The Best Place to Install a Lyric Alarm System

Hi DOR, it’s Joey
from AlarmGrid, and today, we’re going to
talk about the best place to install a Lyric
Security System. Now this is going to change
from location to location, and it’s going to change,
depending on whether you have existing stuff in the
home or whether you don’t. If you do have an
existing security system in your
location, there’s likely going to be an all in one
panel at the front door or a keypad right there. If you’re replacing
it with the Lyric, you can install it right by the
front door and it works great. As it has the 7
inch touch screen, you can do everything you
need to at the system. It also has that built in
siren right inside of the unit and it works great as
an all in one unit. Now, if you don’t want to
install it at the front door, you have a few
different options. The first one which
you may think of is the wireless keypad,
which is called the LKP 500. We have one right here. It’s actually a six device,
so it gets all the benefits that six devices do. It has a 300 foot communication
range, two way communication. It isn’t super feature packed. It doesn’t have voice chime. It will chime. It has a two line,
alphanumeric, LCD display, and it works great. Many customers,
though, have found that this doesn’t have all
the features that they want, and they’re going
to want something more robust to interact
with the system with. Now, if you don’t want
to use the LKP 500 or if you want to use other
options in conjunction with it, you do have that ability. With this system, there’s a free
app called My Home Controller that you can download off of the
Apple or the Android App Store. It’s free to download. It connects the
smart device right to your Lyric System over the
Wi-Fi network in the home, and it actually gives you a
full panel screen emulating what is shown at the Lyric. We have an iPad right here with
it setup, and as you can see, it has an almost identical
user interface as the Lyric. You won’t be able to do
any programming on this, but you can interact
with your system. You can arm and disarm,
check the cameras, do automation, and
all that good stuff. It’s basically a
user interface app. It’s not a program app. This is great to use. It’s free to download. You just connect
it right in and it counts as another wireless
keypad on the system. The Lyric System can support
up to eight wireless keypads, so you can have
eight LKP 500s or you can have a combination
of however many LKPs you want with however many
devices running My Home Controller that you want. In a lot of locations,
people have actually taken an old tablet they have
and mounted it in the wall and set it up so that it’s
always on as a virtual keypad, instead of using the LKP 500. It works perfectly fine. Another option that you
have to control the system is if you get your
system monitored, you’ll be able to access it
through Total Connect 2.0. Now, that’s an app
that is going to be part of a monitoring plan. The security company that you
activate it with, if you do activate it– they’re going
to set you up with an account. They’ll help you log into it,
and when you get that app, you’ll be able to
communicate with the system through a smartphone
or tablet, or even on a computer on a
web browser, and it will go right into this system. Total Connect 2.0– it’s similar
to the My Home Controller app, but it is more robust, as
it gives you text and email alerts. You can set up
automation scenes. You can edit and create
users, and there’s a whole bunch of other things
that you can do with the app. It’s very popular
and it’s a great app to use with the Lyric
Security System. Now, as far as installation
goes, depending on how the system
is communicating, that also may change where
you actually install it. The Lyric has a
built in Wi-Fi module that you can use to use
all this communication, but you can also install a
cellular module into the unit. And if you want, you can
have it run only on cellular. So if you have a location
where the Wi-Fi isn’t good or it’s not going to
be able to use Wi-Fi, if you have cellular
in the system, then really install
it wherever you like. As long as it has
cellular communication or cellular signal strength,
it’s going to work just fine. Now, you could also install
it with Wi-Fi and cellular in a dual path communication. So depending on which
communication path you have, that may change
where you actually decide to install the system. Whether you use this system
as a monitored system or as a local system,
it still works great. The My Home Controller
and the LKP 500– they’re going to work, whether
you get it monitored or not. So you’ll still be
able to access it with these two methods. If you want to use Total
Connect with this system, you will have to get
monitoring on it, but it’s all set to do that
and it’s very easy to activate. That’s the best places to
install your Lyric Security System. If you did enjoy the video,
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