The Best 4K Monitor for Video Editing and Camera Monitoring: Dell 27” P2715Q Review

The Best 4K Monitor for Video Editing and Camera Monitoring: Dell 27” P2715Q Review

♪ Intro Music (Guitars and cellos)♪ ♪ Intro music fades ♪ The monitor we’re gonna talk about today is the Dell UltraHD 4K monitor — model number P2715Q. I ordered this monitor over a year ago and it has bee my daily driver for quite some time. I’ve done so much with it. I really do know it quite well, and I thought I would do a video on it even though it’s a little bit older. And recommend it for video editors
and video shooters on set. Check the link in the description to the monitor. There you’ll find there are two different sizes: a 24-inch and a 27-inch. I have the 27-inch model and it cost around $480. And then 24-inch is right at $350. This is a 4K, or really, UHD resolution monitor. Meaning you’ll have a resolution of up to 3840×2160, which is great for those of us shooting 4K videos. The refresh rate is 60Hz and for color, we’re looking at 90% sRGB and between 75% and 80% when it comes
to AdobeRGB. The monitor comes with a stand design that I think is one of the best out there. If you want to get the monitor a little higher or have even more flexibility this monitor does have a standard VESA mount and that’s how I use it at my desk with a monitor arm. This allows me to move it in several different configurations. And I love it because if I’m getting a little
fatigued in one position, I can simply adjust the monitor and we’re good to go. I can also swing the monitor out if I need to access the ports on the back. Which brings us to the inputs and outputs
of this Dell monitor. For connections we have 1 Mini-Display Port In, one full Display Port In, one Display Port Out, and finally, one HDMI IN. The other cool thing about this monitor is
it has a built in USB hub. Giving us 4 USB 3.0 ports. There’s also a USB 3 In for connecting directly to your computer. And finally a 3.5mm line out for audio. This means you could connect up to 3 machines to the monitor and send a display port
out to another monitor. Connect several USB devices, and you’ve got one more audio output that you can use depending on your setup. This is huge for me because I’m able to connect a keyboard and mouse, as well as an
external audio interface. And I still have an extra spot on the monitor when it comes to USB jacks. So now let’s talk about using this is two different ways, and where it really shines,
I think, for video people. Number one is obviously as a monitor for your editing setup. The 4K resolution, especially at the larger 27-inch size, is just a dream to work with. Whether that be on a Mac or a PC. I use it with my Hackintosh and it works
fantastically for Final Cut X. If you haven’t edited your 4K footage on a 4K monitor, you should definitely check it out. It makes such a difference compared to 1080p. Another great use is if you already have something like an iMac or a more expensive calibrated monitor, this would make a really solid second monitor. Either as your final display
or color grade monitor or viewer. Or just a way to preview your 4K footage
as you’re editing it. To really get the most out of your monitor, definitely check out DataColor’s calibrators. And that’s what use on this and all of my monitors. It really helps you dial in the color. And with this monitor, it’s very easy to quickly adjust those settings and get it just so. And that brings us to the menu system,
which is very simple. There’s 4 buttons on the front of the display that let you quickly jump in, change inputs, assign calibration settings, and so much more. So that’s using it in an editing or grading scenario. Another way that’s really great to use it is on set. This isn’t the highest build quality monitor out there, but it is so much better than the glossy garbage that you’ll often find from other brands. Using this VESA Kupo adaptor, you can easily mount this monitor
to something like a C-Stand, for use on set. Using the four screws that come with the adaptor you can simply mount it to the back of the VESA mount on your monitor and slap it on a stand, a table, a cart, or really anything on set. If you work a lot in a studio environment or do longer shoots and would like a larger screen, this is a great option. It works brilliantly with 4K cameras. It’s so hard to go back to smaller 7-inch monitors once you’ve worked with a large monitor on set. It let’s you see so much more detail that you would almost never catch until you sit down to edit. If you’re interested in using this type of monitor on set, I’d recommend going with the 24-inch, the slightly smaller monitor. And then picking up one of the numerous monitor bags online, letting you easily move this thing in and out of a vehicle and up on set. So even though this monitor came out several years ago, it is still a great option if you are into video editing, editing your photos or using it on set like we talked about. I’ve seen several reports of the newest 2017 models having some quality problems, and not nearly as good as this older model. So that’s something to consider as well. I love this monitor. There’s almost nothing really bad I can say about it. Yes, the bezels could be thinner. Yes, it could be a little lighter and have USB C. But unless something really awesome comes out or something peaks my interest I’m more than happy with this monitor
for my main setup here in the studio. And if I ever move up to something larger
or curve or more modern, I can use this over in the studio space with my cameras and really maximize the use of this monitor. So that’s going to do it for this video guys. Thank you so much for watching. Check the links in the description to
pick up this monitor, if you’re interested. Otherwise, you can
watch fresh videos here at DSLR Video Shooter every single week. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in, the next video.

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  1. Recommending a one year old monitor with only 90% RGB coverage? Not the best. I'd recommend a BenQ PD3200 or smaller. Better build quality, better color space and more.

  2. My gripe with this model is that the HDMI revision that its using are not 2.0, meaning the only way to gain access to those uhd res are only thru the DP.

  3. I just want to say your videos are very informative and Sooooo well put together. You are definitely an inspiration for my channel

  4. I own this!!! And Love it!! Works super well with my retina MBP and 4K Apple TV. Wish there was a remote control, but overall love it!

  5. I would say that the BenQ is better overall with 100% sRGB and coming in at just under 500 bucks. But this is a nice one too.

  6. Your visual audio setup is FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me want to step my game up major… GRRRRRREEEEEAT VIDEO well produced.

    Edit: I shouldn't of watched this video because I want it now. lol

  7. Hi Caleb! Can this accept the HDMI out signal of the Atomos Ninja Inferno? I want to use this as a field monitor. My 1080p monitor can't display the hdmi out of the atomos 🙁

  8. The specs say it's HDMI 1.4, but there is a hidden switch that allows 2.0 on models built after February 2016:–p2715q-monitors-with-hdmi-20-support-4k-x-2k-60hz?lang=en

  9. Please try this beast and you change your mind … Wasabi Mango 4K UHD 490. I have it 1y and it's a killer. The best option for work with 4K footage. Regards

  10. I've been using the LG 27UD68 27" 4K monitor. Been using it for 7 months now editing 4K video. Love it. Not a lot of ports like the Dell, but I could get it here in Poland with no problem. Also under $500. I have a 24" 1080HD monitor above it on monitor arm.. what a difference.

  11. Yea Great monitor…
    I got my27" under £300 2 yrs ago…
    It's really current, especially at a desk viewing range… Mac Pro scaling for text makes me use it at 4k…
    The button menu is great…
    Light leak is negligible
    I will be getting another…
    Live the quick release one bottom stand mount in the back… Making it really portable(yea right 27")
    60htz both hdmi and display port…. Get the sound bar that clips on the bottom…
    Thanks brov for video

  12. This video didnt have the usual "Life" in your voice as usual. Maybe you were a little ill? I think I just like you in your live videos/more fun videos these days.

  13. I currently use a Dell 27" 1440p monitor which is great. To move up to 4k I'd need a 32" screen as, sadly, I'm of a certain age and 4k's worth of pixels become pretty much invisible at 27". At which point the price is now a hard pill to swallow. I'll probably buy another identical Dell 27" and then go for a 32" 4k Sony TV as a playback monitor that's bolted to the wall. Every solution always has a compromise. Thanks for the excellent video, as always.

  14. I use dual DELL U2515H in 1440p for every Day Work they are great Monitors Looking forward to get my hands on the 4k flavor.

  15. This is amazing, I have the LG 34inch but it can sometimes be way too big that my eyes wander, the USB C passthrough is what got me to use it though with a Macbook Pro

  16. I got Dell p4317Q and also love this thing. For me the pixels are so small my vision is not good enough to see them unless I nearly press my nose to the screen. Text looks as if it were printed on an offset letter press. But this larger size really makes it seem less a monitor and more like a TV. And you are right, editing on it gives you an idea just how good your video is going to be.

  17. Just bought Dell U2515H It's a 1440p monitor, and I love it. I don't shoot 4k (yet), and even if i were, I don't think I'd go for a 4k monitor.
    Anyway great tutorial Caleb!

  18. Definitely looking into getting one of these once I upgrade my system/move. Looks like a great, relatively low priced/slightly future proof option. Especially since I want to get into film work a lot more.

  19. I have this monitor. It's excellent and as a wedding photo editor I have not needed something better and it's great for print. I'm surprised at your color. I used a Spyder and hit 101 rgb, 83 Adobe.

  20. Sorry, but those Beringer's are one of the worst sounding monitors i've tried in +25 years of audio production/mixing. I can't even suggest selling them, because they would end up in another poor bastard desktop…

  21. Hi, first off, thank you for all of the phenomenal information and reviews you share with us. Truly grateful for what you do. I have a question for ya… If you were to do a 3 light set-up using only LED's for a fitness (physique) portrait, what would you use? adding to this scenario- only using YONGNUO LED's $100 and less. I was thinking about using the YN-600 (main), YN-360 or YN-600 (at the side for sculpting), etc… I'm going to be using your links from previous videos :-)))) oh and light stands and umbrellas :-))))) thanks in advance

  22. When using this as a camera monitor, does it have the ability to mirror the view without additional software (such as, when self-shooting video with the monitor facing yourself as the subject)? i.e. match the viewfinder screen, like looking into a mirror. Thanks!

  23. Caleb can you do a video on how to edit, color correct and grade log video? I hope you do, it's been a long since you've done a video about editing videos. Thanks in advance.

  24. Text on a 4K monitor is hard to view, and the cursor gets lost cause its so small, any fixes for this in Windows 10?

  25. Hey Caleb! I love your videos man, always follow them.

    About connecting a USB Audio Interface to the monitor, I wouldn't recommend it! It increases latency and degrades performance.
    Always connect an interface DIRECTLY to the computer in use. Hope this helps!

  26. Picked one up earlier this year and I love it. I will probably grab another soon so I have a little more room for my Premiere CC Workspace. Thanks for the video.

  27. Thanks for stopping by the livestream yesterday, I appreciate it. Keep cranking out the content, you're doing awesome. I love your setup in this video, it has me inspired to switch things up again in my office (which I do far to much). Super clean though, I love it.

  28. Good day! (1) When I connected my cameras (canon, nikon, etc) to the LG ultra full hd, i had live view but pictures after shooting were in bad resolutions! I thought is because of camera mgp but no, or quality of hdmi cable but it was my tv! I found tv cannot give me high resolution preview like a good monitor! Am i right? (2) connecting camera to a monitor gives me larger display exactly as my camera lcd behaves but when i connect it to imac and try shooting by eos utility or picture controller for nikon, i lose live view controlling on exposure setting! What to do? (3) in your other video about small HD, it seems great but i need to use it in workshops for students and 5 or 7” is too small for training! On the other side some features like focus peaking are very useful and I don’t know how can i get all these issues in one place together! I need your technical advise please.

  29. You say the refresh rate is 60hz.

    That means it can't correctly play back 24fps video, because 60 is not a whole number multiple of 24.

    But this video itself is 24p (or 23.976) so you're recommending a monitor that can't correctly play back the video that recommends it.


  30. Caleb, your videos are really helpful! I noticed the Mackie mixer on your desk. I'm considering the 802VLZ4 for some video podcast and tutorial content. However, the ProFX8V2 is about the same price, and offers a USB connection. I don't plan to do much in-depth editing in post, but want to future-proof my decision. The ProFX8V2 seems more geared toward live performances though. Would love to get your thoughts on the two. Thank you so much!

  31. What do you think is better? Ultra HD with full sRGB coverage only or WQHD with full Adobe RGB coverage under 500$?
    Mostly for photos, sometimes can be printed.

  32. Just bought it! As well as a whole hackintosh build off your recommendations, went through your link so hopefully you'll get some kickback!

  33. I have a few money but i confused about buy a iMAC 5k or Build a PC (Hackintosh) with Dell 4K monitor. I don't know whats is most best to choice . Thanks fox.

  34. I own the 24, and love it too.
    BTW, Caleb, you're a star. You'll never know how useful your videos have been to me. First rate.

  35. Quick question about this monitor… Have you been able to find a way to disable the on screen display that tells you what cable is attached every time the monitor wakes from sleep? I'm using display port and looking at that ugly grey box with jaggy letters every time I sit down at my desk is making me crazy!

    Yes, I know that I can just leave the montior on 24/7 but I really lke the idea of saving a bit of energy if I can so having it sleep when there's no computer activity makes sense to me.

    Been through the manuals, poked around online. Is this just the way it is with this monitor? Or did I miss something?


  36. Ordered one from your affiliate link and just got it in and set up today! Pairs perfectly with the 27" 5K iMac. It was a tad warmer from the factory, though. Looking forward to using it. Keep up the great work!

  37. What's the point in having a 4K monitor if the UI size in the Adobe applications are so small you can't barely see the menu text, the palette type etc? I had a look in Photoshop and InDesign and there's no way to increase the UI size there, so then the only solution would be to decrease the computer resolution…but then I'm back to the resolution I had with the "conventional" monitor. I get that watching 4K video is nice but I have a 4K TV for that stuff. As a graphic designer dealing with still graphics, web etc 4K seems kinda pointless. Right?

  38. I just want something that won't make me do bad color correcting because the monitor will maybe have a more accurate color pallette. I think I spelled pallette wrong. =

  39. I have the exact same monitor and love it! However, I now see a need to go bigger to 32" 4K and am shopping around, but it's hard to know where to look for the same quality but in 32" and also near bezel-less frame has become important as the one thing I've grown to dislike on this Dell P2715Q is the think borders around the screen (although for some studio work that's probably not a bad thing!).

  40. Love this video man! I'm highly considering this but I'm really want is a USB C monitor for my MacBook (27UK850). Is there any hub that I can get that can charge my laptop and display to this dell as well? Or you think I would be better off with the LG.

  41. Working with photography and eventually appears video work, in 2018, do you still believe to be a good monitor?

  42. My concern is that with higher resolutions, doens't everything appear smaller, which means more eyestrain? I'm currently using an old 24"… looking for a monitor that lets me view everything the same size as that old 24", just with more real estate onscreen so I can view longer video tracks and more of them vertically.

  43. Just wanted to thank you. I bought a another brand of monitor Asus and I hated it. Got this monitor yesterday and holy crap! This monitor is so clean! I love quality of it

  44. Thanks for this video. One thing I cannot find anywhere, what is the correct brightness for video editing? Is it like for photography around120 cd/m2?

  45. Hi there! I'm about to buy this monitor. I'm having some issues with the color grading and I think a new 4k monitor is gonna help me a lot with the grading. Can I know how to calibrate the monitor like yours? That would help me a ton! Thank you in advance

  46. I wish there were more 5K monitors for DCI 4K editing…and, of course, the editing programs should adjust to display DCI 4K at full resolution along with the rest of the editing suite taking up the remainder of the resolution.

  47. Any update on your monitor situation as of Nov 2018? The price point for this one is really attractive, but I wonder if you've found some better 4k tech a year later?

  48. This monitor has no Adaptive Sync Technology , this is mean judder 24fps playback , other hand not real 10bit, only 8bit+frc .

  49. Why is this "the best" 4k monitor? If you want to actually view the monitor in 4k without scaling you're going to want a 31.5" screen unless you want to sit 1 ft away from the screen. The pixel density of 4k at 27" is just too high even with perfect vision IMO. Reading text is particularly straining. 32" – 36" is the perfect size for 4k.

    There are also 4k screens that offer, frankly, embarrassingly higher specs than this monitor in terms of color reproduction, contrast, etc. Dell makes some of the best monitors in the world, IMO. But they launch their best panels in their Ultrasharp series, and they are truly in the top tier of pro monitors – high quality and each come factory-calibrated. This monitor is not of that series.

    Best bang for your buck? Maybe. Best 4k monitor for production work? No way, man.

  50. I’m going to be using my MacBook Pro FCPX but I’m not sure How this get output to the monitor??? Also I have KRK RP5G3- 59107 NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor – Pair – do they go into this Monitor or our if the MacBook Pro (missed AV 101 in High School)

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