Tesla API Security Alarm Project with Raspberry Pi

Tesla API Security Alarm Project with Raspberry Pi

TelsaPi is a security alarm project that integrates
an outdoor motion sensor with the headlights and horn of a Tesla car. The project uses a Raspberry Pi to communicate
with the Tesla API. To demonstrate this project, I have my Raspberry
Pi on this test bench. I wired one of the GPIO ports to this passive
infrared motion sensor. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet
so that the program can communicate with the Tesla API. My Model 3 Tesla is parked here in the back
of our warehouse. I am going to put the video that is recording
the motion detector up here. And I will record the output of the TeslaPi
application on this screen. I start the TeslaPi program in the terminal
window on the Raspberry Pi. The program now waits until motion is detected. When I waive my hand in front of the motion
sensor, the first escalation level of the alarm cycle is triggered, which flashes the
cars headlights three times. If motion continues or is detected again within
1 minute, an escalation level 2 alarm is triggered. This also flashes the headlights three times. Escalation levels 3, 4, and 5 sound the cars
horn in addition to flashing the headlights. The number of alarm escalations, the duration
they must occur in, and the actions that are taken are all easily configured in the TeslaPi
code. By default, I have the alarm cycle duration
set to one minute and I have 5 escalation levels defined. It’s pretty easy to add additional escalation
levels and integrate additional alarm actions to take. For example, you may want to get a text message
when motion is detected. When the last escalation level is reached
or if the duration threshold is reached, the alarm escalation level is reset back to one. The source code for this project is available
to download on Github. You can simply search for TeslaPi. I also wrote a blog post that goes over the
project in more detail and includes a link to the download. That blog post is located at www.cctvcamerapros.com/TeslaPi. If you have any questions, please post them
in the comments on YouTube. Thank you for Watching!

2 Replies to “Tesla API Security Alarm Project with Raspberry Pi”

  1. Very interesting concept. My question is about the Tesla API. You are running a network cable from the Pi to the "internet". How are you accessing your specific Tesla from the internet? Are there any security threats to this? Can you access anyone's Tesla from the internet? I would like to learn more about this stuff. Fascinating.

  2. There should be a feature where if it reaches 5 it goes into full alarm and won’t stop till disarmed

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