Testing Google Assistant on the Nest Cam IQ

Testing Google Assistant on the Nest Cam IQ

phrases in this video may trigger Google
assistant if you have one please consider muting it or listening with
headphones the newest feature added to nests
IQ indoor home security camera is Google assistant you can now talk to Google
assistant through the nest camera and you can get answers through the camera
as well so this in a room gives you Google assistant coverage in that space
it’s a new feature that’s just been added through a firmware update and
today we’re going to be testing it out so the Google assistant coming to this
is one of the first big changes since nest went from being a sort of more
autonomous company that was owned by Google into being a much more part of
Google’s hardware operations proper the assistant features have been
added to the IQ indoor camera but not to the IQ outdoor camera and that’s because
if it was on the outdoor camera you could have someone walk down the street
and say something like hey Google’s switch on all the lights and all of your
house lights will come on so it’s on the indoor camera only you’re gonna get it
through a firmware update you need to update your nest app so to do it you go
into the app I have the IQ indoor here set as the garage camera I’m going to
press that and then press the Settings button and right here at the top is add
Google assistant that is the feature that was added with the firmware update
so I’m just going to click that so I have it now set up Google assistant is
on this this nest IQ camera so let’s let’s give it a go and ask it a couple
of questions hey Google what time is sunset today six oh six p.m. hey Google
at cornflakes on my shopping list okay I’ve had it cornflakes to your shopping
list now one of the other things that you can apparently do with this is to
send video from the camera to a television I have a chromecast dongle in
the back of this one send video from here to a television using Google Earth
system so I’ve set this up and call it the
marriage camera this chromecast comes from somewhere else so it’s called the
office TV at the moment but that’s what we’re going to do so hey Google send the
garage camera to the office TV hey Google put the garage camera on the
office TV well this isn’t going very well we look at my notes and see that I
should be able to say hey Google Play the garage camera on the office
chromecast I also need to know which device to use try saying that again and
include the device’s name okay so progress play the garage camera on the
office TV chromecast alright zoom q2n camera garage test2 from YouTube playing
on office TV yeah okay so it’s playing a YouTube video on my TV hey Google stop
the YouTube video nothing’s playing right now I need to go look this up hey
Google show the garage camera on the office TV you got it streaming the
garage on office TV I don’t know what I did but it’s apparently about to work if
we can get this this video working there there it is and there’s a delay on it so
let’s see if we can figure out what the delay is I’m gonna do something and
let’s let’s see what happens so let’s see I’m gonna wave my hand and start and there’s the wave so it’s about eight
seconds there’s about eight second delay from this to seeing it on your
television hey Google show the front yard on the office TV okay so this is
another nest camera that should pop up in a minute
I presume it’s also on about an eight second delay
I guess Google and there it is I guess Google assistant is still very
much dependent on the language you use let’s try a couple of those things again
hey Google Play the garage on the office TV so I think the problem I was making
the first time is I was using too much language I was saying play the garage
camera on the office TV chromecast and that was confusing it and now as you can
see it’s it’s working completely fine so that’s the Google assistant in the nest
IQ indoor hey Google say goodbye

16 Replies to “Testing Google Assistant on the Nest Cam IQ”

  1. I dont get indoor cameras. I rather see whos breaking in before they break the window. Indoor cameras are kinda pointless to outdoor cams.

  2. no onboard video storage. Google's latest products are forcing you into subscriptions. Its a bit of a disappointment.

  3. You can just say "stream the garage to office tv". Google learns with us but we have to learn from it too. I was having some hard time to turn my hue lights and changing colors, but when you get it right, google tells you what she is going to do….from there you just have learn how she is saying and do it the same.

  4. It doesn't matter what your devices are called, just say "hey google who's at the door". I have a google mini in the bedroom and one in the lounge, if I ask from my bedroom it shows it on the bedroom tv and if I am in the lounge, well you get the picture. The delay is google's shocking server.

  5. I've watched a ton of google assistant videos, and this is the first one I've seen so far that gives a warning about triggering Home devices, so huge thanks for that!

  6. You have to use the TV's name that you give it you can't just say office TV unless that is the official name my apologies.

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