The Best Security Camera for Most People | Battlemodo

The Best Security Camera for Most People | Battlemodo

know theyre great for spying on your dog? (whimpers) Wireless cameras are more afford
more feature-packed than ever b. That means its frightfully easyp an eye on whats happening in yoe at all times, all through the ce of a simple smartphone app. But its seemingly impossible toe out which camera is the best. So we looked at the design, quaI the Nest Cam IQ, the Logitech Cn
Cloud Cam, the Honeywell Lyric , the Canary All-in-One, the Ligh
and the Guardzilla 360 HD. Thats 7 contenders facing off i, but as always, there can only b. If your security camera doesnt , you shouldnt even bother buying. The Guardzilla has a noticeably. And we couldnt even get the Amazon Cloud Cam to work. So were gonna eliminate those c. The rest of the cameras have st, and they all have 1080p resolut. But what really sets them apart. The Lyric app stinks. It sends you a million emails b, so much so that we have to elim. The Nest app is pretty good, bue to sign up for the Nest Aware st the recording features. The Lighthouse and the Canary by well, but the Logitech Circle 2f apart because it’s the easiest to use out of all of them. That means the Logitech Circle 2 wins this battle. The Circle 2 and its app are not and easy to useyou can also vieg thats happened in the The app will even make it into
a 30-second timelapse.. A lot of security cameras look
white, eyeball-like. And thats what you wantyou wantm to disappear wherever theyre pl. So we have to eliminate one wacky outlier right away. Goodbye Canary. Whats left? The Logitech Circle 2, the Nest and the Lighthouse. So let’s talk about versatility. The Lighthouse is indoor only. The Nest Cam IQ offers a specia, but you have to buy it separate. So only one of these works both indoors and outdoors. It also happens to be the sleek. Logitech Circle 2 wins this bat. The future of security is artif. This means features like facialt only to know if somethings movir
house, but also what it is, or . Kind of creepy, right? The Logitech Circle 2 doesn’t hI features, so it’s out of the ru. The Nest Cam IQ and the Lighthos both have the ability to detect, and even familiar faces. However, just like you have to , you also have to pay for the fae detection feature on the Nest C. That makes the Lighthouse camera the smartest right out of the . So the Lighthouse camera wins t. The winner of this Battlemodo my or may not be obvious. The Lighthouse AI and the Nest Q are both great cameras. Feature-wise, they are the smartest of the bunch. But both also cost $300. And you might have to pay an adn fee for recording and facial re. Thats why the $180 Logitech Circle 2 is the overall winner. Not only is it cheaper, it alsos like the daily digest, which yoe without paying for a subscripti. And frankly, its the coolest-looking camera we tested like a little alien thats also .

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  1. No Arlo Pro 2? Wireless, with a battery that last forever. Indoors or outdoors. Great image, good app and very configurable.

  2. The cameras couldn't have been more simple to setup and install. The motion detection works great>>>   videos are clear, night vision works (better in low-light vs pitch black), the sound pickup is excellent, and everything just works. I'm very happy with this product.

  3. A huge part of making a decision on what you go with security camera wise is, who is going to be around in a few years? No offense to Logitech, who I love, but what if they close their service down? This goes for any of these cameras that do not allow you to fallback to storing video locally. Google sunset's products all the time and leaves users with expensive modern art. Here and now, I would expect Nest (yes owned by Google) to have the long term play.

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