Google Play Protect – Find My Device

Have you ever lost your phone or had it stolen? What a sad day. What should you do when this happens? Well luckily, with Google Play protect on your phone, you can use to use find my device to remotely find, lock or erase it. Maybe your phone got wedged between your couch cushions….

Watch engineers hack a ‘smart home’ door lock

My name is Atul Prakash I’m a professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. We are going to be showing you how a hacker can open your front door. The idea is to improve the safety of your home and to allow you to monitor what’s going on inside your…

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Ekran Değişimi 🇹🇷 | SM-G975

Hello friends. Today GSM Communication Samsung Samsung G975 is the code Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone screen replacement. As you can see, the screen has suffered quite a blow. It’s shattered. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen replacement will do. Friends together. Yeah. His touch doesn’t work. The screen is also shattered. Friends. Rear glass covers Let’s…

BrandsMart Answers Lab: Home Security with Ring, IZON & Philips

Hi, Brad from the BrandsMart Answers Lab. Technology changes daily in home security and smart homes. Here’s something new with… the doorbell! With the RING Doorbell, you can see who’s there, from anywhere! And it’s a lot more than just a doorbell. The RING Video Doorbell has wide-angle HD video, two-way talk–and even night vision….

Helix Security System – Product Review

Here is the resolution products Helix security system product review. the wall helix provides industry-leading wireless performance every helix system is controlled from your smartphone or tablet whether at home or on the road and helix brings the convenience features that extend far beyond security alone helix allows you to easily change the temperature from…