THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE Trailer #2 Official (NEW 2019) Jesse Eisenberg Comedy Movie HD

THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE Trailer #2 Official (NEW 2019) Jesse Eisenberg Comedy Movie HD

Karate is a way of communicating ask me a question. What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to do some drugstore shopping then rent the film to watch in the comfort of my own. Oh Did that answer your question I Want you to tell me why you’re here I’m afraid I’m afraid of the dark I’m afraid of other men. I want to be what intimidates me You came to the right place I’m taking my first class today your new white belts. Is that the first built color white is before color? You haven’t earned color yet Today’s lesson to kick with your fists and punch with your feet that makes perfect sense Good There’s a mental component as well. Everything should be as masculine as possible We may want to start on those reports that pile is getting awfully high yet. I Won’t be petting you anymore. This is for your own good What’s your favorite style of music adult contemporary? No should be metal You’re a blade and I’m sharpening you I see a little myself in you. Thank you, sir Why are you filming this this isn’t a safe place Casey I Know you’re confused about what’s happening. You have to trust me. I Should have never started taking karate You can’t be weak anymore I’m interested in buying a gun. I need something I can fit into my hand. Sounds like you’re after a handgun I challenge you to a fight to the death and unarmed combat This is your belt it is yours it is sacred. Yeah, there’ll be a $15 charge to replace the last now You

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  1. Seems like a new sort of movie: without romance for once, and with new type of characters. Seems very well acted. Seems it has some message and humour – plan to laugh while watching it and then reflect on it afterwards (I have friends who also greatly lack confidence, and I can't say that I am a confident person either. people who are regularly that unconfident do become alienated). 
    Very much look forward to watching it!!

  2. The title should be “ The karate adult “, cuz he learn in adult age 😁….The opposites of karate kid.

  3. “Casey is beaten to near death by a vicious motorcycle gang…he decides to start taking karate classes…”

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