Strike Plate – Burglar proofing Your Home With The Ultimate Door Strike Plate

Strike Plate – Burglar proofing Your Home With The Ultimate Door Strike Plate

IN THIS CHANNEL WE WILL TEACH EDUCATE AND MAKE YOU READY SO YOU CAN DO IT YOUSELF THE BEST LOCKSMITH TIPS THAT WE KNOW… WE WILL SHARE WITH YOU SILVER EAGLE LOCKSMITH LAS VEGAS Welcome to Silver Eagle Locksmith Las Vegas YouTube Channel. My name is Koby and I am a professional locksmith here in Las Vegas, Nevada for more than six years. on this channel will provide you with
the best tips ever, and do-it-yourself tutorial, on how to increase your home
and business security with practical and affordable solutions that i personally
recommend to my own clients. in this video today we’ll walk through each step
in how to install the ultimate strike plate. Yes, That’s what it is. the ultimate
strike plate make your front door to be like Fort Knox. I recommend to install that strike plate in any door in the house or just The front door, it’s an optional, with the installation of the strike plate you will prevent At least you will make your door super resistant to burglary, by door jam attack and all other forced entry. The main tools that you will need to install that strike plate is: the actual strike plate of course, and we’ll tell you where you can buy that. and actually we are going to share a link right below this video where you can buy that strike plate You will need a power drill, most people have that. You will need an 1/8th inch drill bit just a standard drill bit. And a screwdriver, just a Phillips screwdriver will do the work. And there is a few other tools that you will need as well we’ll talk about that in installation Ok, so the different strike plates that are out there are Residential strike plate you can see the picture right? Yeah, it’s right there. Ok, we have a Residential strike plate, and we have a Commercial strike plate the picture is there? Oh yeah, ok. So the Commercial strike plate and we got a Damage Cover Up strike plate. today we’re going to install that guy damage cover-up strike plate but let
me tell you a tip if you installed that strike plate before something happened
before someone attacking to door or try to break into your house it will
actually prevent that from the very beginning so stay tuned we’re going to show you
how to install it right now. hi there again so we’re going to show
you today how to install the strike plate as we talked about earlier i got
this strike plate actually in home depot they call it ultimate kick in protection by Defender Security. This strike plate I’ve been using for a while with my work customers they are happy with that. It gives a great security and it’s reinforcing like the best I mean that I know any way. you can buy
that product online as well. we will share links later on right below the video and now what we’re
going to do we’re going to show you step-by-step how to install it the right
way and what you should do before the installation so you don’t make any
mistakes so let’s go. ok so now what you’re going
to do the first thing before you installing the product you want to make
sure you have enough space to install it what the manufacturer say you gotta
check the space between the door and the jam which is the your actual frame So, what I used to do is I am using an 1/8th drill bit, that’s enough space to install the
product and i just take it and just stick it right here between the gap and
I kind of go down, all the way down just to make sure I have enough space you
know so in this door the product will fit
perfectly fine, but there is a there is instruction how to install it anyway with a small gap between the door and the frame. ok so the first thing now what we’re going to do is to remove the old strike
plate Gonna remove them completely, the top and the bottom one now we’re going to start What I like to do is to remove that rubber thing here so it won’t bother us with the installation because sometimes it does.  Don’t remove it completely, just take it, just like this to install the plate ok so now we’re going to start with the
first plate that’s the one and what we want to do we want to make
sure what is the size between the latch and the bolt usually it’s 5 ½ inch to 6 inch. yeah and this one what I see it’s 5 ½ inch. so what you have to do, you have to remove this small square here. you can use any tool that
you want I use a dremel and that’s it, that’s the
first thing you should do and later on I’ll show you what to do
next if you don’t have a dremel or anything
else to use, you can use your drill bit 1/8th drill bit but you’ve got to be very
very careful the way you do that so you don’t hurt yourself of course so
make sure you hold the plate in a good position so it won’t cut you or whatever
so sometimes i do that and sometimes i use other tools but this is not a big deal
anyway just be careful that’s it make sure you hold it tight all the time
so it won’t move anywhere ok now you can use any screwdriver or
whatever you guys have just to kinda pry it open. kinda of play with it a
little bit. and again, be very careful the way you do it because you know, you can
harm yourself if you don’t. those edges here are very sharp so you want to be very careful when you
install it i use some other tools to shave that
those parts later on and I’ll show you how to do it later just be careful because you can cut
yourself. ok so now we’re going to drill not with the top two, we’re going to start with the ones in
the middle so we actually have one two three four holes we’re going to drill with an 1/8th drill bit all the way in, all the way in. and then we’re going to start with the
the top holes but those ones we’re not going to drill all the way in because it’s a small screws. ok? all right, ok so now we’re going to drill
the top holes those ones as I said they’re going to be
shorter that’s about what you need that’s about the screws that you need
for the top screws so that’s what I’m going to drill now, that’s one. Two. we go down. alright. ok so now we’re going to take the screw
that’s come with the product so we got the large screws which is the
3 inch length and the short ones better little bit less than an inch, so
we’re going to start with the large screw first and we go step by step right now. ok so now we have those two plates one
of them is for the frame right here so it’s complete the plate in the middle
and one of the plate is going to go underneath just like this and those two
holes will go exactly right here and that’s why I left that screws like that
it will complete what you want to do now before you tighten those up to make sure
they’re straight both of them they are it’s okay doesn’t have to be a 100%. but so we do the same thing we mark the holes that we need Now you can put those two short screws which
I’m going to do right now got the first you can actually remove that one for now
that covered that go on top of it, so it won’t fall on you Ok, now we gonna drill the 1/8th bit, we gonna install the 3 inch screws so we gonna drill all the way. you wanna go a little off side so it will actually attach better to the stud inside. That’s one. Number two and that’s the last one, okay. Ok, so now we are going to install the plate that go on top of it, just like this. you can see it’s flat and you’re going to use a 3-inch screws That’s how we gonna do it Don’t tighten it all the way, just use a regular screwdriver to tighten it up because you don’t want the head to break. Just tighten with your hand that’s how I do it. and it’s strong enough. Ok, so now the last part of that plate is the bottom one. and you’re going to do the exact same
thing as we did in the top we’re going to drill 3 inch screws right here so you going to use your 1/8th, an 1/8th, the drill bits, all the way in.  and then you’re going to tighten those small screws that come. so that’s how basically the plate looks
like when it’s done from top to bottom and the other things you need to do when
it’s done, you going to use a regular screwdriver to tighten it up not going
to use your power drill to do that because that’s can break your head screw
so, we’re just going to use a regular screwdriver to do this work for you so nothing is going to break on the way yeah ok alright so we’re done with that ok so now what we’re going to do, we’re
going to use that small tool that i bought on small hardware store they don’t sell those at home depot yet
so it’s going to be like mom and dad type of hardware store it’s called carbide double cut and it’s made to shave
metals and wood and it’s actually last really really long time i highly recommend that product now if
you don’t have it you can use other stuff they sell in home depot as well
but let they less last longer ok so now I’m going to shave the metal so it won’t hurt anything and we’re going to use the same tool to
do some adjustment when we need when we going to close the door we’re going to
check if the bolt go in and out smooth without any interruption so that’s the type of tool that you want
to use for adjustment as well alright so we almost done so we’re going to check if the door
is a line with the strike so we’re going to close the door and we
can see. so it doesn’t go all the way in so we
will need to do some adjustment So that’s how I’m doing it, I’m using the same tool that I showed you before.  We just going to shave a little bit of the wood. Alright, let’s check again if the door closed correctly. alright. Now another thing that’s come
with the kit is that small cover for the door is for the actual bolt and latch
now on some doors you can put it it’s not must, i recommend to do that but
sometimes it’s not going to work well because it’s not going to let you pull your door closed. It’s recommended, it’s good because it helped that if
someone tried to kick the door so it will give another reinforcements for the
door not to split so yes I would recommend to put it on
it’s not must but you know it depends on the gap that you have between the door
and the and actual frame so just so you know it’s not must but yeah it’s
recommended if you can put it on all you need to do just take the two
screws here put them back when you put the plate there is another holes for two screws on
the inside into it’s good for the outside and the screws are actually come
with the kit and that’s pretty much it now you can do the same thing on the
bottom and like i said it’s not must but it is
recommended if you can do it do it if not nothing happened your door will still be
secure it’s not going to be easy to kick your
door. there’s a small thing here that I want to talk to you about as an extra
some other kits they have an extra screws to reinforce the hinges. Because you know the hinges that come with a new house or even old houses they are very short screws and they are not really reinforcing them the way they should be
just like the strike plate What I recommend to do, I can show you so what you should really do is buy a 3 inch screws just like the one that’s going with the kit You can buy them at Home Depot or any hardware store. And just replacing the ones that are right here. the one that more far from the edge. Just replacing those two with 3 inch screws. So, do the same thing on all the hinges just replacing two there, two here, two in the middle one and two in the bottom. Make sure you drill with an 1/8th drill bit all the way so the wood won’t split. it’s not, I mean, it’s not must, but yes, if you’re already doing the strike plate and you invest so much time and effort, I would recommend to do the hinges as well, Just reinforce them with 3 inch screws, that will definitely increase the security for your door and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 or 10 minutes. . We didn’t do it in that video, but I just wanted to talk about it just to give youyou this information. thank you. Hi guys, thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoy the video. In my next video we will walk through about the ring video doorbell, a security camera for your front door. Sound interesting, huh? Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, right here! You get the link, can you see it? Yeah, you can see it, ok. Just click here, Just click here, Yeah, right there. And then you can subscribe to my channel. and every week we gonna update a new video.  We’re going to talk about how to increase your home security with the
best and affordable solution guys! you can do it yourself; if i can do it
you can do it, See you in the next video. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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