54 Replies to “TED Prize wish: Protect our oceans – Sylvia Earle”

  1. Protect it from what? Cavewomen? So if algebra just keeps looping proofs that indeed fire can love water and water can indeed love fire, how best to build new proofs of proofing love between which is that made of both.

  2. You probably heard this before, but oceans are shared with everyone. It is conversely evidence, why socialism is the problem and why you need private ownership.

  3. great speech and it saddens me how we are degrading the planet in a rapid fashion. Co2, Plastics, Over fishing 3 big problems with no sollution. Also no commitment from goverments to address them….

  4. Unfortunately, the solution "may not cost" the few jobs that exist (increasing unemployment). And to keep jobs, we need to get money. Nobody can do anything starving. If someone make the project economically viable, investors will show up.

  5. This only makes me think, how disgusting, greedy and selfish a human can be. In fact, some are disgusting enough to actually fight Eco-friendly projects and consider them nonsense! Just like weapon makers and cigarette factory owners, They don't give a damn about a soul as much as they care about the revenues and the dollars out of harvesting millions of lives everyday. Yet most of us are just standing still without giving any less damn about it. We need a true revolution on the way we think.

  6. I hope this message does not fall on deaf ears! Please do your part to protect earth. Eventually it's all we have left. It's funny when I hear people talking about living on other planets! They cant even live in another country, on earth!!!

  7. Oh.. i thought we were already over the "raise awareness" phase.. i was expecting some actual ideas to fix things rather than yet another we need this, we need that…

  8. The thing is, this is a mass extinction now, and as "natural" as it may seem to leave it be, it is not right. Yes, new animals will thrive, but the change is happening so fast that we probably won't be there to witness the new beauty. The way of nature is a cruel one. We don't have to "obey the nature" because we can think of better, more efficient ways. Natural selection will work and new animals will be there, but with the great cost of a huge amount of suffering.

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  10. We are worried about our own personal habbitat. A clean and safe place for Us to live. The world has been through a lot worse then us. It will clean itself, it will renew itself and we will be forgotten. Dont worry about hurting the planet, just worry about being able to survive on it. Even our most destructive of forces, Nuclear Weapons, only lasts a few hundred years before being purged by the earth.

  11. Thats kinda of an ignorant way to look at things. I agree that after a hundreds of thousands of years the earth could be healther than it is now, but while we are living on it we need to maintain homeostasis sort speak.crippling our natral resources and eradicating other life forms will no dobt lead to our own extinction.

  12. In universe we have known million planet, only our earth has living, the favorable condition to people living. while NASA launch space shuttle to discover year by year living planet. Why don't we protect our planet for us, for next generation

  13. This woman has a lot of important things so say about how we are trashing the planet. This is the single biggest problem on the planet we are facing, and we caused it!

  14. Sylvia Earle is a modern day hero! Let's help her voice be heard through our own actions and ambitions!

  15. Sylvia Earle – you are my hero and an inspiration. Show us more of the deep blue. Show the world. Show the countries who are raping the ocean, and what it means to them. Let them know they are ruining it for the whole, awesomely beautiful living machine… the planet Earth.

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