Stoffle, the Badger that can escape from anywhere! | Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem – BBC

Stoffle, the Badger that can escape from anywhere! | Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem – BBC

After Stoffle’s severe mauling by the lions,
Brian knew that he had to get his badger under control. His solution was a brand new pen. And, the introduction of Hammy, to help him
work off steam. Far from settling down though, the canoodling
couple soon prove that honey badgers are not just fearless, but astonishingly clever. We started off with the mesh-type fence. But, it didn’t work. Stoffle soon devised a plan for opening up
the gate, which has got two bolts. He would get the female to go up. He would go up, open the first gate. He’d hold the gate and say ‘woman, get up,
I’m pulling open, you open up.’ She goes up to the top, she pulls the second
one out. And then he pulls it open, he waits for her
to get down and they escape together. The escape was no fluke. Considering their small size, honey badgers
have remarkably big brains. Their intelligence is just beyond anything. Whatever Brian did to keep him in, Stoffle
was hell-bent on getting out. In the end, and a great expense, Brian had
no choice but to build his own badger Alcatraz. Mr. Stottle, the days of your escape are over
buddy. That night, they called me ‘Brian, Stoffle’s
out.’ I said ‘impossible!’ But we had trees in here, and he climbed up
the trees, leaned over onto the wall and he was out. So, we cut all the branches out of the trees
in here and left the trees in the middle. Then, he dug up the rocks. He’d rolled them with his back feet to the wall,
and neatly piled them up high enough. And then he’d get out, so we took all the
rocks away. This is like a game for Stoffle. Every time I’d devise some plan, it was like
a game for him to work out how could he get over this? 1’o’clock in the morning, my wife
wakes me up ‘Brian! Brian! Someone’s in the house.’ She said ‘ I heard a window break.’ So we freeze. ‘Oh my!’ Expecting burglars. There’s Stoffle at my bedroom door, trying
to get through the bedroom door. He’d made himself a mud ball and he’d patted
to make it bigger. And he rolled it and he stands on it and he
just got out like that. People have said, ‘Oh, did you train it?’ I said ‘Train it? Not at all!’ Didn’t even think of it. He outwitted us each time, with his skills. Stoffle! I remember one day, keeper left a rake in
Stoffle’s enclosure and he scratched himself, lies on his side, he’s thinking. Computers working. Take the rake, put it on his back, put it
against the wall. Climb out and off he go. Stoffle! I mean, you won’t believe these stories. You’d think it’s a hoax. It’s not a hoax! That is Stoffle.

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  1. They're so impressed by them undoing a lock. Let's see them build a lock, or anything for that matter. It's weird the double standards humans have on intelligence when it's other species. Yeah ok, that's kind of cute and intelligent in a look what my 5 year old can do sort of way. Actually no, no one would be impressed by a 5 year old that can unlock a lock.

  2. Talvez os progressistas consigam mudar a natureza desse bicho, e deixá lo mais politicamente correto. Mais frouxo, como querem.

  3. I think that if you stopped putting him back, he would try to break back into his cage on his own. Just for the thrill and the fun.

  4. Если есть реинкорнация,то я хочу переродиться этим животным🤤👍🙏🤷‍♂️

  5. So look at the animal they hold against its will for money from Tourist..then try 2 hype up viwers like Ur given a inside look..Clowns.. really Ur seeing the greed of BBC

  6. That is one amazing animal. Hopefully you guys have a larger area for him to roam around without the lions getting to him again. The fact that he survived a lion attack is miraculous. Give that badger some space. He obviously doesn’t like the confined area.

  7. That scar on the keepers face? That's from their first encounter.

    The badger won't rest until he finishes the job.

  8. Stoffel got bored at Harvard because it was too easy for him, so he dropped out and became a legendary escape artist 😂

  9. The Animal that comes to life after death when eating a poisonous snake is a Miracle. Intelligence and what more do we humans know we still lack far behind. Just their social life is wonderful to see. I hope mankind can learn from these creatures who are super stars.

  10. Oh the Brit Accent makes it all sound so intelligent. However, they are not badgers. Related, but not the same. Sorry brit fag. Try getting something right while trying to sound so dramatic.

  11. be like badgers, LEGENDS SAY Apes came from badgers. # 1 reason starving they smell food, and they are badgers .. before engineering/architecture is a thing badgerthing is first,,,

  12. 00:40
    he would get the female to go up
    he would go up, up in the first gate…
    he'd hold the gate and say woman get up
    am pulling open, you open up
    she goes up to the top..

  13. My favorite part is that he will break into your house in the middle of the night just to show you that he stuck it to you again

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