States CANCELLING Republican Primaries to Protect Trump

States CANCELLING Republican Primaries to Protect Trump

every time we’ve talked about primary challenges
to Donald Trump in 2020 I’ve been super clear that those challenges are not going to succeed
in the sense of Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee unless he bails out. But I have said that the primary challenges
could still damage Trump and even a point or two taken from Trump in some states is
all it would take for an independent, uh, a Republican primary challenger who chooses
to run as an independent in November of 2020 to take a state or two from Donald Trump and
push it towards the Democratic challenger. And that could actually turn the election. Now, clearly the democratic, I’m sorry, the
Republican Party is worried about this because they’ve now started canceling primaries and
caucuses to protect Donald Trump and to prevent anyone from getting any attention or momentum. Now, Trump loyalists have gotten into the
system in South Carolina and Nevada, Arizona and Kansas at minimum. And they are moving forward on canceling primaries
altogether, which is not very democratic. Wouldn’t the right thing to do be to let the
primaries happen. Let Republican voters confirm that they want
Trump to be their nominee. Trump says he is 94% support from the Republicans. That’s not true. It’s more like 80% but 80% is still more than
enough to win primaries except that that other 20% might be invigorated by those primaries
and vote for those primary challengers in November if they run as independent or as
right in candidates in a way that it could threaten Donald Trump in the general. Now the Trump team is saying this is totally
normal. This is fine. There are many other examples in history when
primaries have been canceled, when there been an incumbent president up for reelection,
but that is extremely deceptive because the primaries that were previously canceled were
almost exclusively canceled because there were no challengers, so there was no point
in having the primary when only the incumbent is interested in running. This is a very different situation where you
have multiple primary challengers, Joe Walsh, William Weld. There’s a third one that now I’m forgetting. Uh, and one fifth of Republican’s disapprove
of Donald Trump. So this is a very different scenario. Now a somewhat asked Donald Trump on Monday,
would he participate in debates against these challengers? And he said, quote, I don’t know them. I would say this, they are all at less than
1% I guess it’s a publicity stunt. We just got a little while ago a poll showing
94% popularity or approval within the Republican Party. So to be honest, I’m not looking to get them
any credibility. They have no credibility. Now again, Trump’s wrong. It’s about 80% of Republicans that approve
of the job he’s doing, not 94%, but this is how they win. They cancel primaries, they Gerrymander, they
suppress votes by closing down polling places and purging voter rolls. They have no interest in genuinely protecting
our election systems from foreign interference. And they even welcome it. And then they blame Democrats of doing all
the same things and they spend millions on real witch hunts, like the election integrity
commission or whatever it was that it was called, which found nothing. They’ve been cheating to win for years. It is not going to stop for sure unless Donald
Trump has removed because we’ll have a census in 2020, which will then be used by these
same republicans to make it even worse and then it’ll get even uglier. And I forgot to mention, by the way, gaslighting
constantly by demonizing those evil undocumented immigrants too, it’s important not to forget
that since that’s a key part of their strategy, they say that they’re all for freedom and
democracy as long as it’s their candidate in the way that they want it and the people
voting that they want to see voting period. Otherwise Freedom and democracy always take
a back seat to morality or simplicity or expediency or whatever they can site at the time to justify
their behavior. And we are seeing it again as the primaries
that Republicans should be holding are getting canceled, uh, in growing numbers, which we
will continue to track. Not Surprising, not surprising, but important
to understand that this is happening.

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  1. Good grief, still scrapping the bottom of relevance looking for something, nay, anything to make yourself feel better ahead of the slaughter you'll experience next year…it's nothing less than entertaining!

  2. I'm only still a registered Republican because I want to vote against Trump twice, once in the primary, then again in the general. I'm gonna be pissed if that opportunity is taken away from me!

  3. He is weak and afraid!…all talk when he is around his own, but a scared puppy dog when he is around real dictators!…I hope the Moderate Republicans who have seen their mistake, do us all a great justice and vote blue!….This election will be the most corrupt ever!…he will stop at nothing to win!…Im telling everyone who votes to please take a picture of your vote, otherwise it will be lost forever!…

  4. 2020 is either going to go two ways, It's either going to be the populist rebound of American geopolitics that's going to move America further away from the right wing framing it's trapped in or it will be the year an entire generation becomes disenfranchised with the system and give up on voting because the status quo will have officially solidified that it will go against the will of the American people and will go so far as to have people killed in the case of Epstein or even snubbing primary challengers on both sides of the aisle suchas these fellows or earlier this year Tulsi Gabbard to prevent change or exposure to their darkest corruptions.

  5. 36% of the delusional trumplers are going down. just like the hitler supporters. Vote blue no matter who. flush the humongous orange turd that is floating in the swamp called trump.

  6. I believe Rep Mark Sanford (R-SC) has intentions of running as an independent since SC cancelled primaries. He's always been critical of Trump's economic incompentence. Hopefully he can pull a few votes from Trump.

  7. The Election NAZIs. "No choice for YOU!!" How you liking THAT republicans? First they try to take away our vote, now they're taking away YOUR right to chose!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Didn't you SEE it coming? Are you STUPID???? (Hint: the answer is yes)

  8. The mere fact that moderate Republicans aren't allowed to vote in a primary may be enough for them to stay home or vote for someone else.

  9. If there is a deep state (the QAnon type conspiratorial Republicans keep talking about), all the indications point to it working for Trump, not against him…

    From the time he made his announcement about running for president, to the secret help he got from unlikely sources along the way, to the way he bullied people along the way to the presidency (all while claiming to be the victim), to the way nothing sticks on him (no Russia probe, Stormy Daniels, Mar-A-Lago business, corrupt dealings with shady people, Epstein connection, and on and on).

    He is the living embodiment of what the QAnonite Republicans describe in the “evil Clinton’s.” And if Clinton indeed was supported by some form of deep government apparatus, he wouldn’t have been president. But he’s the swamp. He is the deep state darling (if a deep state indeed exists)…. Just saying.

  10. This channel commentator is CLEARLY a PAID, shill IMO …wonder who pays him, one of the billionaire’s Soro’s organizations no doubt. Disturbingly FALSE information. Do your HOMEWORK PEOPLE OR WE WILL LOSE OUR COUNTRY.

  11. The GOP and Trump love democracy and freedom to vote for whomever you choose – just like the Kims in N Korea. Everyone can vote there (admittedly only for Kim) which is actually one up on how perceived Democrats are treated in certain corrupt states. And I chose "corrupt" carefully, because gerrymandering is a corrupt practice.

    Every party in power (everywhere, not just the USA) does it to some extent, but it seems from what I keep hearing, from numerous sources, that in those particular states, it's beyond ridiculous. Even Thatcher, who got in here again and again, at least in part by rigging the boundaries, didn't dare try to remove voters from the rolls, shut down polling stations etc. There's been a concerted effort over the last 40 years that I know of to try to increase the places and ways we can vote here, irrespective of the potential harm it could do an incumbent party. (Btw, don't try to place me one one or other side of the political fence, I always vote with my conscience, and neither Labour nor the Tories have ever convinced me that I could vote for them and remain with a clear conscience. Fortunately here we have more than two parties which can, and do, send MPs to Westminster.)
    Sadly, the people are jaded and feel like no MP will help them, so it doesn't matter what the government does, they won't vote. Personally, I like the Australian law when it comes to elections and wish it would be brought in here. Being "small d" democratic doesn't mean we have to pander to everyone's whims, sometimes people need to be made aware that a) their vote counts and b) it's everyone's responsibility to decide who will run the country until the next GE. And c) if you don't vote (because you can't be arsed, not because you've been prevented by corrupt incumbents) you don't get to complain about the government.

  12. I wonder how this crap from the Trump administration will change things. Franklin Roosevelt was elected 4 times. Before him it was customary but not a law/rule/regulation for presidents to serve no more than 2 terms that last 4 years each. After F. Roosevelt, the 22nd amendment came about to limit presidents to just 2 terms. And Roosevelt wasn't that bad, he helped a lot. But it was feared that a president could become too powerful if in office too long so they limited the terms.
    With all the shit Trump (and his party) has done and is trying to do, I wonder how and if things may change.

  13. Why don't every second democrat register as a republican in order to vote in the Republican Primaries to subvert the GOP from the inside? If the GOP change the rules of the game, stop playing the game and start making real changes.

  14. The only way we can truly make progress in this country is when we realize that there are no parties that are worth a crap. Nevertheless, since my home state of Arizona has cancelled their primaries, I will not vote Republican again.

  15. Hey man. I’m from Fall River, MA. Love your show. I try to tell everyone to watch your show for a fresh progressive take on today’s politics.

    I agree with you to some extent. I highly doubt Trump would lose to any other Republican in the GOP but it is only fair and democratic to hold the primaries. Even some of the 20% who disapprove of Trump’s presidency would still find themselves struggling to choose a different candidate and still vote for Trump. 94% electability among Republicans is more than likely I think.

  16. Trump is the Russia puppet they own him along with Mitch McConnell and the rest of the republicans party. Farmers and Trumpsters got taken by the Russia's head mafia boss Putin. You lot sold out America.😠😠😠😠😠

  17. Dems literally elected a new voter base! Yea it's reps fault for wanting them for cheap labor but dems use it to win elections without doing anything for thier base

  18. This actually normal for some of the states when they have an incumbent president but would be funny if Trump is impeached and its to late for them to schedule one talk about shooting themselves in the foot

  19. Republicans cannot win unless they cheat in some way — and most times, multiple ways. And now I"m going to make a prediction:
    There will be at least a few murders by Republican/religious "hit men" during this campaign through the General election and even afterward through the transition period until January 20, 2021

  20. Imagine if Trump couldn’t even win his own nomination. That or the results show he is not as popular as they think/hope and this hurts his re-election advertising to voters.

  21. As a non America I struggle every day to understand how many of this election procedures are even legal, if elections would be federally held and funded non of this shit would happen, no voter suppression, no superdelegate shenanigans, no (add here completely nonsense issue unique to American elections) before I knew much about how American elections work I was like "americans are so lazy half of the country doesn't vote" to be honest now I'm surprised half the country does vote.

  22. So…all that nonesense Trump spewed about "rigged elections" doesnt apply to republicans themselves rigging things? That seems totally legit and not at all like rigging an election. (I was being sarcastic, for those of u who couldnt tell) Sad and pathetic. Vote blue no matter who 2020.

  23. Well if the polls show the Democratic candidate in the lead in the general election we should just cancel it and declare them the winner.

  24. It is the truth that Trump and the Republicans fear. TV Commercials exposing Trump as a consummate Liar and possible Russian agent would be detrimental to Trump in the main election.

  25. What I love about David Pakman…he mentioned the state of Nevada and pronounced correctly. It is NOT "ne-VAH-dah". Which he knows. I am a Californian. I once lived in Las Vegas. (MANY years ago). BACK to the topic….cancelling primary rallies is…."Vote tampering"? it is unlawful. BUT of course the GOP are not known for being law-abiding (…cough…cough….Moscow Mitch….cough).

  26. As I have said repeatedly, we are not going to be able to vote Trump out. The American vote has become a sham. If you still believe your vote counts you haven’t been paying attention and don’t learn not to touch the fire after every time you get burnt. The only way left is to take arms against this sea of trouble and by opposing end them. Civil war is coming. Hopefully before it is too late.

  27. This is INSANE, and could flip on him drastically. People will think, what does he have to hide. No trust. Just pray for Justice from alllll his dirty deeds and frightening dementia symptoms. Scary.

  28. Is this legal?

    It’s subversion of the Democratic process: you get to vote all you want – as long as it’s the candidate WE choose. Or you don’t get to vote at all.

  29. It's an outrage! On Monday, I've finally left the GOP for good (which I should have done years ago) after the Nevada GOP has now cancelled the primaries over the weekend. It's such a violation of voter rights and goes against all basic principles of democracy. The GOP has totally lost its way!

  30. Guys the trump train is full blast over there. They don't care what it takes to win, they rly don't. We NEED to be 3x as tenacious if we want to get some real sense back in the oval office. I'm serious, the system is built for him to win again and I'm NOT doing another 4 years of this madness.

  31. Hi David and all. Thanks for clarifying the history of primaries being called off. If I were a Republican voter in the states in question I would be really angry, even if I wanted to vote for you know who. This move would put me further outside of the process and diminish the small voice that I had. So how is it that they can do this? Money promised to the states?

  32. I guess the Republicans know that Donald J.ackass Trump is really the best they have. And who wants to risk their golden goose. Just think about that.

  33. You defeated your own argument with the facts again, then you lie about how its not the same as when Democrats have done this in the past. Why don't you Democrats concentrate on filling out your absentee ballots with dead peoples names on then and bussing illegals around the big cities with their multiple state ID cards so they can vote 40 times as usual.

  34. Both parties pick winners. D.C. behaving corruptly isn't news. If you know a candidate who will do something about it hit me up.

  35. Funny how the GoP is constantly accusing the Democrats of rigging elections and manipulation, while doing shit like this. What a bunch of hypocritical Benedict Arnold loving motherfuckers.

  36. Let it be kept in mind that political parties are private organizations and institutions in themselves, meaning there is nothing technically illegal happening here. The Constitution itself makes no mention of political parties at all. That should substantiate that all of this matter of primaries is a formality evolved from parties generally seeing fit to judge their candidate through popular appeal. Primaries are a national political cultural feature, not having ever meant to be a public institution. The GENERAL ELECTION, however, IS a public matter, and our true right to a choice as the People exists there at all times.

    Ironically, this is why the Republican Party got stuck with Trump after many party leaders derided him in the FIRST PLACE. I’ve always said since 2016 that the Democrat process that only allows SOME popular control in their primaries by using superdelegates seems to actually be the more sensible approach because it prevents the party from betraying itself with an obviously underqualified and ideologically incongruent candidate that is populist enough to fool or steal the voting base. Remember that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party don’t BELONG to the people; only those who infiltrate the leadership and seize the internal culture have the explicit ability to instigate a change to its orientation.

    These are ideological institutions; their right to be one way forever should not normally be disregarded. But, admittedly, our unique American political situation changes a lot about what kind of interactions with a party by the public are acceptable to the point where Democrats and Republicans have, since 1860, shifted moral and political orientations ENTIRELY, as much as the “my political orientation is not inherently and systemically racist and elitist” Republicans would like you to forget every time they mention how the KKK supported the Democratic Party over a century ago. It used to be that Democrats were the “small government” party, but by 1970 it was us who were inheriting the Federalist orientation, with Republicans beginning to grow hands-off in policy. Why did it happen? Blame Barry Goldwater. He internally ousted the Republican establishment and put in a new one. See? That’s how change happens in a party; someone on the inside.

    The only reason right now that changing the orientation of a party’s voter base works so well to change a party right now is because we have a two-party tug-of-war system where parties see the opportunity for power for them the moment the other party falters. They don’t HAVE to care about how much their message differs from their actual agenda so long as it gets them the vote. Beyond that, however, their agenda WILL be hampered by the fact that their best candidates will never fully fit into the mold that the leadership may desire because they are selected partly on the basis of electability within the general public. This naturally harms party unity and efficacy to do everything the leadership wants done. It’s dysfunctional, and we progressively risk getting less and less done as a party grows too diverse in ideology, yet dominates the government. This is partly why the Republican majority ITSELF got nothing resembling actual conservative principles done when it could have when Trump was elected; they ended up looking the hypocrites thanks to the populist elements they accepted into the fold (read: Tea Party). Political incoherence from excessive political diversity kills sensible policy in the womb (hehe, see what I did there?), and both parties stand to suffer for it (as they have for over 50 years with our constant switching of presidencies between Republican, then Democrat, then Republican, then Democrat…), though they will struggle to admit it.

    It would be different in an ideologically diverse field where votes counted proportionally and an ideology could find appropriate representation just being its own principled self rather than trying to be something else just to get enough votes to be present in government. If more than two parties were viable for elections, it would be even MORE sensible to not have anything more than closed primaries or internal primaries to select party candidates.

    So, even though it is cowardly and underhanded, what the Republicans are doing by shutting down primaries is within their right and probably saves their organization some money to boot. It’s not a stupid move. We probably should not spare too much outrage for this, but we can face the fact that they are willing to do anything to win. We must take on the same attitude.

  37. I love hearing how concerned Democrats are about the Republicans having another unnecessary primary but they don't seem all that concerned with how the D.N.C. is rigging another Democrat primary against the voters.

  38. Have the democrats even proposed any legislative measures to protect voters from having their rights protected? If not what are you even doing? Like that's the first thing you should be doing. Why don't you use paper ballots? I honestly don't think you guys are serious at all.

  39. How can Traitor Trump change the law when it comes to primaries.? There are Republican challengers. This is Not Democratic……TRAITOR CHEATER!!!! You can’t hide your lying ways, Traitor Trump. The Whole World is watching your ass.

  40. Dear Republican party, are we becoming Nationalist/Naziist, or Democratic/Republican??? How do WE over look our laws??? My taxes have paid into the United States system of Democracy, pay me back and I WILL GLADLY move to a country that allows freedom of thought and equal rights. I wish I could be paid back for my paid taxes . . .Of course, if Trump is all you can offer, America HAS THE OPTION to vote.

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