorded motion events and things that you live record. Despite all these nice features, it’s actually
a pretty hearty device. Handling minus 5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s water-resistant. It’s just solidly built. You can see why it’s our pick for best video
doorbell for apartments. [music] Gabe: Whoa, hold on. I hope you’re enjoying today’s best video
doorbells video. If you want to get up to date on the newest
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dropping new content weekly. Let’s get back to the video. [music] Gabe: The next category on our list of best
video doorbells is best for Google. Here we’re going with the Nest Hello Video
Doorbell. The Nest Hello Video Doorbell integrates really
well with Google Assistant. Allowing for you to control elements of your
doorbell just using your voice. For example, I can say, “Show me the front
door.” Then I’ll just see what’s going on live on
my Google Nest Hub, my Google Nest Hub Max, or Google Chromecast-enabled device. If that’s not enough, my devices can also
service Chime. If someone rings the doorbell, I can hear
it from my Google Nest Mini. The Nest Hello really brings it when it comes
to video quality. As you can see it has 1600HD video, with HDR
and a 4:3 aspect ratio on top of a 160-degree field of view. It’s capturing everything that’s taking place. It’s giving you this nice vertical, so you’re
not going to miss a thing. Which really comes in handy when you’re using
an eight-time digital zoom just to see what type of sneakers someone is wearing. If you can see from our video, all the folks
coming in and out of the house. You’re really capturing everyone. It’s a really impressive perspective that
you’re getting with the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. That extends into the night vision with that
infrared LED. You can see exactly what’s taking place. You don’t have to worry about car lights actually
washing it out. You’re still going to be able to capture what’s
happening. Now, with the Nest Aware subscription, you
get even more out of your Nest Hello Video Doorbell. The fact that you can pick up person detection. You get alerts when people are in front of
your door. Along with familiar face alerts. If people ever coming in, or people the device
actually recognizes, you know who it was. You know when the babysitter comes home. You know when your kids are home. You can even get a package detection so that
when someone has dropped off a package, you’re going to be notified from wherever you happen
to be in the world. Furthermore, with the Nest Aware subscription,
you’re able to get continuous recording. Which allows you to scrub that video. Make your own clip. You can share it, download it to your phone,
do whatever you’d like. Just whatever your heart feels. That’s a tremendous feature with the Nest
Hello that we’ve seen with very few other cameras, let alone doorbells. You can see why we picked the Nest Hello Video
Doorbell. It’s our best video doorbell for Google. [music] Gabe: The next category on our list for best
video doorbells is, best-wired doorbell. Here we’re going with the Arlo Video Doorbell,
which was incredibly easy to wire to my home. It has all the tools that you need right inside
of the box. The process of setting it up is facilitated
by the mobile application. Setting up the video doorbell is a cinch. I had it done in less than 10 minutes, and
I was ready to go. When it comes to video quality on Arlo Video
Doorbell, it is impressive. It’s got 1536p high-definition video. In fact, it has 1536×1536, so it’s a 1:1 aspect
ratio. It’s really capturing the length of a human
being. If you see my buddy coming in. You can note that you can see his face really
well, there’s not a single feature that you can’t make out. It has 12x digital zoom. Allowing for you to really see what’s going
on. That 180 field-of-view is going to capture
everything taking place on the block or in your cul-d-sac, depending on where you live. When it comes to night vision. It’s also mighty impressive with the infrared
LED sensors. You can see absolutely everything I’m doing
as I walk up and down the stairs. Generally speaking, a fantastic perspective. A great feature on the Arlo Video Doorbell
is the fact that when someone actually rings your doorbell, it makes a video phone call
to your mobile device. There, you can decide to either return that
call with either a prerecorded message like, “I’m not home right now,” or “Please leave
a package at the door.” You can actually answer it directly and talk
to the person right there on your screen. With Arlo Smart subscription you can unlock
advanced features, like activity zones. Maybe you don’t want to get every single motion
detection alert that’s taking place in front of your home. But you want to see exactly who’s in front
of the door, or who’s coming up the steps. You can get that with the Arlo Smart Plan
and setting up those activity zones. You may also want to have different detection
notifications set up. With the Arlo Smart Plan, you can do that. You can get person detection, animal detection,
package detection, car detection. You’re really able to distinguish between
these different motion alerts that are going off. Finally, for someone who wants, of course,
download, share, save various clips, you get 30 days of cloud storage with the Arlo Smart
Plan. [music] Gabe: The next category on our list is the
best video doorbell for Amazon. Here we’re going with the Ring Video Doorbell
Pro. The Ring Pro is our choice because once you
wire it into your home, you’re essentially it directly into your Amazon Smart Platform. You can take the video and import it directly
to your Amazon Echo Show. Amazon Echo Show 8, Amazon Echo Show 5, using
just your voice. Even your Amazon Fire TV can put on exactly
what’s happening on your porch at the sound of your voice. You can use your voice to control all of that. It the other way you can use it, is for the
Chime functionality. If you have an Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo
Dot with Clock, Amazon Echo, you can use all of those as Chimes for your Ring Pro Video
Doorbell. When it comes to video, it’s really brainient. It has 1080p high-definition video, 160-degree
field of view, digital zoom. Just really capturing things in this nice
color. You see these day-time shots of me in front
of the Ring Pro. You’ll see, you can capture me fully. You can see exactly what’s happening. When that extends to night vision, the infrared
LEDs allow for a clarity that we hope to see with every video doorbell out on the market. When it comes to notifications, you want to
get them directly to your phone. Maybe you want to only get the ones that you
care about. That’s where activity zones come into play. With the Ring Pro, you’re able to set up your
own activity zones. Basically deciding where exactly in that square
box of what you’re seeing, you’re actually going to capture that motion. Then, anything that takes place in that activity
zone, that motion zone essentially will be sent as a notification to your phone. You can see exactly what is going on. That’s a really useful part of the Ring Pro,
mobile application. If you want to review, share and download
their clips, you can get the Ring Protect Plan. That’s going to give 60 days of cloud storage
for $3 a month. Allowing you to really review anything that’s
taken place for two months. Now you can see why picked the Ring Pro Video
Doorbell as our top pick for best Amazon video doorbell. [music] Gabe: The final category on our list of best
video doorbells, is best value. Here we’re going with the Eufy Video Doorbell. The Eufy Video Doorbell is affordable to begin
with. It gives you a ton of functionality, then
you realize you don’t have to buy anything else to have a complete video doorbell experience. With the Eufy Video Doorbell, you’re getting
2K video quality with 160-degree field of view. Look at the crisp resolution that you’re seeing. It has a 4:3 aspect ratio, so it’s capturing
all of that in this nice vertical perspective. Really impressive across the board. There’s HDR to help correct for daylight distortion. Overall a great day-time experience. When you look at it at night, the infrared
LEDs provide for a nice vibrant experience, no matter how dark it is on your front porch. We’re looking at the Eufy advanced features. You have elements like custom motion zones,
where you can decide exactly where you want to begin your notifications of things taking
place. You don’t want to get the whole street, but
you do want to see who’s exactly in front of your door, or maybe to the left or right
of the door by a bit, you can do so. Along with the ability to get person detection
alerts. Those person detection alerts are pretty interesting,
in that it essentially looks for the shapes of someone’s face. Once it sees that, it’ll actually send a snapshot
of that directly to your mobile device. Finally, the Eufy Video Doorbell has four
gigabits of free local storage. This is rolling storage allowing you to take
the clips that have basically been downloaded directly to the device. Download them to your mobile device or share
them with friends and review them at your leisure. You can see why we gave it our pick as the
best video doorbell when it comes to value. [music] Gabe: Now I want to answer some frequently
asked questions regarding smart video doorbells. The first question is, what is a smart video
doorbell? A smart video doorbell is a device that allows
you to see exactly what’s happening in front of your home. This helps you to prevent package theft, see
who’s actually at your front door, and just generally integrate into the rest of your
smart home ecosystem. The next question is, is a smart video doorbell
worth it? Yes. I think a smart video doorbell is a good investment. It allows you to not only have an extra sense
of security, but it also lets you see who all has been by your home through the course
of the day. The last question is, can a smart doorbell
be hacked? Generally speaking it’s difficult to hack
a video doorbell. However, it is of course, vulnerable to the
same attacks you can lob at any other device that you use a repeated password or username
for. [music] Gabe: All right, now we’ve covered a lot today
in our best video doorbells video. I want to provide you with a brief recap on
why each one of these devices has made our list. We started off today looking at our best video
doorbell for apartments. Here we’re going with the Ring Video Doorbell
2. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is battery powered. Meaning you do not have to wire it into your
home. You can do whatever you’d like video doorbell
wise. Pick it all up and move again when your landlord
raises the rent. The best video doorbell for Google is the
Nest Hello. Which integrates seamlessly with other Google
products, like the Google Nest Hub, the Google Nest Hub Max, and even Google Chromecast-enabled
devices. Which can all actually show you the video
from exactly in front of your door. On top of that, it has impressive video quality,
and a 4:3 aspect ratio that’s not going to miss a thing. The best-wired video doorbell is the Arlo
Video Doorbell, which wires itself into your home’s existing system in minutes. It comes with an impressive array of features,
like video calls that you’re going to get directly to your mobile device when anyone
rings your doorbell. You can either decide to have a two-way audio
conversation where you can actually see that person, or you can respond with a prerecorded
message. The best video doorbell for Amazon is the
Ring Pro. It’s top of the line and it integrates with
the Amazon system seamlessly. We’re talking about the ability to use your
Amazon Echo Dot, your Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, as Chimes. If you want to port the live stream of what’s
taking place in front of your home to your Amazon Echo Show, Show 8, Show 5 or even Amazon
Fire TV, you can do that very easily. Just use your voice and your Ring Pro video
doorbell. When it comes to best value video doorbell,
we had to go with the Eufy. The Eufy’s providing 2K video resolution. You just can not beat how crisp and clear
it is with that HGR 4:3 video and 180-degree field of view. It’s just an impressive video quality. The fact that we’re able to get, also that
local storage at no additional price, made it an easy pick for us when it comes to best
value. [music] Gabe: All right, that’s our look at best video
doorbells. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like and hit that subscribe button. If you think there’s something that we missed,
leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. As always, this is Gabe with Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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