TESLA MODEL 3 PAINT PROTECTION! Is it worth the COST? | Sticker City Los Angeles

TESLA MODEL 3 PAINT PROTECTION! Is it worth the COST? | Sticker City Los Angeles

hey y’all just arrived at sticker city and
we’re about to paint protect this Tesla Model 3. Welcome to Sticker City guys! Where’d you come from? Big fan Ashley. Been following for years. Have you now? Can’t wait to show you everything around here. I’m excited… Hey y’all, so guess who’s back in Cali! So in the last video if you remember I did a model three road trip
from LA to San Francisco well I’m back in California a few weeks later and this time I’m taking the model 3 in to get it some paint protection at Sticker City
now speaking of the model 3 did you know you can use my referral code to get a
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use my referral code if you are in the market to get one of those models Hey y’all, just arrived at sticker C and
1st thing’s 1st, we are gonna get this baby washed and ready to get paint
protection let’s go ahead and get that done. So what happened? I was on the road and a rock hit the front fender there. Welcome to Sticker City guys. This is where the magic happens. This is the beginning of the magic. Not where the actual magic happens. The actual magic happens in there. So we’re actually here with Dean who actually owns this joint and he’s going to talk to us about paint protection, why you need it and just answer all your questions that you guys left on the last video
he’s gonna cover all of that in this one So Dean introduce yourself, tell us like
you do. I’m Dean Soleimani, I own Sticker City. We’ve been around since ’05. Our
main service and our core services really that clear bra paint
protection we are using the Expel ultimate plus or the expel stealth two
different forms of paint protection but one just gives you protection so it
keeps your glossy finish glossy and then the stealth will take your body color
and will turn it into like a frozen or matte finish whatever you want to call
it. The benefits really are if you don’t want any scratching if you don’t want
any chipping we could show the chips on both of these cars. Yeah there’s some chips on both of these cars! let’s say you got swirl marks already on the car. Put the the clear bra on, visually they will disappear.
Really? And if you get any minor scratches on the material, put some warm water it goes away, leave it on a hot day, it goes away. Sounds like magic. We do produce a little magic down here. A little magic. We offer different packages depending on
depending on your need and I get this question a lot of what should i do. I tell people I don’t know your level, and I’m very
honest with people I’m like I don’t know your level of OCD. So depending on how much protection you want on your car and how much you want to keep your car brand new – that’s how much you should put on. We do offer three different packages. The
first package is our big mama bear package. Big mama bear package is the
entire outside body of the car. People get the entire car done? All the time. Really? We probably have 4 of them outside for Teslas that are outside, including that
Porsche gt2 RS that you saw coming in Beautiful. Beautiful ride. We have the
Papa Bear package. Papa Bear package covers the main areas where all the
rock chips come. okay now what we got back in Atlanta. Yes you got the full hood, full fenders, and mirrors. Bumper, headlights, which is pretty much the full front clan. And then rocker panels which is the next area right in between the two wheel wells where a lot of rocks
come in and just start chipping away. Our third package is the little bear package.
The little bear covers the full front without the rocker, so everything that we
just talked about on the big poppa with the Papa Bear package except no rocker
panels on it. Oh okay I mean this is pretty cool like I think it’s very beneficial
for anybody who gets a brand new car whether it’s a Tesla or any car to
come in and get it done, now how soon do most people get the paint protection after getting the car? most of our clients will literally set
up an appointment prior to them getting a car so they go hey our delivery dates
here I’m not gonna go anywhere else I’ll even have cars transported like they don’t even want to drive it over here they want to bring it straight from the dealership
to us. Yeah now we got our done right before we went on a major road trip so you would basically say that like if you were to get a car paint protected right before
a road trip, that’s gonna pay in dividends right? 100% yeah they keep the value of
the car let’s say if something hits it you don’t have to repaint it that is
huge like using aftermarket paint is a lot of people don’t like that they like
the factory they like their baby to be saying brand-new at all times. Of course! How long does that actually last though? like so if you get this done today, how long will it last? Expel warranties it for ten
years, parts and labor. Okay. So peeling, bubbling, yellowing, discoloring, they cover all that for ten years. Now okay I know on my last video
you guys had a few questions one of which was the cost. Is there like a range that
people can expect to pay for getting paint protection? There is they could
start really it depends on the car Yeah. But average let’s say the most
cars are gonna start, lowest lowest package that we have is about $500 and
then it could go up to depending on the car like I’ve had some cars that go up
to like 10, 11, grand 12 grand. But they’re very complex cars we’re talking about
hyper cars 1.2 to almost 4 or 5 million dollar cars. Oh Wow. So for them it makes a little bit more sense but they’re very intense to
install but the average most cars are gonna fall into the 5, 6 grand range to
do a full body or they can go into you know depending on who what kind of
installers installing it. That actually leads me into my next question because
another question we got on my last paint protection video was can you do this yourself or is it
even something you’d recommend? 100% I would say no. You can do. but you’re gonna be paying me to remove it And to reinstall it. Yeah you don’t want to do that. Part of the part of
this product is you want it to be perfect. Right. You want it to look great. That’s why you’re putting it on. The
installation is is the difference maker you know anybody can buy this
material. But getting it down is where the huge difference is and that’s why you go
from shop to shop they’re all different and thankfully we’ve been blessed with
some really good installers and this is the…let’s say I was at a consumer I would go to that shop just to see their quality. And I
tell people all the time I’m like you haven’t seen our quality, come and see it
and then go compare apples to apples and then make that decision at that point.
Okay so another question that sometimes people have is if you have a scratch, what do you do? Do you put it on top if it? Is it gonna mess it up? 2 things you could do if you have a chip I personally sometimes like to put
the touch-up paint on top after it after we put the clear bra so it doesn’t
develop this little bubble okay now scratching is a whole different
issue. A lot of the cars that you see that come straight from Tesla
or all the manufacturers especially in California with the water-based paint
this stuff easily scratches, you start seeing swirl marks and the spiderwebs. The clear bra visually hides all of that. Now if your scratches are way too
deep then that’s a whole different issue but generally most cars are not like that.
Especially when they’re brand new. And it seems like you guys do a lot of Teslas, yeah
so do you recommend that Tesla owners come to somebody that specializes in Tesla kind of like you guys do, I mean I saw at least like 7 Teslas here today. What’s important is the fact that we become very knowledgeable about the
deal. We really aim at Porsche and Teslas because we’re very familiar with
them and we know how to make them as make them look as good as possible with the clear bra. Alright one last comment I want to address. On the last video, we had a comment by Mr. T Smooth. who said that wax could do the same thing. Now is that true? Look there’s a bit confusion within the
industry and they call wax paint protection, they call sealants paint
protection. And clear bra’s paint protection and they do both protect the
paint except one does one job the other one does a complete other job.
The clear bra paint protection protects your car against
chipping and against scratching, where the sealant doesn’t do any of those the
sealant is more of a UV protection and prevent your paint from oxidizing
so I do suggest using both. But clear bra first and then you could use
either wax or sealant on top of the clear bra. Okay so on top of the clear bra. Yes. Okay also is there any incentives that you can offer the audience if they come in to get their Tesla paint protected? Just mention Ashley Renne, we’ll get you, we’ll get you something here in there, just mention her name. Yeah let’s see what we can hook you up with. Make sure when you come in, say who referred you and I think he may hook you up with a little something special. A little extra salt! In the last video you know that I introduced you to Dean from sticker city and he also
introduced me to a really cool new product of his which is called Sliplo, which is basically under bumper protection for your car so we’re gonna
do another video where we talk to you about the under bumper protection
because it deserves a video all on its own. Seriously how long have you been back there? A good 45 minutes. 45 minutes alright, you’re a trooper. Alright.

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  1. Thanks…just got my model 3 a few weeks ago. Did the poppa bear wrap. Thinking about doing the whole thing. Are you guys happy with doing your Model S like that? Also did you do the ceramic coat on your whole car or just the portions you got wrapped? Thanks for these videos. Love this channel and all your content!

  2. Great video, Ashley! I want my Tesla to look good for years to come. California has strict air pollution laws, so the paint that Tesla has to use does not hold up as well as cars made elsewhere. Paint protection film helps to solve this problem.

  3. Does Sticker City offer the film in different colors? Tesla’s paint options are a bit limited, and it would be fun to make my future 3 more unique.

  4. Welcome back. I took delivery of M3 on July 20th and it was paint protected a week later. Momma ain’t raise no fools. Wife said hello and pass on on hefty what’s up to Karl. Sidenote: Wife said Vegan for life. I say whatever.🙄

  5. Amazing Video! I have forgotten the answer to this question, do you still have your Model S and now you have a Model 3?

  6. Do you guys just do wraps or can you do custom lighting. Found a video from fantazy motorsports putting some nice lighting in the model s and on the front badge. And how long does your wraps usually last. I know someone who's wrap only lasted about 5 years

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