20 Replies to “Surveillance video shows staged robbery of armored truck in Norfolk”

  1. That's because they don't care about employees lives from 3 guards went down to 1 man crew this is tupid yea they safe more money 💵 on labor but screw the massenger live… 😠😡

  2. Go fund me page , tell him to use the money that they stole or are allegedly stole, DUH 🙄 just my opinion 💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂💰💵💸

  3. Because all these armored companies are cheap asses they don’t think 3 guards in a truck makes a difference your life is not worth squad they’ll just hire a new guard and throw you under the bus.

  4. That was staged fake as hell cuz anybody who knows and works in security there's always supposed to be two drivers want to keep an eye on your back while you're out of the truck and most security guards for armored truck deliveries carry guns he didn't make any attempt to pull out his handgun at all and the guy just calmly walked away and carrying a been in both hands while his hands are occupied with no firearm in it really shady

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