The BEST smart security camera

The BEST smart security camera

– Like so many gadgets
of the past half decade, security cameras have gotten smart. Typically, a smart home appliance means you get a mobile app
to tinker with some settings and maybe some light automation, perhaps an Alexa
integration, if you’re lucky. But do you really need
a camera in your home that knows it’s your dog and not your kid or that can tell the difference
between you or your spouse? It all depends on why you’re interested in a home security camera, what you think you’re gonna use it for, and how many people in your household you’re trying to keep tabs on. Given that criteria, the best indoor home security
camara for most people isn’t necessarily the smartest, and it’s definitely
not the most expensive, but it covers most bases
at a reasonable price and it allows you to add more features through a cheap monthly
cloud subscription. That device is the Amazon Cloud Cam. For $119, it’s cheaper than
than most competing cameras, and what you get for the money is almost as good as devices
nearly three times the price. The camera itself is easy to
set up and pretty no frills. It has night vision and it can
record and store HD footage up to 24 hours into the past or father back if you have
Amazon’s monthly subscription. It also has two-way talk
and audio recording. There are some down sides. The image quality isn’t the greatest and you get a fair deal
of graininess and noise, especially when you use the
Cloud Cam’s zoom feature. And, unlike Nest cameras, the Cloud Cam doesn’t continuously record. It only saves clips when it
detects people or motion. One big plus, the app is way less clutter than those from Nest, Netgear, and others. It’s just three screens, an account management
panel, a live video feed, and then a list of settings. There are some compromises
you have to make with the Cloud Cam beyond
just picture quality. The camera on its own will
only do motion detection. If you pay for Amazon’s
$6.99 monthly subscription, you get people detection, which means it can differentiate
between humans and pets. But unlike cameras from Nest, the Cloud Cam cannot
do facial recognition, so that means you’ll get
constant notifications if you have the Cloud Cam
facing a busy part of your home like the living room or the kitchen. If you do pay for Amazon’s
monthly subscription, you get a feature called Zones, which lets you section off
parts of what the camera sees to tell it to ignore
activity in that area. So I don’t think people are
really losing out on too much, and the AI shortcomings aren’t enough to tank our recommendation. For $119 and all the additional features if you go with Amazon’s subscription plan, the Cloud Cam is the most
capable camera for its price. If you’re looking for
something a little pricier, but higher quality and much, much smarter, Nest’s top of the line
Nest Cam IQ is a solid buy. The Nest Cam IQ records in HD and it comes with night vision and a lot of the other
standard bells and whistles. But its picture quality is stellar, with a 4K sensor with HDR to
account for changes in light. It also has a powerful
microphone array and speaker. So with Google Assistant built in, the Nest Cam IQ doubles
as a mini Google Home. And unlike the Amazon Cloud Cam, the Nest Cam IQ continuously records, so you can see through a day’s events with a flick of a finger. Where the Nest Cam IQ
really stands out though is in its AI features. Unlike the standard Nest Cam, this model knows when it sees
a person and not just a pet. No subscription required. If you purchase the
Nest Aware subscription, which starts at $5.00 a month and scales depending on
your video storage needs, you get what Nest calls
Familiar Face Alerts that lets the camera recognize people. You can even go into the mobile app and train it to recognize certain faces and to create profiles for people so it remembers them later. That said, at $299, the
Nest Cam IQ is really pricey and you need to ask yourself if those AI features are really worth it. Someone likes me who lives in an apartment and doesn’t have kids or a lot of people coming in and out all the
time, it’s a bit overkill. Also, I found the Nest Cam
IQ to be a bit too sensitive on the AI front. It kept asking if it
recognized the faces of actors it saw on my TV screen. But if you have a larger
house and a bigger family and you want to know when your
kids come home from school or where the dog is or
whether it’s the babysitter or a burglar entering your home, the Nest Cam IQ can handle all of that. Plus, it’s a really
nicely designed gadget. There are a lot of really
solid devices out there that will do the majority of the tasks most people are looking
for and almost every brand lets you link multiple cameras together. But there are a few shortcomings and compromises here
and there that made it so other devices didn’t make the cut. For instance, the Netgear Arlo Q has a ton of customization settings and a lot of features you’d find in a more professional
grade security camera, like using geofencing to
arm and disarm the camera and scheduling recording times. But it lacks any kind of smart AI features to tell people from pets or to do any kind of facial recognition. It does have motion detection, but I found that the system registered
a lot of false positives, pushing me to limit notifications. The Logitech Circle 2 has
an ultra-wide viewing angle and a pretty fully featured mobile app. But to get people detection,
you’re gonna need to purchase the premium $10 a month
subscription service. The camera is weatherproof
so you can use it outside, and it also integrates
well with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant. But it’s more geared for
people who want a camera for outdoor surveillance purposes. Truth be told, security cameras
are pretty spartan gadgets. Most people don’t need fancy AI perks like facial recognition or
super featured mobile apps. They buy security
cameras for peace of mind and, for that reason, the Amazon Cloud Cam is the best camera for most people. At $120, it leaves enough in
the bank to buy more than one. And, down the line, the camera’s
bound to get even smarter as Amazon upgrades the software and makes its Alexa digital
assistant even more advanced. (rhythmic music)

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  1. Didn’t even mention the $30 Wyze cam that does more than the Amazon cam and some others on that list without even a subscription? The features have doubled in number since I bought it… wtf

  2. Don't you think 119$ is a bit too expensive? Xiaomi camera only cost 199 RMB about 30 USD which has the same exactly function and even support PTZ. so xiaomi best.!

  3. Ll of the main endorsement. It would be nice if you’d cover what each company does with our data and the encryption side of things…

  4. The reflection of the lights on his glasses and the shadows on his neck from his hands moving are so distracting I can't hear what he is saying.

  5. Just so people know, you don't need cameras that requires a subscription payment or to send your videos to the company's servers for stuff like nightvision, motion detection, and a few other stuff.
    Wanna go cheap and local, as long as you are willing to configure and set up everything? Get something like the Amcrest cameras, and tie them up with a NAS like a Synology NAS… or perhaps a homeserver or something. Advanced routers will probably also have some support for them, I think the Synology routers have.
    There's also open source software for home security systems like ZoneMinder and others.
    I think I've seen home security projects using Raspberry Pi for the job.
    Those won't be as easy to setup as a commercial solution, but they are generally cheaper, more configurable, and you can keep them private and local. There are probably also other packaged solutions that don't send stuff to the cloud or forces you to pay subscription for some features or to work at all.
    This video has a good collection, but it's far from being complete… well, perhaps it's complete enough for "smart" security cameras.

  6. Huge oversight The Verge. WyzeCam V2 seems to compete with these cameras on every level and even out do some for $20

    1080p/15fps, upto 32GB onboard, 14 days cloud event backups (using Amazon), two way communication, alarm zone notification

    The online video can be grainy when there's a lot of fast movement and only does 12 second clips at the time of any alarm event, but the onboard video is much better quality if you install an SD card on it and can be continuous or just the time there's movement.

    They have a new one that pans and tilts for $30, but i much rather buy two of there $20 cameras to cover the whole area all the time.

  7. How come y'all don't talk about the Wyzecam? It's $20 with no subscription fees and seems to be every bit as good as the Amazon camera, even with zones built in. $30 gets you a camera that pans and tilts and can follow movement.

  8. Can i just have webcam that take photos every 3 seconds and wiredly save to any removable hard disk? Decent quality w/ IR sensor to see in the dark is enough. Can make a nice timelapse as well. Maybe make a DIY w/ arduinos or so.

  9. I dont get why the heck I should pay monthly when i already invested over 100 bucks. Espacially for something basic like the "Zones". Thats just a plain rip-off

  10. Just my two cents, I hate paying monthly fees – after testing many security cams, I personally like Reolink the best. Packed with features, super high-res cams, and I go with the NVR for 24/7 recording (for free 🙂

  11. 5 minutes and not a word about data security, encryption abilities, etc. Maybe you should consider raising awareness for the horrible state of software quality and update availability for iot devices? You don’t need great imagination to see the risks of a camera in your living room that won’t receive security updates after one year because the startup that produced it went bankrupt.

  12. wonder if you can hack these so you don't need a monthly fee, just have it feed into a black box

  13. This is terrible advice from the verge. Smdh, it's laughable even. The cloud cam is garbage. The Canary cameras are superior in every regard.

  14. Non of these cameras allow storage to your own device… there is no reason these can't store on FTP or S3, etc. Worst verge video perhaps ever.

  15. Nest is my preference. It's all about the home ecosystem and if you use google assistant mostly the amazon camera isn't for you.

  16. I have made a cam network in my home with 3 raspberry pi zeros. Motion detection, free cloud recording (via google). Works a treat.

  17. What about ring cameras? They can detect people and the plan is only $100 a year for unlimited cameras, and $30 a year for one camera.

  18. Contextually aware siri…..

  19. While agree that overall the Cloud Cam is the best camera for Smart Home items there are more considerations. You end up having a Hodge podge set up with 8 different apps and having to keep track of so many devices. Which is why I am attempting to migrate to Nest to consolidate and have most things in one location

  20. Yi cameras (1080p but not Yi 2) and WyzeCam are billion times more worth it. Most importantly: no mandatory subscription fees

  21. My vote right now goes to the SENS8, one that's newer on the market but works well and has no subscription fees, with battery backup and the option to upload to my Google Drive it wins against these cameras you've presented.

    I was close to going to for the Amazon option after a LOT of back and forth comparing when I got a chance to review the SENS8 myself and now I'm really glad I did not make the jump. It's working really well and while no one solution works for everyone it is pretty much the best for me and offers a LOT of options, some none of these offer at all. (1080P video, Ambient light, humidity, and temperature sensors as well as battery backup and a 95+ dB siren for example).

    I might still go for something from Amazon when the next version drops but most likely I'll be getting a few more of the SENS8 cameras. With them currently working on outdoor options, I think they might be a major player at a better price.

    I doubt anyone from The Verge will see this but if you do please create a video on the SENS8 if you can, love to see your thoughts and a comparison against some or all of these. Thanks for this video, helped a little in confirming none of these are currently what I'd like to have with their current offerings.

  22. yes, we are able to watch ghost activities in our home 😀 and upload that creepy video on money back

  23. i came to the comments just to see how many people comment on why Wyzecam was left out. I bought at $250 ring camera and find the $20 Wyzecam much more useful. It's pretty amazing. You guys really should have included.

  24. Dumbest video ever. Get a Wyze cam for $100 less with more features. Seriously why… this is like navigating to Amazon and saying what's the best web cam.

  25. Why monthly subscription? The AI features requires the video stream uploaded to a server or the camera can work out all the AI stuff by its own?

  26. ummm, or just buy the WyzeCam for $20. Almost all the same features for a fraction of the price. no brainer.

  27. I can't believe they didn't mention Wyze Cam. I have both the v2 and the pan and honestly for $20/$30 and free cloud recording. You just can't beat it!

  28. Secure your home with #ipcamera #wificamera

  29. I don't have Wi-Fi where I live and I'm trying to get a camera for next month to put up in my room I've got like a little bitty room that I'm living in the people that I the building that I'm living in I have been coming in my room and taking and stealing my fishing stuff and still doing some things in my room which is really meaningless since it's just to tell me that they can do it and get away with it so I'm trying to find me a good camera system when I get paid the first of the month I'm handicapped and I don't know why what kind of camera did purchase and I'm probably going to go out Walmart because I don't got very much money to work with is anybody got any ideas on what I should do or where should I go to get one

  30. "Smart home appliance" more like lazy bum appliances. Plus I've got enough NSA monitored devices, they dont need another way to know every aspect of my life.

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