Surveillance video shows burglar at vacationing resident’s house

Surveillance video shows burglar at vacationing resident’s house

She had been on vacation when she came home and confronted the man. She whipped out her phone and immediately called 9-1-1. While she was on the phone with 911 she actually snapped a few photos of this man just a few feet from her. She says he told her that he was simply looking for a place to stay but after he left She says she noticed several of her belongings were missing. This burglary suspect caught in the act by the homeowner herself. Watch as she spots him in her backyard.
She asked him why he was there and then she went inside to grab her phone.
Moments later the man enters the guest house to grab his bag. As he’s leaving
she can be seen on the phone with 911. That’s when she snapped this photo of the man as he left. “She snapped the photo of him he tried to cover his face and then he took off running.” Now, we responded with officers along with air service searching for the suspect.” Helicopters could be seen searching the
area Sunday afternoon when the woman called 911. Sirens heard blaring as police
search for the suspect. The burglary happened at a home on Lincoln Avenue.
It’s still unclear how long the man was there. One clip shows him taking a bowl
of soup from the shed and sitting it in the sun, possibly to heat it up. Hours
later, he can be seen creeping around the corner. Once he left the homeowner says she noticed two leaf blowers and a mower missing. When she went inside the guesthouse, her TV unbolted from the wall wrapped in a blanket as if he was ready
to load it up and take it. “We’re hoping that by putting this video out or showing it that at least somebody will come forward and be able to recognize him” And the man was last seen wearing a blue shirt, tan cargo pants, blue shoes, blue socks, and a blue hat. He also had a red white blue and yellow American flag backpack. Anyone with information should reach out to Tampa police.

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  1. and THAT my fellow Americans IS A HAITIAN. The liberals welcomed over one million into our country because we are too white, too safe and too successful.

  2. Obviously he meant her no harm, that is amazing. He did nothing to her and she even felt comfortable to come out into the yard with him, talk to him, take his picture, even call the police and he did not harm her. Wow. That's unusual. He even looks directly into a security camera full face. Hmm.

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