STOP PROJECT ZORGO From FRAMING CWC & STEPHEN SHARER (Escape Room Challenge Mystery Riddles)

STOP PROJECT ZORGO From FRAMING CWC & STEPHEN SHARER (Escape Room Challenge Mystery Riddles)

hi spy ninjas, in the last video we
found some clues that projects zorgo was framing Chad and they were gonna rob a
bank it might be framing you to be yeah the bank might be called just bank we
didn’t hear it correctly and Chad’s video but thanks to you ninjas we found
a bank that’s on Jones Street it’s very close to here so I think it’s the one
oddly enough we fought ran into Steven hey what’s going on spy ninjas so
Stevens gonna join us to stop the bank robbery all right guys before we head
into the bank we are going to gear up I have my spy gadgets with me in my
backpack I have my listening device I have my binoculars and a bunch of other
cool spy gadgets check what do you have we’ve got a bunch of ninja gear back
here we are not going to rob the bank with them we are gonna stop the bank
robbers just to be clear we’re the good guys we’re just stopping the bank
robbers and Steven and I are gonna have to pick some epic you should
probably get one too oh let’s take a look at what we got here we’ve got some
ninja starts right here you gotta be careful with those these let’s back up
here back up back up Daniel get out of my place Daniel we don’t want you to be
too close to these because these are not just little tiny sticks but you might
think that they are really cool wet um isn’t that cool Stephen yeah I’m
standing clear those things I don’t know what they do check this out though they
go together like so now it is a bo staff watch out whoo so I’m gonna use this one
guys if you’re cool with that yeah it looks like you don’t want to use that
okay I know how to use that – Stephen these are pretty cool
you were these on your nimble finger like so
and they give a little spin like that pretty cool ninja gadget this is a
futuristic ninja machete it’s extremely sharp on both ends on this end and that
end and on the top and on the top and everywhere that sharp is on the handle
it’s safe to grab there and then we have the classic then just sort the katana
Steven which one are you feeling the most which one’s calling to you yeah I
think I might use what’s up
black blade white handle I think this is the perfect spy gadgets use well I think
we gotta have you tested out test your ninja skills you need a little bit of
training first yeah let’s do it let’s let’s train me on this thing all right
let’s do it all right let me go yeah Daniel which
one of these when you feel it you know what I’m gonna do this one yeah ninja
stars I can handle these pretty well let me just we’ll just leave these behind
for now all right guys now that we have our ninja gadgets ready let’s test them
out on some fruit Jen and I are actually pretty experienced with fruit cutting so
let’s have Stephen and Daniel chop some fruit today let’s do this I don’t think
it’s gonna stand up by itself rather just lay it down with this maybe you
should chop it while it’s spinning you know I got something new guys for going
into battle with this is a PG yeah what’s going on here I’m keeping it PG
okay now a new item oh that’s right ninja
armor if I run into any bad guys with ninja gadgets no problem if so if I kick
you will you feel it no probably not go ahead don’t kick down here okay I’m gonna
cover I’m gonna cover this part down here okay
aim for the chest she’s probably almost broke her food there our chat shows even
how you work this katana I think Stephen knows oh yes definitely been chopping
fruit before with us he’s yeah he’s he’s an experienced fruit chopper he’s been
in some of our videos chopping fruit you know what to do I’m ready to do this all
right ninjas stand back it’s Khanna versus
watermelon all right Steve now I’m gonna give it a little spin and you’re gonna
give a little chop okay here we go my god you are an experiment I am ready
to do this yeah here we come we’re gonna save that Bank wait wait a second
Daniel don’t don’t put that camera down I saw you you gotta chop some fruit –
this will be your very first fruit chop on it oh jeez yeah
front of all these ninja pull it embarrass myself let me go let me grab
the camera hear from you Daniel alright are you ready I think so I’ve watched
lots of baseballs is very similar right yeah well don’t don’t swing like a
baseball though I think you got a swing chopping downward alright that feel Daniel that’s great yeah I
think I’m ready to take down these Packers Oh gosh you just toss the fruit
let’s go save the bank are they here yet Harlow this is the bank right on Jones
Street they came to the right place yeah yes the bank has been nobody here all
day oh we been here now I don’t know like
two or three hours I feel like it’s been so long you pass me the potato chips nothing are we supposed to do so here we
are at Beale it’s Beale Bank is what it turned out to be guys Beale I’ve never
even heard of a Beale Bank USA that’s where we are the hackers are supposed to
come and we’ve been waiting yeah it’s way past 2:35 when we overheard that’s
what they said they’re gonna be here at 2:35 right yeah it’s like three o’clock
now why don’t they got like tipped off or something somebody tell them that we
were here stop them is there any possible way
do we leave any traces of anything hmm did they recognize our Tesla maybe
that’s right maybe we shouldn’t have parked so close
to the bank you guys look over there look at that suspicious person over
there they look really suspicious okay
you see you see so they’re definitely hiding something in their pocket yes big
is that yeah okay I think that’s definitely the first thing that we’re
looking for let’s go corner them check you mean you
won’t want to come along we’ll protect yeah yeah you’re tiny
your spy you guys got it you guys got a ninja gear you got the spy gadgets you
could do it all right guys I’m small and very sneaky Thomas what we gonna stare at me to
steal the skittles okay I’m sorry don’t you yeah you never on the bank
know rob a bank no yes I stole some skills for a stupid
dare Oh skittles oh my gosh it’s just it’s just
a random girl no we thought you were trying to rob a bank so we’re going to
stop you but stealing candy are stealing anything is wrong what is wrong you
should have done that okay what do you do you should go back and just pay for
these yes you should did you take that you gonna pay for those let this be a
lesson to never steal again man all these pillows went to waste now on the
floor you know how am I gonna taste the rainbow when it’s almost hard yeah you
don’t want to taste that back into the car well guys that wasn’t a bank robber
it wasn’t just some random girl she stole skittles what yeah skittles we’ve
been she was robbing the bank when we told her to go back and pay for them she
did so she did yeah well we did one good thing today so far again yeah we stopped
the skittles robbery analysis yeah that’s pretty good yeah how do you feel
about that we thought of stopping a bank robbery buddy stop the skittles robbery good all right you guys let’s move this
hunt outside of the Tesla okay yeah yeah maybe we’re sitting ducks in here we got
to change up the locale where we go yeah if we’re out here sitting here
maybe the hackers will see us and they’ll likely be too afraid to rob the
bank guard in the bank yeah once they see Stephen Sharer they’re
like are you gonna Rob no Bank yeah you don’t stand a chance right yeah I know
hackers are gonna show up with us sitting here guys there me too afraid no
of course not we’re Sam what’s he wearing
yeah he thinks it’s Halloween is on me it’s so weird
someone else is coming Joseph – wait listen Joseph Banks the scientist is what
she said yeah maybe see that a perdu at the bank
look at there no Rob Joseph Banks we need to go tell him that he’s the one
who’s gonna get robbed not the bank yeah I warned them we risk oh let’s go wait
where’d he go you see you can see them you’re ready to
go you’ve got to be right here somewhere the Joseph Banks mr. Joseph Banks Joseph
thanks wait I think I saw some movement down here over here I don’t see anything
though thank you guys I don’t know Steven he’s looking it up Joseph Banks
is a scientist he won a Nobel Prize in 1985 for mixture B 2 3 5 wait
B 2 3 5 we heard over heard the hackers earlier and they said they’re gonna rob
the bank at 235 or that’s what we overheard so is it mostly not the time
at all they’re probably maybe his chemical mixture means something yes a
thing the words kept cutting out so you can really hear maybe there’s more
whereas cutting into that done yet we’ve gotta get what that is
okay yeah should we get visit ready thirty more seconds okay all right so
yeah we got to hear this thing okay hey guys it’s ready I’m gonna press play great way to replicate us because it
even more youtubers such a complex your suspense we’ll never see it coming
once we have the mixture in our hands we’ll be able to impersonate even more
youtubers by creating replicas of some of their physical traits
it’s called mixture yeah it sounded like robbing a bank but I guess technically
robbing banks yeah some scientist named thing yeah he
has a chemical to do all that yeah it’s us to impersonate us youtubers this is a
lot more difficult enough I mean this is way worse than robbing a
bank they’re gonna rob all of our identities all of us youtubers okay we
need to find that Joseph Banks yes you guys go find them I’m gonna stay watch
do any factors that might still show up to the bank yeah they might still try to
do that okay yeah well all right thank you little hug to all of you who show up
when everybody pulls a brand-new video I’m showing your comment right here make
sure to check out chance video right here and subscribe to me subscribe to
check out to Danielle subscribe to Steven and I will see you next time
are you guys let’s do a kick bump out 1 2 3

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