Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Camera Review

Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Camera Review

Gabe: Small, discreet, portable. Let’s see what it can do for you. [music] Gabe: Hi, everybody. I’m Gabe, with Security Baron. Today, I’m going to look at the Tend Secure
Lynx Indoor Camera. Overall, I like this little machine for my
security needs. However, there was one thing that put me off. I’m going to put it through the wringer. At the end of the day, I will compare it to
one of the most popular indoor cameras out there. Let’s delve into it. As you can see, the Lynx is a small, portable,
ultimately casual security camera. Anyone searching for a more comprehensive
security apparatus will probably look somewhere else. However, if you just want to look at your
pets, your children or see who’s coming out of your home, this device will work pretty
well. Let’s dive deeper into its specs. When discussing any security camera, of course,
the most important element is the clarity of the video. We don’t want to go back to the grainy security
tapes evolved. Here, the Lynx really excels. You’ve got 1080 HD that allows you to see
the detailing of someone’s clothes, the brand on their shoes. All of this is available for viewing later. Without a doubt, one of the best features
of the Lynx is the fact that it comes with seven days of free cloud storage. Seven days, wait seven days, seven days. He said, “Seven days.” Seven days. No monthly fees. Nothing else necessary, other than purchasing
the Lynx to get seven days of cloud storage, which means you can go back as far as a week
and see what your cameras picked up. Of course, there are options to increase that. For most people, seven days is enough. Something that I actually found cool about
the Lynx was the fact that you’re allowed to do two-way audio. I could be in my room doing whatever. If I saw the camera come up, I could simply
tap on the app and the two-way audio would start. I could talk to someone in my living room. They could talk back to me. It’s just something fun. Now, we’re here to talk about this creepy
mode, night vision. The Lynx performs here. As you can see from how close I am to the
camera, there’s a great deal of clarity and detail. What’s impressive is that I can move away. There isn’t really any blurriness. Those motion-activated sensors come in handy. If someone is slinking around, it’ll start
to pick up that motion and send an instant alert to mobile device. If there’s a pet that is walking around or
there’s an intruder, you will get a message and be able to view what’s happening. That’s honestly a really great feature for
the Lynx. I was really impressed with the night vision
on the Lynx as I had become accustomed to the clarity of video in the daytime. I was really happy that it maintained that
with the intelligent facial recognition technology, so that I could see who was coming in of the
house at night. Ultimately, that was really useful. We invest in security cameras because we want
to see what’s going on inside of our homes. With the Lynx, once the motion-activated sensors
go off, I get an instant alert to my mobile device no matter where I am in the world. I can click on the app and view a live stream
of my home. I already feel more secure. I can click again, and begin a two-way audio
to speak with whoever happens to be on the other side of that. With the 120-degree viewing angle, the Lynx
can capture everything happening in this room in HD clarity. No matter where I am in the world, I know
I can be on my mobile device, tap in and catch a live stream of what’s happening in my home. This ultimately makes me feel pretty secure. It doesn’t matter if someone’s just lounging
on this side of the couch, enjoying themselves or if there’s someone who wants to live a
little bit more on the edge. I know that I can see what’s going on. If you have children, pets or just want to
see who’s coming and going, all of that is available right here in the app. What’s great about it is that all these features
can also be found in night mode. The Lynx indoor camera comes with intelligent
facial recognition technology. Let’s go ahead and setup a profile. I go to create check-in profiles from the
home page. I click through the first couple of screens. I get to add new profile. Here, I put in my name, Gabe. It’s going to ask me if you want to take a
photo from your library or take a new shot with your camera. Let’s take a new picture. Voila, now I’ve setup a profile. With the Lynx Indoor camera, you can setup
to 10 profiles. If the motion-activated sensors are activated
when you’re gone and the camera doesn’t recognize the person, it will send an instant alert
to your mobile device no matter where you are. You can know what’s going on and feel secure. Now you’re all setup. The Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Security Camera
comes with some pretty great features. You get 1080 HD video facial recognition technology
and seven days of cloud storage for free. Despite all that, it still comes in well under
$100, which is a pretty good deal. Let’s take a look at the Tend Secure Lynx
Indoor Security camera and the Netatmo Welcome Presence. Right off the bat, I love the way it feels
in my hands. The aluminum looks great, feels great, gives
it a weighty substantive presence in the room. Whereas in comparison, the Tend Secure with
its plastic feels a little cheap. Of course, they both come with 1080 high-definition
video and intelligent facial recognition technology. They both require a little bit of effort. Ultimately, it’s worth it when it can recognize
the people coming in and out of your apartment. It gets better with time. Of course, the Netatmo has an advantage in
that it can distinguish between pets and humans. If a cat or a dog is going by, I don’t get
an instant alert for no reason. Of course, in the audio realm, the Tend Secure
actually wins. With its two-way audio, I can be in the live
streaming app, I can tap on it, I can hear what they’re saying, they can hear what I’m
saying. We can just have a conversation from wherever. On the other hand, the Netatmo does listen
for carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, police sirens. It will begin to record at the moment that
it hears something go off. For the price of one Netatmo Welcome Presence,
you can buy approximately four Tend secures. If you’d like to read our full written review
of the Netatmo, google Security Baron plus Netatmo Welcome Presence. Let’s talk about some of the things that I
think people will like with the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Security Camera. One, the HD 1080 video is great. The 120-degree viewing angle allows a great
field of vision that has amazing clarity. Anything happening in a room from three to
four meters you’ll be able to see. This is including night vision which works
pretty well. If you would like to be able to watch a video,
you can go back seven days for free. You don’t have to buy anything new. There’s no monthly cost. It all comes built-in. However, if you want to go back an entire
month, you can get 30 days of cloud storage for $10. It’s a pretty good deal. Now, the night vision, the video, all of this
works pretty well, in addition to the live streaming and the two-way audio. The two-way audio is really fun. I can simply click on the live stream that
I’m watching, and talk to whoever’s in that room. You can do this from anywhere in the world
at any time. It’s a great feature. Now, I want to discuss some of the drawbacks
of the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Security Camera. First, there’s no smart home integration. If you have Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
or Apple HomeKit, there’s no way for you to connect those devices with this camera. Secondly, the 120-degree viewing angle may
be limited for some. Unless you want to commit yourself to a single
field of vision, you’re going to have to buy more Lynx’s or opt for something else. Finally, I had some difficulty setting up
the WiFi, which made it difficult to connect the camera to my phone. These are some of the things that I found
to be difficult or missing from the Tend secure Lynx Indoor Security Camera. Overall, the Tend secure Lynx indoor security
camera has some great features, got intelligent facial recognition technology, live streaming,
two-way audio and an impressive night mode. If you appreciated this video, don’t forget
to tap, like and subscribe. To find out more about the Lynx Indoor Security
Camera, google Security Baron plus Lynx Indoor. If you have any questions, leave us a comment. Thanks for watching. Be secure. [music]

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  1. You said you had wi-fi problems setting up, me too. I'm finding no support from the company… I had 4 cameras working fine until I upgraded to newer ATT router… I managed to get 2 indoor cameras to reconnect to new router. Tend Secure is telling me to return all 4 of my cameras to vendor where I bought them rather than solve their app/wi-fi problem. My outdoor camera company has been very supportive unlike Tend Secure.

  2. Hi just started watching your channel from Australia like what you doing looking for a camera with facial recognition and two way audio that's not overly expensive and has some home integration is there anything that exists that might be available in Aussie thanks mate

  3. I have 2 tend lynx and it’s very aggravating because it gives me only about 15 seconds of recording so I have piles of 15 seconds clips and choppy audio. I really needed this for audio recording because my 18 year old stepson lies about me to his dad. It is a let down most of the time when all hell breaks lose! You usually can’t make sense of the audio dialogue that’s going on in each 15 second clip!! I contacted Tend customer service and they gave me the example of if a raccoon runs across the recording area and his tail is what activated the motion on the camera when his tail stops moving the recording stops even if his head is still moving or any other movements are going on. Hope this helps with making a decision on getting the Tend cameras. My 2 way talking is a joke too!

  4. Thanks for the awesome reviews. I'm a single woman living alone and just moved from a gated community condo to a home. Thanks to your reviews I decided to sell my wired camera system and purchase the Tend Secure Lynx cameras. AND your review on the Cove security system also saved me from going with the bigger companies and wasting money!! Thanks again!!

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