Civil Protection: Aliens (Part 1)

[Subtitles by danielsangeo] MIKE: Dave, I shouldn’t even have to explain this. We’re uniformed officers on duty. That means Dumpster-diving is not cool. In FACT, it wouldn’t it be cool even if we were OFF-duty. So, GET OUT OF THERE! DAVE: Hold on, I’ve almost got it. MIKE: Just hurry up before anyone sees you….

Civil Protection: Aliens (part 2)

MIKE: You guys just don’t get it. DAVE: You’re just thinking about it too much. MIKE: Oh, and what are YOU thinking about, Socrates? DAVE: Well, now you’ve got me thinking about the Combine. MIKE: Yeah, and how they need a better name, right? DAVE: No. I mean, if we should really be working for…