Tech Box: Mass Surveillance

Tech Box: Mass Surveillance

It’s always been there, they’ve always wanted
to see what people are doing, all the time. The resources have never been there before;
they’re not there now. “The rise of the internet is the wilful acceptance
of all surveillance.” The computer listens to all the phone call,
and algorithm goes through all the emails, through everything purchased online, and knows
every site visited. “They know this, they want this.” The information revolution is underway; it
has gathered more data on who people are, what they believe, and what they will do,
than a thousand years of what was before. People do not want mass surveillance, but
the surveillance tools are now indispensable to their lives. “We are reprogramming people.”

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  1. After having found this video from watching your modern stuff regards Breitbart or Homeopathy (nicely done btw) and I must say I thought it was very good. Though I work in IT and I was suspicious the Snowden style thing was possible all along. I was still shocked when Snowden came out though.

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